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Are Twins Top Prospects Being Held Back by Loaded MLB Roster?

Earlier in the week, I looked at Minnesota’s depth across the board and it makes it tough not to be excited about the club’s chances in 2020. That being said, one group of players might be being held back because of the team’s loaded big-league roster. For better or for worse, Minnesota’s top prospects aren’t going to get a long look this season because the club has big goals and depth at nearly every position
Image courtesy of © David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports
Trio of Top Prospects
Most outlets, including Twins Daily, have some combination of Royce Lewis, Alex Kirilloff and Trevor Larnach as the to -three prospects in the Twins organization. All three players finished last season at Double-A which usually means a player is getting close to making his big-league debut. Of the trio, Larnach is coming off the best season as he was named the organization’s Minor League Player of the Year.

A wrinkle in that plan is the fact that none of the players are on the 40-man roster. Not like a spot couldn’t be opened for him if it was needed. Larnach is actually the oldest member of the trio and his college experience could help him to move up quickly. Kirilloff needs to be added to the 40-man roster next off-season so it wouldn’t be a stretch for him to be added at some point this season.

If everything is going well for the Twins, none of their top-3 trio will debut until September or later.

Pitching Options
Lewis Thorpe is going to be a key contributor to the 2020 Twins roster and other pitching options have an opportunity to make their mark. Randy Dobnak already started a playoff game for the Twins but the club added multiple other playoff- caliber starters. Players in the ilk of Donbak, Thorpe and Devin Smeltzer have already gotten big-league opportunities on a 101-win team and this season could also provide opportunities on a team destined for less than 100 wins.

Outside of the trio vying for the fifth starter spot, the Twins have other prospects attempting to make the roster. Sean Poppen could be a breakout candidate for the club and his stuff could be more than capable at the big-league level. Other top prospects like Jhoan Duran, Blayne Enlow, and Edwar Colina also have a shot at making an impact, but it will be tough in a loaded MLB bullpen.

40-Man Roster Options
Last season, few people would have expected the impact Luis Arraez made on the big-league roster. One season later and the Twins are relying on Arraez to be a regular in the team’s batting order. Like Arraez, there are other members of the 40-man roster that could impact the 2020 version of the Twins.

Travis Blakenhorn has a chance to play a significant nubber of games for the Twins and be an impact player throughout the 2020 season. That’s why this spring with Josh Donaldson is so important. He could impact Minnesota’s roster throughout Donaldson’s tenure with the club. Other prospects like Brent Rooker have a shot at impacting the team’s roster.

Do you think prospects are being held back? Leave a COMMENT and start the discussion.

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We did not rush Buxton.He just fell apart when he got here. 



I believe how we handled Hicks and Buxton was a terrible short sighted mistake, I believe that all front offices should avoid repeating this mistake at all costs. Yet... We kept repeating the same mistake over and over again in CF.


Hicks and Buxton were shoved into the opening day lineup with no Plan B should they fail. They failed and the Twins kept trying and they kept failing. 


With this so fresh in our memories... I don't understand how people can just say... Next Year Kiriloff will start in LF and we can trade others to accommodate. 


It is so much better to debut your minor league talent in the middle of the season surrounded by talent who can absorb struggles from the newly promoted minor league talent. And if the minor league talent performs... like many are these days. Continue to incorporate them into the mix. 


When people see a roster full of talent... many think "Blocked". 


I don't think "blocked"... I think it's the perfect opportunity to let others show what they can do when injuries occur. The team is protected if they fail.


If they fail... send them back down. If they succeed... You've improved your lineup and you've found a cheap option for next years roster which can free up cash to improve somewhere else in the lineup. 


All you have to do... is give them a chance to win a job. Let them play if they win it... Send them down if they don't perform. 


Depth is a good thing. If you don't play your depth... you don't have it.:)

    • mikelink45, DocBauer and Melissa like this
I have never seen this much optimism for a twins season. Its freakin awesome.
    • Riverbrian and Tomj14 like this
Mar 06 2020 02:52 PM
RB, the difference is being in a full rebuild vs. a win now mode. Hicks and Buxton were handled okay.
    • Riverbrian likes this

RB, the difference is being in a full rebuild vs. a win now mode. Hicks and Buxton were handled okay.

I get that Howie and certainly understand the differences between teams in different stages of the cycle. However, I would argue that the Twins were never in full rebuild mode and I would certainly say that after 2015, 2016 was time to compete and not take flyers on youth with uncertain outcomes and possible learning curves. 

But mainly, it would have been better to work them in instead of cementing themselves to a do or die situation.

Mar 06 2020 04:34 PM



And the solution is obvious-if they were smart they would trade prospects and MLB level players for other prospects and other MLB level players

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