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2015 Projections and Rankings: Kurt Suzuki

It’s hard to imagine but in less than one week the 2015 season will begin. It was a long offseason. There were quite a few changes. There have been some interesting decisions. But for baseball fans, opening day is – or SHOULD be – something to be excited about.

In this series, we’ll be taking a look at the Twins roster. We’ll make some projections and we’ll compare the Twins players to the rest of the American League Central.
Image courtesy of Seth Stohs
Today we start by looking at the starting catchers.

The 31-year-old catcher is coming off of his first All-Star season. He came to the Twins with an assumption (by many fans) that he would tutor Josmil Pinto. However, he had his best season in about five years and was rewarded with a two-year contract extension.

In 131 games in 2014, he hit .288/.345/.383 (.727) with 34 doubles and three home runs. So what can we expect to see from Suzuki in 2015? Our Twins Daily writers:

Seth – .255/.305/.345 (.650) with 23 doubles and 2 HR.
Nick – .255/.315/.360 (.675) with 23 doubles and 4 HR.
Parker –
John –


Opponent – Player – 2015 Age – 2014 Statistics
Chicago – Tyler Flowers – 29 - .241/.297/.396 (.693) with 16 doubles, 15-HR
Cleveland – Yan Gomes – 27 - .278/.313/.472 (.785) with 25 doubles, 21-HR
Detroit – Alex Avila— 28 - .218/.327/.359 (.686) with 22 doubles, 11-HR
Kansas City – Salvador Perez – 25 - .260/.289/.403 (.692) with 28 doubles, 17-HR


#1 – Yan Gomes – Cleveland
#2 – Salvador Perez – Kansas City
#3 – Alex Avila – Detroit
#4 – Kurt Suzuki – Minnesota
#5 – Tyler Flowers – Chicago


Give it a little thought and then go to the comments section below and post two things. First, make your statistical projection for Kurt Suzuki in 2015. Second, how would you rank the AL Central catchers? Of course, then discuss with the rest of the Twins Daily community. Finally, check back throughout this next week as we’ll do these same things for each of the positions.

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Mar 31 2015 07:09 AM
Suzuki: .265/.320/.360 (.680 OPS) in 120 games, just enough in management's eyes to keep Pinto marginalised, much to the annoyance of many TDers. I'd rank them Gomes, Perez, Suzuki, Avila, Flowers

The rankings do not talk about pitch framing or fielding.  It seems that we cannot rank them without that.  If I remember the articles on this forum Suzuki is not a great framing catcher.  Second would be the ability to throw out runners.  Third is the success of pitchers - calling the game.  These mean more to me than what he will bat.  But I cannot rank because I personally do not know.  .240/.300/.350 

.270/.330/.37027 2bs and 5 HR


I think he has fundamentally changed his approach and is more of a line drive and less about trying to hit for power.if he doesn't wear out he could hit for a higher average.

Mar 31 2015 10:25 AM

Das macht nichts![Only words I remember for HS German class :-)]By the time the All-Star game rolls around, the Twins will be out of it and other Teams will be shopping for a catcher.

.253/.313/.362His second half Splits. Sounds about right..675 OPS


He'll be OK, but the Twins need a long-term answer at catcher and it isn't Zuke.
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About 25th offensively, and bottom three in framing.

.257/.322/.336 (.658) with 19 doubles and 3 homers.


.253/.313/.362His second half Splits. Sounds about right..675 OPS


I'd definitely take that! The Twins would likely be thrilled with it too!

I like Suzuki better than most because I put more value on just running things over more modern stats, while providing some solid offense. But any projections for Suzuki confound me. I've heard his early career offensive numbers slipped due to overuse, but his rebound last season  with our Twins, at least the first half, was due to to playing every day.What?


Guess? Figure last season repeated very close.


Hunch? Despite the recent concussion-ish situation of Pinto....and come on! How can you hit a guy THREE TIMES IN THE HEAD IN A SINGLE AB without facing some kind of penalty? In the real world, that is assault. Think I'm kidding?


Anyway, my hunch is that a healthy and non-brain damaged Pinto will not only out-hit Suzuki overall, but will really mature between last year's demotion and this year, and begin to overtake the primary catching job by the second half of the season.

Paul Pleiss
Apr 01 2015 05:48 PM

I think Kurt Suzuki is better than Alex Avila. I don't know that the numbers bear that out, and Zook certainly isn't a defensive whiz, but Avila just seems like a perpetual underachiever. 

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