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Was it Mejia and not Hughes in town to start today? He was scheduled for Rochester who went with a bullpen game today instead.
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Twins Minor League Leader Board (Hitters)

Last week, the Midwest League (MWL) and the Florida State League (FSL) hosted their league All Star games. The Cedar Rapids Kernels had three players on the MWL roster while the Ft. Myers Miracle had four on the FSL South roster.

Those All-Star games approximate the halfway point of the minor league season. Two-and-a-half months of season have passed and there is just about two-and-a-half months remaining. I thought it would be a good time to look at some of the top performers in the Twins farm system so far this season by looking at the leader boards in the organization in several statistics. Today, I'll look at the hitters. Later in the week we’ll take a look at the pitchers.

Attached Image: Mitch Garver.jpg

Mitch Garver


1.) Jorge Polanco – Ft. Myers - 313
2.) Nate Hanson - New Britain - 300
3.) Adam Walker - Ft. Myers - 299
4.) James Beresford - Rochester - 298
5.) Kennys Vargas - New Britain - 291

This is a list that shows a lot of guys at the top of their team's order who have remained healthy and have performed well enough to remain there.

BATTING AVERAGE (minimum 200 PA)

1.) Kennys Vargas - New Britain - .322
2.) Mitch Garver - Cedar Rapids - .310
3.) Doug Bernier - Rochester - .307
4.) Chad Christensen - Cedar Rapids - .299
4.) Reynaldo Rodriguez - New Britain - .299

Yes, I agree. On-base percentage is more important, but batting average doesn't hurt anything. In fact, it represents the biggest part of the on-base percentage formula.


1.) Mitch Garver - Cedar Rapids - .411
2.) Kennys Vargas - New Britain - .395
2.) Deibinson Romero - Rochester - .395
4.) Doug Bernier - Rochester - .386
5.) Jorge Polanco - Ft. Myers - .365

Outs are important. Not getting out should be the goal of every plate appearance. On-base percentage is important, especially for top of the order hitters, but also for middle of the order hitters that pitchers may try to pitch around.


1.) Kennys Vargas - New Britain - .537
2.) Reynaldo Rodriguez - New Britain - .516
3.) Mitch Garver - Cedar Rapids - .488
4.) Danny Ortiz - New Britain/Rochester - .467
5.) Jason Kanzler - Cedar Rapids - .462

Power is pretty important for middle of the lineup guys. A lineup needs to have several guys that can hit for enough average, but also sprinkle in a bunch of extra base hits as well. Extra base hits certainly increase the probability of scoring runs, which is important in any game.


1.) Kennys Vargas - New Britain - .932
2.) Mitch Garver - Cedar Rapids - .898
3.) Reynaldo Rodriguez - New Britain - .855
4.) Deibinson Romero - Rochester - .849
5.) Doug Bernier - Rochester - .812

OPS is typically going to be led by middle of the order hitters, the guys who can get on base but also have good pop in their bats.


1.) Kennys Vargas - New Britain - 82
2.) Jorge Polanco - Ft. Myers - 80
3.) Reynaldo Rodriguez - New Britain - 76
4.) Chad Christensen/Mitch Garver - Cedar Rapids - 75
4.) Eric Farris - Rochester - 75


1.) Reynaldo Rodriguez - New Britain - 20
2.) Travis Harrison - Ft. Myers - 19
3.) Deibinson Romero - Rochester - 18
4.) Mitch Garver - Cedar Rapids - 17
4.) Danny Ortiz - New Britain/Rochester - 17

When I look at minor league stats, doubles is one that I look at as important. In my mind, doubles are line drives to the gaps, a sign of developing power. As young players develop, maybe those line drives to the gaps can become home runs over the walls. And if not, doubles tend to drive in a lot of runs.


1.) Adam Walker - Ft. Myers - 14
1.) Kennys Vargas - New Britain - 14
3.) Reynaldo Rodriguez - New Britain - 11
4.) Bryan Haar - Cedar Rapids - 8
4.) Mitch Garver - Cedar Rapids - 8

OK, home runs are good too. It shows power, and hopefully that power will continue as they grow. Obviously you have to look at other numbers in conjunction with the homers, but it is a sign of power and the ability to occasionally square up a baseball.


1.) Jorge Polanco - Ft. Myers - 48
2.) Reynaldo Rodriguez - New Britain - 47
3.) Kennys Vargas - New Britain - 43
4.) Chad Christensen - Cedar Rapids - 42
4.) Mitch Garver - Cedar Rapids - 42

Runs are scored either by the table-setters who get on base a lot, or by the power guys who, with one swing can put themselves in scoring position, and perhaps score themselves.


1.) Kennys Vargas - New Britain - 57
2.) Adam Walker - Ft. Myers - 53
3.) Mitch Garver - Cedar Rapids - 47
4.) Danny Ortiz - New Britain/Rock Cats - 44
5.) Chad Christensen - Cedar Rapids - 41

For awhile, there was a belief that the RBI stat is completely overrated. While I agree that it can be, I also think it is a number that matters. When there is a runner on third base and less than two outs, the batter needs to get that runner in. It can mean the player is prone to coming through with a bases-clearing double or a two-run single when there are runners on second and third. In my mind, that is fundamental baseball.


1.) Chad Christensen - Cedar Rapids - 18
2.) Niko Goodrum - Ft. Myers - 12
2.) Eric Farris - Rochester - 12
2.) Corey Wimberly - New Britain - 12
5.) Jason Kanzler - 11

Speed. This is certainly an area that has become less important in baseball over the last couple decades, but it can be important. If a player can move up one base (at a high percentage), it can mean a lot. In the minor leagues, the Twins (and many teams) encourage speedy base runners to attempt to steal a lot of bases, even if they get caught, because that is the only way that they can learn that skill.


Attached Image: Vargas2.JPG What you've read above is just a numerical look at some of the hitters who have performed well in the first half. What you may have noticed is that there are several guys who have really stood out in the first half.

Kennys Vargas - He's #1 in batting average, slugging percentage, OPS, hits, home runs and RBI. He's #2 in on-base percentage and #3 in runs scored.

Mitch Garver - He's been playing catcher which means he will get a few days off, so he doesn't appear quite as high on some of the counting stats. However, he is #1 in on-base percentage, #2 in batting average and OPS, and #3 in slugging percentage.

Reynaldo Rodriguez - He's a veteran of AA, but he continues to put up solid numbers in 2013 despite switching from first base to the outfield.

Jorge Polanco - He has slowed since his fast offensive start in Ft. Myers this year, but he has continued to rack up hits and get on base at a strong rate.

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