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Article: Report From The Fort: Escobar's Opportunity

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FORT MYERS: On Sunday, the news broke that the Minnesota Twins starting shortstop Jorge Polanco had been suspended for the first 80 games...
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Game Thread: Twins v Padres, 9/12 @ 7:10pm CT

It’s just a little two-game series starting tonight at Target Field against the San Diego Padres. Padre is a nice universal word that means “Father” in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. In major league baseball… Padres means 100 to 1 odds.

Here are some things to think about:
1. Hills, Minnesota – Just as San Diego is tucked into the extreme Southwestern corner of the United States, Hills is tucked into the extreme Southwestern corner of Minnesota. There are many similarities, such as, if you travel due south you enter Iowa where very few speak English. If you travel due east, there is a vast expanse of nothingness until you die. And San Diego and Hills have both won the exact same number of professional sports championships.

2. Our Twins – There are 162 games in the major league baseball schedule. The Twins have played 143 of them and that leaves them with 19 games to go. If the Twins win the remaining 19 games… they will still finish 13 games behind the Cleveland Indians who will never lose another game.

3. The Padres – They are young and they think they are building something and they just might be doing that. One thing is for sure… they won’t have to worry about losing players to free agency anytime soon. None of the position players in the starting lineup have over 3.15 years’ service time. This makes most Padre fans sad because they were hoping to lose them quicker.

4. Today’s Joe M Conversation:

Morgan: The glass is half empty!

Montana: The glass if half full!

Maddon: Guys… please… use a coaster!

McCarthy: I’m not going to get involved with this debate… not today

Mauer: What is special about today, Joe?

McCarthy: It was 75 years ago today that I asked the girl of my dreams on a date.

Maddon: That is impressive… 75 Years.

McCarthy: And today I asked her to marry me.

Montana: Nice touch… well done.

McCarthy: She turned me down both times.

5. Road Rage – On my way home from work yesterday… some guy was texting and driving and he drifted into my lane so I shouted at him, “Stop texting and pay attention!” He shouted back… “Go to Hell!” and took off down the road. I walked into the house and told my wife that I was just told to go to hell by a crazy driver and she replied… “And you came straight to me.”


Manuel Margot CF
Carlos Asuaje 2B
Yangervis Solarte DH
Wil Myers 1B
Cory Spangenberg 3B
Jabari Blash RF
Erick Aybar SS
Matt Szczur LF
Austin Hedges C

Travis Wood P

Brian Dozier 2B
Joe Mauer 1B
Jorge Polanco SS
Eduardo Escobar 3B
Byron Buxton CF
Eddie Rosario RF
Robbie Grossman DH
Jason Castro C
Ehire Adrianza LF

Kyle Gibson P

Weather: clear and sunny, until sunset at 7:31pm, 81 deg F to start but dropping into the 70s, no sign of rain, winds at 6mph from the SSE. Now that's a nice night for baseball!

Play ball! Go Twins!

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Sep 12 2017 07:10 PM
Yeah, the Padres are not a MLB team right now.
Sep 12 2017 07:10 PM


I can't believe they left Wood out there. Isn't 7 runs enough?


SD wants to save the pen for more winnable games.

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Carole Keller
Sep 12 2017 07:11 PM
My mom: Who's on second?
Me: No, Who's on first
Mom: I don't know. Who's on second?

    • USAFChief, Blake, Riverbrian and 3 others like this

He hit like Fidel when he came back....now he's back to Jason.


Why is Castro playing against a lefty?


Any more questions. :)

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Sep 12 2017 07:15 PM
1/2 way to a cycle...
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Attaboy Buck.

    • spinowner likes this



"Gimme that"

    • spinowner likes this
Sep 12 2017 07:26 PM

Attaboy Buck.

Anyone trademark "Buck pluck" to describe a great catch by Byron yet?


My mom: Who's on second?
Me: No, Who's on first
Mom: I don't know. Who's on second?


The proper answer:  "What?"



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Eddie "Just a hot week" Rosario, boom.

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Sep 12 2017 07:36 PM
Bring in Goodrum. I think even he could get a hit against this pitching staff.
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    • Blake likes this
Sep 12 2017 07:42 PM
Did I miss something during the broadcast? Is there some reason why they are talking about TK all of a sudden?

Honest question. Not trying to be cute.
    • Hosken Bombo Disco likes this
Anniversary of TK's first win
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They should have Minnesota Wild night every night 

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Let's hope that's because the Twins have 5-7 run leads in each game.  Now is not the time to be resting your best pitchers....though, in the Twins bullpen, 'best' is a very loose term.


Those of you wanting to see Moya, Curtiss, and Tonkin, this could be your opportunity tonight.

This sure is fun! I wish some of these hits and runs could be saved for one run games, though. I remember KC.

A little more chalant, if you please, Rosario.


Meanwhile, Gibson cruising.

Sep 12 2017 07:48 PM

Anniversary of TK's first win

Oh. I thought something bad happened or something.

Gibby is in serious danger of lowering his ERA below 5 for the year.

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One more HR for Castro and one for Grossman would give the Twins *10* players in double figures. Anyone know what the club record is?

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Pius Jefferson
Sep 12 2017 07:49 PM

I hope this isn't one of those instances were the Twins could use some of those runs over the next few games.

Sep 12 2017 07:49 PM
Just needs a double...