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Kepler Apologizes for wearing mask

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:26 PM
Yahoo: https://sports.yahoo...-230841299.html     Max Kepler apologized for posting a photo of himself wearing a Blue Live...
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Virtual Twins Baseball Megathread

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:42 AM
Moving forward this will house every game-thread in the comments below until real baseball hopefully comes back. I should have done this...
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Recent Proposal

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 12:00 PM
https://theathletic....=freedailyemail   The players have rejected the owners last proposal, the players have proposed a longer seas...
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Zulgad: Is MLB really making return about dollars and cents?

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 08:45 AM
https://www.skornort...lars-and-cents/   The owners have made their proposal to the players. The players association will now have t...
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Twins Minor League Talk 29 May 2020
Baseball America takes a look at what is happening in the minors, a season that would now have been a couple of weeks old.   https:/...
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5 Questions with Twins Prospect Brent Rooker

Brent Rooker was gearing up for the 2020 season thinking he had an opportunity to make his big-league debut and be part of one of the strongest teams in baseball. Now he is left wondering when the season will begin and how that will impact his eventual call-up. Rooker was kind enough to answer five (well almost five) questions for Twins Daily.
Image courtesy of Seth Stohs, Twins Daily
The Twins actually drafted Rooker in two different drafts. He was the team’s 38th round pick in 2016 and then the club took him with their supplemental first round pick, 35th overall, the very next year. Rooker worked his way to Triple-A last season where he was almost three years younger than the average age of the competition. Now entering his age-25 season, Rooker is on a path to make his big-league debut.

Twins Daily (TD): How do you feel like the season’s delayed start will impact your 2020 season?

Brent Rooker (BR): I’ll try to not let it impact me at all. We’re all at home preparing just like it’s the off season so theoretically we should all be ready to go when the time comes just like normal.

TD: What are your goals for the 2020 season?

BR: The goal for me for 2020 is obviously to get to the big leagues, but beyond just getting there is to make it up and perform well enough to contribute to major league wins.

TD: Did you notice a difference in the baseball at Triple-A last season?

BR: I think most guys could tell a difference with the way ball came off in AAA last year vs. in AA the year before.

TD: If you could envision your perfect MLB career, what would people say about you when all is said and done?

BR: I obviously wanna be a guy who has a lot of on field success, both individual and team; but I also want to be able to impact the people around me in a positive manner in more ways than just baseball.

TD: You can have dinner with three people (living or dead), who are they and why did you pick them?

Rooker decided to forego the final question because he thought it would be tough to pick just three people and he wouldn’t like his choices no matter how he answered it.

Here are the other posts in the "Five Questions" series:
- Lewis Thorpe

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Thanks for that. Really like getting to know the prospects other than just being that.

Enjoyed his comment about impacting people around him vs just baseball. Tells me the kid has his head on straight.

While I would have loved to hear his answer to the final question, even a flippant answer, I totally get it. How many of us would be able to answer that question without feeling we were leaving someone out?

I suppose you could change the last question to something less limited, like "...3 people from any time or place...per month." 

This is a tough roster to crack for a bat first player with a high K rate. Hopefully we do see him in the majors somewhere this year.

I like Rooker.He's performed well.I appreciate how he's improved.It'll be fun to see who comes out ahead after a Larnach/Rooker/Kirilloff outfield spot battle.All these guys have shown so much.Larnach and Kirilloff just don't strikeout as much, yet they still have a huge impact with the bat.


If we are able to get through a World Series Championship season with all 3 of these guys still a Twin, one or two making an MLB impact, I'd be happy.However, I'd be happy seeing 2 of the 3 after a trade, with one of them making an MLB impact.

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