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Sano Enters Camp Injured

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 05:26 AM
I'm not sure anyone has touched on this yet at TD, but mods should feel free to delete this if I'm wrong.    Following an off-s...
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Article: A Guide To (And Plea For) Attending Twins Spring...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 03:32 AM
I don’t remember which year I first attended spring training, but I remember the exact date when I decided I would never miss it again: F...
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Romero to the pen

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 03:25 AM
According MLB.com Romero will be in the pen this year. I hope they use him as more of a super reliever, going multiple innings if needed...
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Article: Long-Term Deals Highlight Key Truths

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 02:18 AM
Yesterday, we discussed how the Twins’ and Max Kepler’s unusual long-term contract was a result of him being a somewhat unusual candidate...
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Article: What Might a Jose Berrios Contract Extension Loo...

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 10:34 PM
The Twins locked up outfielder Max Kepler and shortstop Jorge Polanco to long-term contract extensions this past week. The logical questi...
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What Might a Jose Berrios Contract Extension Look Like?

The Twins locked up outfielder Max Kepler and shortstop Jorge Polanco to long-term contract extensions this past week. The logical question is Will there be other more young core players extended before the season starts? Specifically, will they be able to sign All Star pitcher Jose Berrios to an extension? If so, what might it look like? For that, we may have been given a couple of clues this week of what range a Berrios contract could approach.


Who's on First? Cron's No Sure Thing

We never expect players signings not to work - but some of them just don’t. Last year was a lesson for Twins fans in that sense, with big splashes like Lance Lynn, Logan Morrison and Addison Reed underperforming. A lot of people would include Jake Odorizzi in that category too, though he was acquired via a trade. So, in a way, sometimes it's wise to lower expectations about new players, in order to be pleasantly surprised down the road.


The Twins and Their Brothers In Arms (or xwOBA)

It was brought to my attention the other day that, by xwOBA, the unluckiest hitter in all of MLB in 2018 was Logan Morrison. Let me back that up a little because I’m sure my dad just had an aneurysm trying to read “xwOBA”. Let’s start with the wOBA part before x gives it to ya. wOBA stands for weighted on-base average and it does what slugging and OPS try to do, it calculates the value of a hitter with the understanding, as the opposite of what Thomas Jefferson once proclaimed, that not all hits are created equal.


Hot Spring: 9 Twins Takes to Rev You Up for Baseball

Spring is here! You wouldn't know it from looking out a window in Minnesota, but fortunately, beat reporters and Twins writers who have arrived on the scene in Fort Myers (including our own John Bonnes, who lands on Friday) are serving as our windows to warmth and workouts in sunny southwest Florida.

As spring training gets underway, I've got nine red-hot (or at least moderately warm) takes on the 2019 season.


Twins Extend TC Bear Through 2023

In the wake of relatively low-risk contract extensions given to Jorge Polanco and Max Kepler, some wondered if this meant the Minnesota Twins were ready to make a bigger splash with a veteran contributor.


Report: Twins, Kepler Finalizing Extension

Hours after news broke that the Twins agreed to an extension with Jorge Polanco, the Twins are nearing a five year contract with Max Kepler that will guarantee him $35 million, according to Jeff Passan. There is also an option for a sixth year for another $11 million.


Twins, Jorge Polanco Finalizing Contract Extension

Jesse Sanchez of MLB.com reported on Twitter that the Twins are nearing an extension with shortstop Jorge Polanco. Polanco was set to make $575,000 this season and is currently under team control through 2022. Jeff Passan of ESPN reported the contract extension will cover seven seasons.


Making Sense of the Lineup Makeover

Considering the team's weaknesses, I was surprised by the type of hitters the Twins’ front office decided to bring in this offseason. I expected there to be a focus on signing high on-base percentage guys to multi-year deals. After having some time to digest things, I think I’ve identified a few things that may explain what the Twins were looking for.


Mailbag: Duda In, Gordon’s Future, Contention Time

It’s finally here. Our long national nightmare is over with pitchers and catchers reporting at the end of the week. Spring training can finally begin and that means regular season baseball is a little over a month away. It’s crazy to think the Twins are going to host a regular season home game at the end of March but that’s something that needed to happen with the Final Four being held in Minneapolis at the beginning of April.

Thanks to everyone for this week’s mailbag questions. Let’s see what’s in the mailbox.


Starter Or Reliever, That Is The Romero Question

It is a conversation with every hard-throwing pitching prospect in baseball. Can he make it to the big leagues as a starter, or does he need to be moved to the bullpen? Fernando Romero has found himself in that situation for a while now, and it is likely that decision will ultimately be made in 2019. Will Romero get another opportunity to start, or will be be moved to the bullpen.


Derek Falvey Urges Child to Pass on Bryce Harper Card

A young Eden Prairie boy plans to buy a Bryce Harper rookie card this weekend. One area baseball executive is hoping he can change his mind.

Jake Evenson, 10, got a $20 bill for his birthday. The young Eden Prairie baseball fanatic knows exactly what he wants, too: a Bryce Harper rookie card.


Possible MLB Rule Changes: Universal DH? Roster size? Anti-tanking?

Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Union are always searching for ways to improve the game. Under MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, one of the biggest focuses has been pace of play. How can baseball speed up their games and keep younger fans interested in the action on the field?

Some of the latest proposals by MLB and the MLBPA could help to alleviate some of the issues.