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Week 11: Vikings at Bears

Minnesota Vikings Talk Yesterday, 11:17 PM
This is pretty much a must win in my opinion. We need to go to Soldier Field and take them... which means we won't. 
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Twins Minor League Coaches/Coordinators

Twins Minor League Talk Yesterday, 11:05 PM
The Twins made some changes this offseason already in their minor league system. Pitching coaches Ivan Arteaga and Henry Bonilla were let...
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Article: Welcome to the New School

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 11:05 PM
Major League Baseball is changing before our eyes, with its fabric being rewoven in the age of analytics and forward thinking. Against al...
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NBA 2018-19 Thread

Minnesota Timberwolves Talk Yesterday, 09:45 PM
You all probably know I’m a Lakers guy by now. But, I like you guys, so I want to keep talking hoops on TD. This season is going to be F...
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Article: Rundown: Target Field Security, Offseason Expect...

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 09:21 PM
Target Field is undergoing yet another fairly major update this offseason, the focus being around Gate 34. Rochelle Olson of the Star Tri...
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Game Thread: Twins v Cardinals, 5/15 @ 7:10pm CT

Last week the Twins were in St. Louis for a two-game series, and this week the Cardinals are in Minneapolis for another two-game series. These two teams have not played a 3 game series since June of 2009, or since Target Field was built. The reason? It is because of specific negotiated prerequisites in order to secure 392 million dollars of public financing to build Target Field. The Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, Minnesota State Legislature, Hennepin County and Governor Tim Pawlenty, were insistent that the Cardinals only be allowed in for a couple of games at a time in order to protect the brand new, shiny facility.

It is a well-known fact that after three days of exposure, people from St. Louis lower the value of EVERYTHING they come in contact with. Therefore, the Cardinals are only allowed in for a maximum 2 games in a row. Further protection against St. Louis people was the insistence of no roof at Target Field. This was done so the place could be easily aired out and fumigated afterwards.

Yes… the Cardinals are Uncle Bob. The guy who ruins your chairs by sitting in them and forces you to open the windows after he leaves.

Here are some things to think about:
Image courtesy of © Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports
1. Top (Non Trump) News Story of the Day:

Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled that a 1992 federal law banning commercial sports betting in most states was unconstitutional. The 6-3 decision may very well pave the way for legalization of sports betting across the United States. Justice Diana Ross wrote the one sentence majority opinion saying, “I’m sick of going to Vegas. It’s too hot.” Justice Mary Wells wrote the dissenting opinion saying that she was concerned because she had a $1,000 bet that the ruling would be upheld.

2. Our Twins:

As many of you noticed… Byron Buxton is back. After nearly a month out of action due to migraine headaches and a hairline fracture in his left big toe, Buxton returned on Thursday without a rehab stint to ramp him back up to game speed. Placed on the Disabled List on April 12th. Buxton spent the down time in California staying at Glunn’s house in Beverly Hills. No trip to Ft. Myers for rehab was scheduled when it was determined by the travelling secretary that it would be more cost efficient to have him just wait for the team to come nearby and pick him up. BTW… if you were wondering where Miguel Sano is? He’s in Seattle. We should see him back to action on the 25th when the team swings by.

3. The Cardinals:

I got nothing to add since it was only a week ago that we played the Cards. I’m going to re-cycle and ask the question once again. Why hasn’t anyone written the “Kolten Wong Song”?

4. Today’s Joe M Conversation:

Maddon: Hey, Montana… can you help me with the dishes?

Montana: No… I’m sorry I can’t.

Mauer: What ya got going on?

Montana: Nothing planned.

McCarty: Are you going to lie in that hammock all day?

Montana: Yep

Morgan: Isn’t that what you did yesterday?

Montana: Yep… I wasn’t finished yet.

5. Mother’s Day:

The Kids and I took my wife out to dinner for Mother’s Day. Every time we go out to eat, she declines dessert and eventually grabs a spoon and takes bites out of mine. Now she is upset with me because I had her sign a binding agreement stating that if she declined her own dessert she gives up any claims to mine.


Tommy Pham(R ) CF
Matt Carpenter(L) 1B
Jose Martinez(R ) DH
Marcell Ozuna(R ) LF
Jedd Gyorko(R ) 3B
Paul DeJong(R ) SS
Harrison Bader(R ) RF
Kolten Wong(L) 2B
Carson Kelly(R ) C

Jack Flaherty (R ) P

Joe Mauer(L) 1B
Brian Dozier(R ) 2B
Eddie Rosario(L) LF
Eduardo Escobar(S) 3B
Max Kepler(L) RF
Logan Morrison(L) DH
Byron Buxton(R ) CF
Ehire Adrianza(S) SS
Bobby Wilson(R ) C

Jose Berrios (R ) P

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Always better to pull the plug too early rather than too late, especially at this point in the game. 


There's plenty of time this thinking leads to the bullpen giving up runs coming in cold with men on base.Berrios wanted this inning bad you saw how animated he was.He was calling for that inning even when it was tied. 

May 15 2018 08:41 PM

Great job by Reed. That is why you pull JO right there. Lets get at least one more so I can enjoy a win AND don't have to watch Rodney


Great job by Reed. That is why you pull JO right there. Lets get at least one more so I can enjoy a win AND don't have to watch Rodney

Pick one.

May 15 2018 08:44 PM


Pick one.

The win, obviously. 

    • Blake and Hosken Bombo Disco like this
I agree with pulling Berrios.
    • IndianaTwin and David HK like this
Arrived late. Too nice outside not to go for an evening run. Just in time to see the big inning. Hell of a bunt by Buxton! Unbelievable homer by Wilson! Looks like Berrios is back!

Liked Berrios going out for the 8th. Too bad he was pulled but I think the right call after such a great performance and to avoid pitching from the stretch.

Nice game Twins!
    • Blake likes this
May 15 2018 08:52 PM

Why does Rodney not use that changeup more?

Nine of twelve
May 15 2018 08:55 PM
    • USAFChief and Danchat like this


    • USAFChief and Hosken Bombo Disco like this
May 15 2018 08:56 PM
I think I’ll play a little music while I go pick up some chicken...

May 15 2018 08:57 PM

Twins win!!!!!


Offense breaks out late, Berrios dominates. Twins pitchers strike out 12. Bobby Wilson provides punch with 2 run homer. Rodney works a clean inning. Twins within .5 of the indians.


Have a goodnight y'all. See ya in 14 hours.


Go Twins!

    • USAFChief, Blake, Jerr and 2 others like this

That was quite the pitching performance - the Cardinals had just 2 hits in the whole game. Good show, pitchers!

    • USAFChief, Blake and Nine of twelve like this

I "watch" more Gameday than real live feeds sadly, but it seems that Rodney throws like 80% of his pitches for strikes every time he's out there.

Romero,Berrios and Gibson are looking looking like a rather formidable starting 3 with Odorizzi looking pretty good as the 4th guy.


Need Lance to get things going.

    • DocBauer, IndianaTwin and Don Walcott like this

Romero,Berrios and Gibson are looking looking like a rather formidable starting 3 with Odorizzi looking pretty good as the 4th guy.
Need Lance to get things going.

Santana, May and Gonsalves say hello.
    • Blake, IndianaTwin and Don Walcott like this
Uncle Bob will be out of here in 17 hours pouting about a season series loss. Target Field will have about 50 hours to air out, and the staff has that same window to unclog all the toilets. Thanks, Uncle Bob. Then the Brew Crew and their fans come in for a long weekend of happy drunkenness. Go Twins!!!

Note: Yes, I unapologetically stole RiverBrian's Uncle Bob persona.