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Article: Only One Spot to Address for 2015?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:38 AM
At a glance, the title of this article might seem a little outrageous. How could one suggest that a team on track for 90 losses needs so...
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Communication Breakdown?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:20 AM
Postgame Twinsights: What happened on that Mike Moustakas shift?   The Rashomon Effect refers to the famous Akira Kurosawa movie and...
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Ryan Eades - 2014

Adopt A Prospect 2014 Today, 07:17 AM
RYAN EADES Position: Right-Handed Pitcher. Height/ Weight: 6’3’’ 198 lbs. Age: 22 years old on Opening Day (As a Decemb...
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More Baseball Today, 07:14 AM
Dave may enjoy this:   What do Matt Garza and Mark DeRosa have in common?
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Having Issues With Sound In Ads? Screenshots Here, Please

Questions About MinnCentric Today, 07:06 AM
Okay, I'm tired of this happening. All the ad networks are pointing fingers at one another and nobody is taking responsibility for this a...
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Twins Daily Top 10 Prospects: Recap

The Twins truly might have the most talent-laded farm system in all of baseball, so ranking and profiling our selections for the Top 10 prospects over the past couple weeks has been a lot of fun.

Today, we'll take a high-level look at that list as a whole and see what it tells us about the future of the franchise, both short-term and long-term.
First, here's a rundown of the TD Top 10, with links to each story:

10. Trevor May, RHP
9. Lewis Thorpe, LHP
8. Jorge Polanco, 2B
7. Josmil Pinto, C
6. Jose Berrios, RHP
5. Eddie Rosario, 2B
4. Kohl Stewart, RHP
3. Alex Meyer, RHP
2. Miguel Sano, 3B
1. Byron Buxton, OF

Arms Race

Attached Image: top-prospects-03-alex-meyer.jpg The biggest thing that stands out about this list is the presence of five pitchers, including two in the top four.

Last year's list
featured four, but they were all ranked fifth or below, so there has clearly been some very positive movement on that front. As anyone who has been following the Twins over the past few years would surely agree, this is profoundly good news.

Brace For Impact

With the exceptions of Stewart, Berrios, Polanco and Thorpe, every player in our Top 10 is expected to begin the 2014 season in Double-A or above, meaning that six of these high-end prospects will be poised to jump to the majors at any time. A strong start, combined with injuries or struggles at the big-league level, could lead to the expedited arrival of several players on this list. Because of this, the '14 season has a chance to be the most exciting for fans in many years.

National Recognition

Here's where the members of our Top 10 have been ranked by three of the most respected national outlets for prospect coverage: [COLOR=#0000ff]MLB.com[/COLOR], [COLOR=#ff0000]ESPN.com[/COLOR] and [COLOR=#008000]Baseball Prospectus[/COLOR].

Buxton [COLOR=#0000ff]1 [/COLOR] | [COLOR=#ff0000]1 [/COLOR] | [COLOR=#008000]1[/COLOR]
Sano [COLOR=#0000ff]3[/COLOR] | [COLOR=#ff0000]8[/COLOR] | [COLOR=#008000]14[/COLOR]
Meyer [COLOR=#0000ff]32[/COLOR] | [COLOR=#ff0000]62[/COLOR] | [COLOR=#008000]32[/COLOR]
Stewart [COLOR=#0000ff]61[/COLOR] | [COLOR=#ff0000]76[/COLOR] | [COLOR=#008000]54[/COLOR]
Rosario [COLOR=#0000ff]63 [/COLOR] | [COLOR=#ff0000]49[/COLOR] | [COLOR=#008000]60[/COLOR]
Berrios [COLOR=#0000ff]77[/COLOR] | [COLOR=#ff0000]NR[/COLOR] | [COLOR=#008000]75[/COLOR]
Pinto [COLOR=#0000ff]NR [/COLOR]| [COLOR=#ff0000]NR [/COLOR]|[COLOR=#008000] 56[/COLOR]
Polanco [COLOR=#0000ff]NR [/COLOR]| [COLOR=#ff0000]NR[/COLOR] | [COLOR=#008000]NR[/COLOR]
Thorpe [COLOR=#0000ff]NR[/COLOR] | [COLOR=#ff0000]NR[/COLOR] | [COLOR=#008000]101[/COLOR]
May [COLOR=#0000ff]NR [/COLOR]| [COLOR=#ff0000]NR [/COLOR]| [COLOR=#008000]NR[/COLOR]

Top Heavy

Attached Image: top-prospects-04-kohl-stewart.jpg Each of the organization's top three prospects would probably rank No. 1 for many teams around the league, offering monstrous upside that is not far from being tapped. Buxton and Sano have both been widely hailed as potential MVP contenders while Meyer has all the makings of a frontline starter as long as he can stay healthy.

That's not even mentioning Stewart, the top high school pick in last year's draft, whose distance from the majors is the only thing holding him back from elite status. By this time next year, we may be ranking his upside above Meyer's.

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