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Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 02:06 AM
That nice 6.5 game lead is down to 4 and the Twins face good pitching in their next four scheduled games. I do believe it is very possibl...
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Front Page: Twins Game Recap (9/14): Sano Grand Slam Over...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:25 AM
The second contest of Saturday's doubleheader provided another bullpen game, but that is about where the similarities ended. Things didn’...
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Front Page: Twins Game Recap (9/14): Bullpen, Polanco Mov...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:25 AM
The Twins defeated the Indians 2-0 in the first game of their doubleheader Saturday. Devin Smeltzer set the tone with three scoreless inn...
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Game Thread: Twins vs Indians 9/14/19 12:10 CDT & 6:...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:08 AM
The Cleveland Falcon         I was holding down a barstool in a cheap dive just down the street from what used...
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Front Page: Get to Know Jorge Alcala

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 11:54 PM
Minnesota called up Jorge Alcala on Saturday to help with the homestretch of the season. A two-game day on Saturday means the club will n...
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July & August at Twins Daily, Part 2: Forums

I’ll get to the raw numbers in a little bit, but let me take a second to reflect upon what it means to be part of a community and in particular a sports community. Better yet, let me refer to David HK, who nailed it with the most liked comment over the last two months. Miguel Sano's walk-off bomb versus the Braves was a welcome distraction for David who, as you can see from these last few paragraphs of his comment, has bigger worries on his mind:
Image courtesy of © Jordan Johnson-USA TODAY Sports
I look at this place as one refuge where fans can bitch and moan and celebrate together-without resorting to personal beefs, and keyboard warriors are not something we have to deal with. (That's what twitter's for). My kudos to the admin's, and to the people on this board itself.

I gotta say, these past few days-- my country is grieving and tearing itself apart, and Hong Kong where I live, is literally tearing itself apart. It's incredibly scary here right now; yesterday and last night were some of the worst hours of my life. I needed this couple hours of respite for my very soul today. I'm happy for the Twins win. And I'm happy to share it with folks like you.


No, thank you David. For reminding us why we all invest so much in this place. Now here are the numbers:
  • Registrations – 266 (up 380% from 2018) !!!!!!!!
  • Topics –670 (up 40% from 2018)
  • Posts – 35,829 (up 47% from 2018)
It looks like more than ever, more of you are investing in this place. When I saw that registrations number, I assumed I had messed up my report. That’s cray-cray. But I didn’t, and I’m so excited that so many of you are willing to share your thoughts and voice to our forums. If you haven’t yet, we would love to have you join us and talk Twins. AS David points out, sports is better when you can share it. This sure seems like a great year to get involved. Just register and tell us your thoughts.
The top posters in June (not including moderators or writers) were:

1061 Aggies7
925 yarnivek1972
721 spycake
717 mrtwinsfan
668 MNT1996
615 operation mindcrime
604 Blake
565 bighat
546 Mike Sixel
536 sampleSizeOfOne

Thanks for all your activity and passion folks. But we want to recognize quality, too, which is why you can choose to give a comment a “like”. The five most liked posts were:As for the members with the most likes in July or August, we will start with our excellent moderators, who always deserve our thanks. The top five were all moderators: ashbury, USAFChief, Riverbrian, Brock Beauchamp and SQUIRREL. Among non-moderators, Aggies7 and Blake took the top two spots and both cleared 1000 likes.

Many of these folks are heavy contributors to our active game threads and indeed they dominate the top spots for most commented topics for the two months. If you would like to join them, they’re always pinned to the top of the Minnesota Twins Talk forum. But the trade deadline also drove a lot of discussion, such as Seth’s story asking what happens if the Twins do nothing (473 comments) and a topic about getting Noah Syndergaard (425 comments).

Thank you to everyone for sharing your thoughts and keeping the Twins Daily forums a civil, entertaining and informative place. And if you're not yet sharing, check them out yourself here.

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Sep 11 2019 02:58 PM
While are a lot of heavy hitters on TD, I have to say SQUIRREL in particular really punches above her weight.
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While are a lot of heavy hitters on TD, I have to say SQUIRREL in particular really punches above her weight.


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Is there a ceremony or anything to honor those of us without a life, err, I mean....

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You been saving that up for one of those "why, I oughta" moments?

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operation mindcrime
Sep 12 2019 04:34 PM
Thanks for the acknowledgement! \m/