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Tangible Improvement

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:58 PM
The 2014 Twins were better than the 2013 Twins. Way better. Unfortunately (for Gardy, the coaching staff, and the marketing department),...
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Offseason Handbook readers: please give input

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:57 PM
Hey everybody, I know many of you read the handbook and I wanted to get feedback on one specific thing:   What device did you use mo...
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Article: Should the Twins Emulate the Royals?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:49 PM
On Friday night, the Kansas City Royals clinched a playoff spot for the first time in 29 years. It will be a short postseason appearance...
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Rand: Baseball Is Killing Itself With Information

More Baseball Today, 12:46 PM
The Star Tribune's Page 2 supreme overlord, Michael Rand, has a post about football, technology and Tinder that includes his reasoning as...
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Article: Twins Trade Targets

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:49 PM
The Twins are closer than they seem. Santana, Vargas, Arcia, Sano and Buxton are going to lead this team somewhere. I see no reason why t...
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Who Will Be The Next Twins Manager?

Late Monday morning, the news came out that the Minnesota Twins had fired manager Ron Gardenhire. Gardenhire has been offered a job in the organization, but he says that he wants to manage again and believes that he will.

So the next question naturally becomes; who will be the next manager of the Minnesota Twins?


Reflecting on the Ron Gardenhire Era

It's ironic when you consider his views on blogs and online coverage in general, but really, Ron Gardenhire was the one who first inspired me to start writing about the Twins.


Twins Trade Targets

The Twins are closer than they seem. Santana, Vargas, Arcia, Sano and Buxton are going to lead this team somewhere. I see no reason why the Twins can't be aggressive this off-season and make it happen. If the Twins trade for an outfielder and a starting pitcher, the boost we would receive mid-summer with the arrival of Buxton and Sano could give them what they need to be a legitimate playoff contender. I have selected my top five trade candidates for both pitcher and outfielder. Obviously, some are more realistic than others.


Should the Twins Emulate the Royals?

On Friday night, the Kansas City Royals clinched a playoff spot for the first time in 29 years. It will be a short postseason appearance if they can't beat the Athletics on Tuesday, but finally KC has emerged from the void.

The Twins, now coming off their fourth straight "rebuilding year" where little progress was shown in the win/loss column, are becoming familiar with a dynamic that characterized the Royals throughout their lengthy drought: the moving goalpost. A finish line that inches further away as you race toward it.


Brian Duensing: Striking Out Batters, Striking Out Cancer

Brian Duensing did not always anticipate a career in baseball, nor did he envision that he would one day have a significant impact on numerous families. But now he's doing both.

Although actively playing sports from the age of six, Duensing considered himself a very average athlete. Duensing primarily pursued football up until high school. His freshman year, however, he found himself a bit undersized.


The 16 Walks of Phil Hughes

On Wednesday, Phil Hughes made his final start of the season for the Twins. It capped a memorable first year in Minnesota for the former Yankees pitcher. He signed with the club as the lesser of two big off-season upgrades to the rotation but he turned out to be the staff ace.

One of the most amazing parts of this season for Hughes has been his ability to virtually eliminate walks while still being a very effective pitcher.


If I Owned the Twins

I’ve been a bit out of touch with Twinsville for a couple of weeks as I’ve had some business travel and other non-Twins-related matters to occupy most of my time.

I did catch up a bit on my Twins reading in the past day or so, however, and – well – let’s just say I’ve been much more interested in the writing about the Twins than I have been with what’s transpired on the field with the Twins.


Hughes ends season with record. Without bonus?

It appears the Phil Hughes 2014 season is complete. He ends the year with 186 strikeouts and just 16 walks. The 11.6 K/BB rate is the best in MLB history.

Of course, if he is done, he also finished with 209.2 innings. If the rain had not fallen and he recorded one out in the ninth inning today, he would have received a $500,000 bonus. 16 wins, 16 walks, 16 HR allowed. Pretty incredible season!


The Twins Have a Problem

For the past several years, my parents have been part of a season ticket group, buying 10 games from a full 81-game package along with several other parties.

The couple running the group has been season ticket holders for a long, long time, and they had worked their way into some pretty prime seats on the lower deck, directly behind home plate and just beneath the overhang.

I enjoyed this arrangement because invariably I would be invited to use one or both tickets several times per year. But a couple weeks ago my dad called me with a message that didn't come as a total surprise: "They're not renewing the tickets."

When I heard that news, I immediately thought to myself, "This team is in trouble."


Twins Top 10 Pitching Seasons

Clayton Kershaw is in the midst of one of the best pitching seasons in baseball history. He looks to be a lock for the National League Cy Young and there's a chance he could win the NL MVP. After missing a chunk of games at the beginning of the season, he has rebounded to post one of the best seasons on record.

Starting pitching seems to be one of the areas the Twins are struggling to find success.


Twins Shut Down Glen Perkins

On Friday night, the Twins announced that All-Star closer Glen Perkins will not pitch again during the 2014 season due to a left forearm strain and nerve irritation. He will also not pitch during MLB's tour in Japan.


Where Does Pelfrey Fit In?

His name invariably elicits a visceral response from Twins fans. When talking about how the 2015 pitching staff will shake out, nobody seems to like hearing him brought up.

Well, like it or not (and in most cases the answer is "not"), Mike Pelfrey was signed to a two-year deal during the offseason and is owed $5.5 million next year, so he'll get his chance.