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GAME THREAD 8/9/2020: Minnesota Twins @ Kansas City Royal...

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 08:34 PM
Is it time to panic yet?   Of course not! Honestly, after the last three games, I am just as confident in this team being a contende...
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2020 Twins Transactions

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 03:16 PM
There haven't been many yet, but I'll start this today...   The Twins just announced that Zack Littell (hamstring) has been placed o...
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Where are they now? Ex-Twins in 2020

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 03:16 PM
I said in the 2019 thread that I would start this forum thread...    Let's start populating it. How many former Twins are on ro...
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Option C(astellanos)

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 02:33 PM
We missed out on our big money aces. A big impact 3B will either cost age/money (Donaldson) or top prospects and money (Arenado/Bryant)....
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Future Roster Transactions

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 09:41 AM
Jake Odorizzi gets activated today to face the Royals, filling out the 28-man active roster which will include 16 (!) pitchers. The way t...
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COVID At The Bat

The ball fields have been silent here in the USA,
And even in Korea, fans are all papier mache,
Then Manfred, Mighty Manfred sent forth a bold decree,
Grab your bats and balls and rosin, a new season there will be!

Sixty games to reach the playoffs, we’ll begin in late July,
Forget the Gulf Coast and the desert, the coronavirus’ nigh,
You can train right at your home park, what is there not to like?
So, pack your gloves and sanis and don’t forget your spikes.
Image courtesy of Daniel Mick Photography
The players aren’t too happy; they feel they’re getting screwed,
But really, to be honest, when hasn’t that been true?
So off they’ll trudge to training, from New York to Anaheim,
And soon we can all stop watching games from 1999.

At least that’s what we’re hoping, who knows where this is heading?
The virus hasn’t gone away, in fact it’s quickly spreading,
The masks we wear are not a joke, despite what you have heard,
And like so many rookies, we’ve had trouble with the curve.

So, soon here in this fractured land, we may yet hear “play ball!”
A little ray of sunshine to help dismiss the pall,
With so much that divides us maybe baseball is the salve
To bind up those who don’t have much to those of us who have.

Casey cannot save us now; remember, he struck out,
It’s up to us to save the day, of that there is no doubt.
Find a local hangout when the game’s about to start,
Buy your friend a round or two, but sit six feet apart,
Wear your mask like Fauci; the good doctor likes the Nats,
And just be glad there’s someone, finally someone, at the bat.

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Jul 02 2020 12:25 AM
Glory glory, halleluya!
John Bonnes
Jul 02 2020 10:01 AM

Yeah, I loved this.