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Comments on 41 MLB baseball I visited with 5 to go

Other Baseball Today, 04:35 PM
I've been to 41 MLB parks with 40 since 1993. I missed 5 or 6 starting in the early 1990s when I landed my first computer job and then jo...
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Twins Spotlight Episodes

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 01:57 PM
I'm going to try to keep a running list of all of the Twins Spotlight episodes here. Feel free to discuss any of them, ask questions or l...
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Twins Minor League Signings

Twins Minor League Talk Yesterday, 06:56 AM
I thought I should set up a thread for minor league signings. Use this thread to post when the Twins sign a minor leaguer or when a forme...
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Free Agency / Re-Signings 2020-21 Offseason

Other Baseball Yesterday, 08:34 AM
Free agency is likely going to be a really slow burn this year, but I still think it's worth having a thread to discuss signings. ...
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Kim Ng - First Woman to be Hired as GM in Baseball History

Other Baseball Yesterday, 06:34 PM
Monumental hire by the Marlins. Congrats to them and good luck to HER!
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5 Questions with Twins Prospect Travis Blankenhorn

Travis Blankenhorn was a third-round pick back in 2015 before the current front office regime took over. He’s been able to steadily move through the system over the last five seasons while spending the majority of last season at Double-A. Twins Daily caught up with him to ask him five questions as he prepares for the 2020 campaign.
Image courtesy of Seth Stohs, Twins Daily
Blakenhorn has been younger than the average age of the competition at every stop in his professional career. Now entering his age-23 season, he has been added to the Twins 40-man roster and he is waiting for his chance to prove himself at the big-league level. His versatility and baseball instincts could make him a valuable piece of the Twins in the not-so-distant future.

Twins Daily (TD): How is preparation for this season different from other years?

Travis Blankenhorn (TB): I have some weights in my basement and some nets to hit into, so I’ve been able to continue working out and training for baseball.

TD: You’ve played five different defensive positions during your professional career. Which position are you most comfortable at and why?

TB: I’m just trying to be the most versatile player to get in the lineup.

TD: The Twins added you to the 40-man roster this off-season. What did it feel like when you got that news?

TB: Getting that news was great. It was fun to enjoy the night with my family.

TD: If you were writing a scouting report on yourself, what would it say?

TB: Hard working, with the ability to play anywhere.

TD: If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

TB: I’ll take teleportation so I can go wherever I want whenever I want. I think I could get around the bases pretty fast that way too. Haha

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I hope Blankenhorn can maintain that positional flexibility. He'll be a much more valuable prospect if he's a guy who can play 2B/3B/OF and have a nice path to the majors. If he gets pushed down to corner OF, I'm not sure he's going to hit enough to force his way ahead of guys like Larnach or Kirilloff.


Good to see that he's embracing that aspect. He could be the replacement for Marwin on this squad if he continues to develop. I thought Blankenhorn might have stalled out after a disappointing 2018, but he really did a nice job in 2019 showing he had more in him. Hopefully he'll be able to actually get some paying time this year, he's at an important stage in his development.

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