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Twins Minor League Leaderboard (Through May 13, 2017)

We are now about six weeks into the season. Statistics are starting to show meaning. At the same time, we’ve seen that batting average and other rate stats can still change quite a bit in just a week. But it is time for us to share the current Twins minor league statistical leaderboard. Below, you will find out which hitters and which pitchers are off to the best starts over a bit of an extended time to start the year.

What do these statistics mean? Well, they may mean something different to different people. We aren’t factoring in age or level of competition. We’re simply highlighting the leaderboard and giving recognition to these young men.

But first, let’s take a quick look at how the Twins’ affiliates currently stack up in their leagues.
  • Rochester is 17-14. The Red Wings are 2.5 games back of the Lehigh Valley IronPigs in the International League North Division. They’re in third place in the division.
  • In the first half, Chattanooga is 20-16. That puts them in third place 2.0 games behind Tennessee, and they are in third place in the division.
  • Ft. Myers is the lone affiliate under. 500. They are 17-20 and in fourth place in their division, 7.0 games behind the division leader, Bradenton.
  • Cedar Rapids is 20-15 to start the season. They are currently tied with Kane County (19-14) at the top of the Midwest League’s Western Division.
Image courtesy of Seth Stohs, Twins Daily (Top L to R: Nick Anderson, LaMonte Wade, Clark Beeker, Bottom L to R: Sean Poppen, Nick Burdi, Aaron Whitefield)
With that, let’s look at the minor league statistical leader board (through games on Saturday, May 13).

(Rate numbers- minimum 89 plate appearances)

Plate Appearances - Chris Paul (152), Nick Gordon (150), Zander Wiel (147), Jermaine Palacios/Jonathan Rodriguez (144), Max Murphy (142), Lewin Diaz (140), Engelb Vielma/Travis Blankenhorn (137)

Batting Average - LaMonte Wade (.327), Nick Gordon/Jermaine Palacios (.321), Chris Paul (.317), Edgar Corcino (.298), Lewin Diaz (.293), Mitchell Kranson (.292), Aaron Whitefield (.289).

On-Base Percentage - LaMonte Wade (.470), Nick Gordon (.387), Max Murphy (.373), Edgar Corcino (.364), Engelb Vielma (.363), Jermaine Palacios (.354), Mitchell Kranson (.353), Matt Hague (.344)

Slugging Percentage - Aaron Whitefield (.509), Lewin Diaz (.504), LaMonte Wade (.495), Jermaine Palacios (.489), Zander Wiel (.474), Nick Gordon (.470), Mitchell Kranson (.462), Jonathan Rodriguez (.426)

OPS - LaMonte Wade (.965), Nick Gordon (.857), Jermaine Palacios (.843), Aaron Whitefield (.831), Lewin Diaz (.825), Mitchell Kranson (.810), Zander Wiel (.793), Max Murphy (.772).

Hits - Chris Paul (45), Jermaine Palacios (44), Nick Gordon (43), Lewin Diaz (39), Zander Wiel/Max Murphy/Jonathan Rodriguez/Edgar Corcino/Engelb Vielma (34).

Doubles - Lewin Diaz (14), Zander Wiel (12), Mitchell Kranson (10), Jonathan Rodriguez/Tommy Field (9), Chris Paul/Nick Gordon (8), three with 7.

Triples - Jermaine Palacios (5), Zander Wiel/Rafael Valera (4), Nick Gordon (3), seven with 2.

Home Runs - Aaron Whitefield/Daniel Palka (5), Jaylin Davis/Lewin Diaz/Dan Rohlfing/Jonathan Rodriguez/LaMonte Wade (4), seven with 3.

Runs Scored - LaMonte Wade (26), Jermaine Palacios (25), Jonathan Rodriguez (22), Max Murphy (20), Aaron Whitefield/Nick Gordon (18), Daniel Palka/Tommy Field (17), three with 16.

RBI - Zander Wiel (23), Nick Gordon/Lewin Diaz (20), Jonathan Rodriguez/Engelb Vielma (18), Jermaine Palacios/Travis Blankenhorn (16), three with 15.

SB - Zack Granite/Aaron Whitefield (7), Tanner English (6), Jermaine Palacios/Jaylin Davis/LaMonte Wade (5), three with 4.

(Rate number - minimum 27.0 innings)

Innings Pitched: Dereck Rodriguez (45.0), Jose Berrios (39.2), Sean Poppen (39.1), Clark Beeker (38.2), Fernando Romero (35.2), Randy LeBlanc (35.0), Aaron Slegers/Tyler Wells (34.0)

ERA: Jose Berrios (1.13), David Hurlbut (1.59), Sean Poppen (2.29), Clark Beeker (2.56), Tyler Wells (2.65), Dereck Rodriguez (2.80), Randy LeBlanc (2.83), Felix Jorge (3.45).

WHIP: Jose Berrios (0.81), Clark Beeker (1.01), Cody Stashak (1.03), Dereck Rodriguez (1.09), Sean Poppen (1.12), Tyler Beardsley (1.21), Jason Wheeler (1.312), Randy LeBlanc (1.314).

K/9: Tyler Wells (11.9), Eduardo Del Rosario (11.2), David Fischer (10.0), Cody Stashak (9.0), Sean Poppen (8.9), Jose Berrios (8.8), Fernando Romero (8.3).

BB/9: Cody Stashak (1.1), Clark Beeker (1.2), Dereck Rodriguez (1.4), Sean Poppen (1.6), Jose Berrios (1.8), Tyler Beardsley (1.9), Lachlan Wells (2.0), Aaron Slegers (2.1).

K: Tyler Wells/Nik Turley (45), Sean Poppen/Jose Berrios (39), Eduardo Del Rosario (34), Fernando Romero (33), Cody Stashak/Dereck Rodriguez (32).

Wins: Clark Beeker (5-1).

(Rate numbers - minimum 11.0 innings, and less than 2 starts)

Innings Pitched: Brady Anderson (25.2), Randy Rosario (21.0), Anthony McIver (20.2), Sam Clay/Ryan Eades (20.1), Luke Bard (18.2), Williams Ramirez (18.0), Michael Theofanopoulos (17.2).

ERA: John Curtiss (0.00), Nick Burdi (0.66), Mason Melotakis (1.17), Nick Anderson (1.26), Logan Lombana (1.59), Jonny Drozd (1.65), Hector Lujan (1.80), Andrew Vasquez (1.84).

WHIP: Tom Hackimer (0.65), Mason Melotakis (0.72), Nick Burdi (0.73), Nick Anderson (0.77), DJ Baxendale (0.85), Alan Busenitz (0.95), Randy Rosario/Hector Lujan (1.00).

K/9: Luke Bard (14.9), Andrew Vasquez (14.1), Alex Robinson (13.2), Nick Burdi (11.9), John Curtiss/Todd Van Steensel (11.7), Alan Busenitz (11.4), Williams Ramirez (10.5).

BB/9: Tom Hackimer (0.5), Brady Anderson (1.1), Hector Lujan (1.2), Nick Anderson (1.3), DJ Baxendale (1.4), Jonny Drozd (2.2), Mason Melotakis (2.3), Alex Robinson (2.5).

K: Luke Bard (31), Andrew Vasquez (23), Alex Robinson/Williams Ramirez (21), Michael Theofanopoulos/Todd Van Steensel/Sam Clay (20), Ryan Eades/Anthony McIver (19).

Saves: John Curtiss (5), Tom Hackimer/Alex Wimmers (4), Mason Melotakis/Jonny Drozd/Max Cordy (3), Nick Anderson (2), 12 with 1.

Feel free to ask questions about any of the players or teams.

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LOL, LaMonte Wade's lead in OBP is . . . significant.

    • Tibs, Vanimal46 and caninatl04 like this

I didn't realize Aaron Whitefield was doing so well in the slugging department

    • caninatl04 likes this
joey emerson
May 14 2017 01:57 PM

is it just me is there a big lack of production from early round draft picks threw out the organization? i mean they are getting a ton of production from international free agents and 9th round or later daft picks.

    • nytwinsfan likes this

Thank you VERY much for doing this.My initial impressions are that pitchers are (a little) ahead of batters.Its a little disappointing that, throughout the full season minors, there are only 6 with OPS > .800. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the "best" minor leaguers, aged 24 and below, are all up in the majors.


The current Big League club's biggest weakness, relief pitching, seems to have a ray of hope in the minors-- lots of K/9 > 10.I hope, as do others, that a few of these big arms make it up to the bigs by (and including) September 2018.


Finally, Seth, if you have these data in a spread sheet, could you also report batting leaders in the two ISO categories?

May 14 2017 02:40 PM
I don't think anyone expected Whitefield to be leading the org in slugging %. But he has cooled off in May. So hopefully he can figure out what pitchers are doing different.

There are fillers here, but otherwise it justifies our ranking as a middle of the pack minor league with minimal star potential.


    • tarheeltwinsfan likes this

LOL, LaMonte Wade's lead in OBP is . . . significant.

Ditto with OPS...
    • nytwinsfan likes this
I think this is my favorite series on Twins Daily. Thanks for the update.
Wade is second in all MILB in OBP

Gotta like the starts for Wade and Gordon for sure.

May 15 2017 10:36 AM



"The current Big League club's biggest weakness, relief pitching, seems to have a ray of hope in the minors-- lots of K/9 > 10.I hope, as do others, that a few of these big arms make it up to the bigs by (and including) September 2018."




I looked up the minor league relief pitcher stats (AAA and AA).Here the totals.I can't figure out how to cut and paste without it be unreadable.


111 0   4 5 11 24112.34110  59  15   47 92 7.37   1.398  4.727


79   3  12  3 10   6 143.0093 38  10   58  17210.83 1.056 2.392



77   1   6 4  8   9 92.33   80 40  10   31   86  8.38  1.202 3.899
Combined Minors


156 4  18 7 18   15  235.33  173 78  20   89  258 9.87  1.113 2.983   


Doug ogilvie
May 15 2017 07:51 PM
You missed RP Rucinski K/9 11.37

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