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Twins Daily Writers: Get to Know 'Em!

I initially started putting this article together in mid-February, with plans of running it in the lead-up to Opening Day. The idea was to acquaint everyone with the many new-and-old contributors who would be helping us narrate this historic 2020 season on Twins Daily.
Image courtesy of Brock Beauchamp
That was then. And to be honest, circling back on this piece is something I've been procrastinating about and dreading. To dive back in brings directly to mind the fierce baseball enthusiasm I felt while initially putting it together, and how that enthusiasm wisped away soon after.

The first draft of this introduction discussed the long, slow grind leading up to this point – eight years of coverage at Twins Daily, mostly of bad teams with low payrolls and lower expectations. At times it was tough to find any outside folks interested in writing about the team, and that really bummed us out. This site was imagined as a platform for elevating fresh, varied voices. All of us founders loved to write, but even more so, we loved to read.

Here in 2020, much had changed: Minnesota was charging into spring training with an elite roster and legitimate World Series aspirations. On top of that, our site had assembled its deepest, sharpest, and most talented group of regular front-page writers in its history.

For me, the idea of supplementing this hugely exciting season with all the clever, outside the box, nerdy, hilarious, insightful content this group was bound to deliver felt too good to be true. Turns out, I guess it was.

Thinking about all these factors in combination really drives home the added layer of sadness baked into the timing of this indefinite societal shutdown.

But you know what? Baseball will be back. Up until then, and beyond, Twins Daily's writers will keep writing. They've already shown that, with a bevy of interesting and enlightening articles that keep us entertained amid challenging times and help scratch the baseball itch. Here is a small sampling of my favorites:Without further ado, I'll open the floor for some of the names you have seen, and will see, most frequently on our front page (sans owners and head editor) to introduce themselves.

Do keep in mind that these questions were asked before we knew the MLB season would not proceed as planned. But if you're like me, you will find some escape in learning why these passionate baseball fans love the game, and their favorite team.


Cody Christie
Hailing From: West Fargo, ND
Twitter: @NoDakTwinsFan

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Why do you love baseball?

I love the history of the game and the fact that it can be passed down through generations.

What's your favorite Twins memory?

Bringing my son to his first Twins game this last summer was amazing. Before that, it was going to Game 162 in 2006 with my dad. Joe Mauer won his first batting title and the Twins stormed the field after winning the division.

What can readers expect to be your pet topic(s) this season?

Most likely, it will be prospect-related posts but I love the Hall of Fame and it might be time to start building up Mauer's case for the Hall.

Ted Schwerzler
Hailing From: Andover, MN
Twitter: @tlschwerz

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Why do you love baseball?

Baseball has long been a passion of mine because of the ability to tie so many different avenues of enjoyment into a single source. I played the game into my freshman year of college, and while my journey stopped there from competition, the desire to stay connected never left. Being able to analyze and break something down to such a granular level, while also appreciating what happens at the surface, is a consumption of time I genuinely enjoy as well. There's something romantic about baseball and how it ties together historical feats, current excellence, and the drama of what may happen next.

What's your favorite Twins memory?

This is tougher than I imagine in large part because I feel like I appreciate the sport and Twins as a whole. Rather than a specific event, I think the journey that writing about the organization has taken me on would be my answer. I've developed relationships with so many great people that cover the game, play it professionally, and simply enjoy following it solely through exploring something that became a hobby. I had no writing background and never intended for this to be a creative outlet, but it's a journey I wouldn't trade for anything, and one that has been sparked entirely because of a passion for Twins baseball.

What can readers expect to be your pet topic(s) this season?

2020 should be a blast on the diamond for the Twins. I expect to write plenty about Max Kepler (and a hopeful next step). Mitch Garver and Jose Berrios will remain two of my consistent subjects, and I'll look forward to adding in a consistent mix of the ever-expanding tools Baseball Savant is providing us.

Cooper Carlson
Hailing From: Northern Minnesota ("You’ve probably never heard of the city I live in, but it’s in the iron range area.")
Twitter: @Carlson_MnTwins

Must-Read Story: The Twins Are Going to Be Great, and They Know It

Why do you love baseball?

My dad is the main reason I fell in love with baseball. He got me involved and was my little league coach for the first few years. Without him it is unlikely that I ever get into sports as much as I have. He also got me interested in the Twins. Unfortunately I started watching in the 2010 playoffs and I somehow stuck with an awful decade of Twins baseball.

What's your favorite Twins memory?

It’s hard to choose between the Brian Dozier walk-off grand slam I saw, the Ryan Doumit walk-off triple, or 2019 Opening Day against Cleveland. Instead I’ll have to go with when I was walking up the stairs at Progressive Field as a 15-year-old and a drunk Indians fan stuck both middle fingers in my face. Good times.

What can readers expect to be your pet topic(s) this season?

It varies a lot. I like to take the topic a lot of people are talking about that week and branch off of it in a way that no one has seen yet. It’s also my first full season of writing so I’m not sure what to expect quite yet.

I’m the youngest writer currently at Twins Daily (I think) at just 18 years old. I co-host a Twins podcast with someone you’ll often see me arguing with on Twitter, Matthew Braun. I also occasionally write for Twinkie Town, the SB Nation Twins site. I look forward to interacting with everyone in 2020!

Andrew Thares
Hailing From: New Orleans, LA
Twitter: @AndrewThares

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Why do you love baseball?

I really just love all aspects of the game of baseball. I loved playing it as a kid and all the way up through college. I love the strategy that goes into seemingly every pitch of the game. I also love how it brings together my two favorite things in life, sports and numbers. It has provided me the opportunity to travel around the country going to all the different ballparks, and getting to experience so much of what this great country has to offer outside of rural South Dakota, where I grew up. But most importantly, it has been there for me through all the ups and downs in life, and it will continue to be into the future.

What's your favorite Twins memory?

My favorite Twins memory has got to be the Alexi Casilla walk-off hit to clinch the 2009 AL Central title in Game 163.

What can readers expect to be your pet topic(s) this season?

As we near the MLB Draft in June, look for me to start ramping up the coverage before, during and after.

Patrick Wozniak
Hailing From: Amnatcharoen, Thailand ("I originally came here as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer from 2004 – 2006 and then moved back with my wife, son, and then soon-to-be-born daughter in 2012. My parents live in Minneapolis, so whenever I come back to visit that’s where I stay.")
Twitter: N/A

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Why do you love baseball?

I’ve always loved baseball, but as I have gotten older it’s become the only sport I really follow. As someone who prefers reading books to watching TV or movies, to me, baseball in depth and pace feels more a book than movie (which would be football, I guess). I’ve also always loved the statistical nature of baseball and the expansion and new stats give me even more to love.

What's your favorite Twins memory?

Seeing a Beloit Snappers playoff game back in 2012 was really fun. I had really gotten into following prospects in the year prior, and it was really exciting to see guys like Miguel Sano, Eddie Rosario, and Kennys Vargas. Sano had a monster game and dreaming on what he would become and seeing it come into fruition has been great. It seems like as a whole Twins fans really got more into prospects as the MLB team struggled all those years and there’s really nothing better than seeing those prospects become the core of a really successful Twins team.

What can readers expect to be your pet topic(s) this season?

No set plans, I enjoy everything from prospects to the MLB team. I usually enjoy following up a thought or question that I have by researching on sites like Baseball Savant, FanGraphs, Baseball Reference, and Brooks Baseball and turning that into an article. This gives me a chance to share what I’ve learned and more importantly a justification for wasting so much time!

Nash Walker
Hailing From: Columbia, MO
Twitter: @Nashwalker9

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Why do you love baseball?

I love baseball’s consistency and ability to sooth. There’s nothing I’d rather do than sit and watch a (Twins) baseball game. I also love the battle between a batter and pitcher.

What's your favorite Twins memory?

My favorite Twins memory was game 163 at the Metrodome in 2009. I was there with my dad and sister and I’ll never forget watching Joe Mauer sprint around the warning track with the AL Central pennant.

What can readers expect to be your pet topic(s) this season?

I have a wide-range approach with Twins topics. Readers can be certain that I’ll be passionate about my work. I really enjoy focusing on individual players and their impact on the Twins. I can’t wait for the season and I’m very grateful to have an audience at Twins Daily. Go Twinks baby!

Matthew Taylor
Hailing From: Eden Prairie, MN
Twitter: @MatthewTaylorMN

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Why do you love baseball?

What I love most about baseball is that there is no clock. Baseball moves at its own pace. In football, the opposing team can take a knee to run out the clock, in basketball you have to intentionally foul the other team in order to get the basketball back, but in baseball your fate is always in your hands. Every game is always within reach.

What's your favorite Twins memory?

Game 163 vs. the Detroit Tigers in 2009.

I was a junior in high school for this game and was allowed to leave school early to head down to the Metrodome to see the game with two of my best friends. We had nosebleed seats out in the upper deck of center field, but just wanted to be there and be a part of the atmosphere. After the Twins went down 3-0 early in the game, my shield went up and figured this would end like too many Twins games of the past had ended when my hopes got up. As the game continued on, though, the Twins continued to fight and fight and push to extra innings. After Carlos Gomez crossed the plate to win the game in the 12th inning I never cheered harder in my entire life or hugged as many strangers as I did in that moment. It was truly a great day, and getting to go back to school the next day in my Joe Mauer jersey and tell all of my friends about the game was just the best.

What can readers expect to be your pet topic(s) this season?

The Minnesota Twins bullpen! I have already written and tweeted about the Twins bullpen countless times this offseason, and with the success that I am expecting the bullpen to have in 2020, you can expect PLENTY more bullpen talk from me over the next 8 months.

Twins Daily is frequented by really smart readers who really know baseball. I always try to angle my stories in a way that invites my readers to participate in my story and share their thoughts and knowledge in a way that fosters further conversation and makes me a smarter baseball fan and a better writer. I think the "Choose Your Own Path" story is a good example of how I do that with my writing.

Matt Lenz
(He says can call him Lenzy to differentiate from the 500 other Matts and Matthews)
Hailing From: Crystal, MN
Twitter: @Lenzy2108

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Why do you love baseball?

As a kid, I loved baseball because of movies like The Sandlot, Rookie of the Year, and Little Big League. As I got older, my love for baseball grew as I started to understand the game more and the relationships it helped me form with my friends. I was never great at baseball but I always loved how every position takes a slightly different skill and understanding of the game. In most sports you are limited to one or two positions, but in baseball even professionals can be asked to play multiple positions and to understand your job at each position.

Think about this: runner on 2nd, with less than two down and the hitter gets a base hit. Every position has a different job and those jobs change depending on where the ball is hit. Oh, your left fielder just booted the ball? Time to adjust on the fly and everybody's job has changed again. As I tell the kids I coach, if you think baseball is a lazy man's game then you aren't playing it right. Every player should move on every play. Is it time to play some ball yet?

What's your favorite Twins memory?

I was only three years, one day old on game 1 of the 1991 World Series so a little too young to remember any of that. By far and away, sitting above the baggy in right field for game 163 in 2009 is my favorite Twins memory.

What can readers expect to be your pet topic(s) this season?

As a math teacher and baseball coach by trade, I like to think my pieces have a good balance of analytics and the "eye test." I often enjoy looking into why players are having unexpected slumps or successes and if it's something that needs to be fixed or can be sustained.

Matthew Trueblood
Hailing From: Blaine, MN
Twitter: @MATrueblood

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Why do you love baseball?

I love that it’s every day. I love the history and the historicity of it. I love the numbers (old ones and new ones). I love the talk, talking the game with my dad while it played on the radio on car rides, talking through the hot stove over burgers in the dead of winter, talking about who needs to tweak their curveball grip and who just needs to find more confidence and who will simply never have a sufficient spin rate to throw a good breaking ball, talking about the strange way the third baseman positioned himself before that key single through the left side. The game gives us endless, boundless, limitless stuff about which to talk, and I, a profoundly socially anxious person, love it for that.

What's your favorite Twins memory?

Game 163, 2009. That might just be the best baseball game of the century.

What can readers expect to be your pet topic(s) this season?

Pitching... probably. John brought me in because he believed I had a bunch of good deep dives on Twins pitchers in me, and so far, I’ve mostly rewarded him with yammering about hitters and defense. I see the whole field, but my favorite thing to write is a multilayered breakdown of a pitcher who’s made (or is making, or needs to make) complex adjustments, and I expect there will be several such stories to tell throughout the season.

Rena Wang
Hailing From: Minneapolis, MN
Twitter: @renabanena

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Why do you love baseball?

Baseball is the only sport where the fastest, strongest, or the tallest man may not win. It’s a perfect mixture of numbers, strategy, and adrenaline. It’s unpredictable and spontaneous.

What's your favorite Twins memory?

My favorite Twins memory is Joe Mauer’s final game.

What can readers expect to be your pet topic(s) this season?

I tend to stray from pet topics because I find that what interests me about the Twins and baseball is dynamic and ever-changing. I’m always a big fan of the unexpected and niche. This might just be a fancy way of saying that I have a short attention span.

Jeremy Nygaard
Hailing From: Woodville, WI
Twitter: @jeremynygaard

Must-Read Story: Scouting with Sean Johnson (From within the first year of the site's life! Jeremy's an OG.)

Why do you love baseball?

I've always been into statistics. I remember running to get the newspaper to look at box scores before I could even read. Numbers have always been appealing and baseball is full of them. If I would have known who Bill James was back then, I would have read more of his stuff and less Boxcar Children in Elementary School.

What's your favorite Twins memory?

Game 163 was my most enjoyable moment as a Twins fan in attendance, but living through the Kirby years, being just old enough to remember 1991 and holding the flag on the field with my dad before the All-Star Game are all up there.

What can readers expect to be your pet topic(s) this season?

I like to focus on the little-known roster rules, payroll, the business side of baseball, the minor leagues and the draft. I miss being as involved as I used to be with the draft, but don't have time to take that back on currently. I'll never say never though.

Thiéres Rabelo
Hailing From: Brazil ("Born and raised by a family of Italian and Portuguese roots. I majored in Journalism nearly six years ago, but I’ve been working as an English and Italian teacher since my last year in university. During college, I spent one semester in 2013 taking an exchange program in the U.S., studying at the University of New Mexico (go Lobos!), in Albuquerque. Oh, and I’m a rugby player too.")
Twitter: @TwinsBrasil

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Why do you love baseball?

As a Brazilian, baseball is not a “natural” sport. I mean, the majority of Brazilians don’t even know it exists. Seriously. But I grew up playing basketball (I was 6’0’’ at age 12), so it would’ve been impossible to not start to enjoy the NBA as a teenager. I learned English, at first, by reading about my team (the Indiana Pacers) daily. So, eventually, because of my love for the NBA, I became interested in other American sports.

I started out by trying to get into American football and I even started playing it here for some months in 2008. Then, I chose the Vikings to root for, because the state of Minnesota reminded me a lot of my own state here, called Minas Gerais. Later that same year, I got to watch one of the games of the World Series and it was love at first sight. Phillies fans waving their white handkerchiefs in Philadelphia gave me goosebumps. I picked up on the rules of the game during that series and I became crazy about it.

I think what I love most about baseball is how traditional it is. The more I study about the history of the game, the more I love it. It’s so romantic! Since it hasn’t been around my life for long, like I mentioned before, I guess I have the love you Americans have for it as kids. After all, I’m like a ten-year old still discovering the game.

What's your favorite Twins memory?

Unlike many of you, I got the chance to choose what teams to root for in American sports. Because I had chosen the Vikings back in ‘08, it was natural for me to pick the Twins too, for my first actual season following baseball, the following year. Lucky for me. that was a hell of a team. Joe Mauer became, right then, my biggest sports hero, not only because he was the best in the game that year, but also because his connection with Minnesota. By that time, I had already adopted Minnesota as my emotional American home. I even emailed the University of Minnesota inquiring about how to apply for a scholarship, to play American football (I was a beast DE, would’ve made it to the NFL!). So, because I was blessed enough to watch one of the most talented Twins teams in recent years, no other game brings me better memories than game 163 that year.

What can readers expect to be your pet topic(s) this season?

Game recaps are my thing. Ever since I started considering journalism as a career back in high school, telling stories of games have always been my absolute favorite thing to do, in every one of the five sports I’ve had the opportunity to write about.

Nate Palmer
Hailing From: Sparta, WI
Twitter: @palmern2Twins

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Why do you love baseball?

What I love about baseball is that it is truly a team game. Unlike so many other sports, one star player cannot alone elevate a team to playoff or World Series status. That means there is such an organizational process that goes into building a good and competitive team. That also means that lots of unknown guys get a chance to play the game each year which is always fun and exciting.

There also just isn’t anything much better than sitting in a baseball stadium on a great summer day enjoying beverages and food and conversations with those next to you!

What's your favorite Twins memory?

This is an impossible question. I will go with the 2006 season. It was the summer after my freshman year of college and I had a gig that gave me some extra funds than I normally do so I was able to attend the most games in person I ever have in a summer. Including Matt Garza’s MLB debut, even though that is a start that isn’t much worth remembering.

My wife voted for this one:

What can readers expect to be your pet topic(s) this season?

If Rosario does well it will be how fun he is to watch, but if he falters it will be a rooting for Jake Cave to play more. If Rosario and I had a Facebook relationship status it clearly would stand as “It’s Complicated” as of the moment.

Steve Lein
Hailing From: Chaska, MN
Twitter: @HangingSL

Must-Read Story: Color Me, and Joe Mauer, Impressed

Why do you love baseball?

I grew up in the perfect time period to be a Twins fan, as they won the World Series twice before I turned ten years old. All the while there was Kirby Puckett leading the team and displaying his enthusiasm and fun for the game. It was hard not to fall in love with it.

It also helped that my organized teams were really good growing up. There’s only one season from when I started until finishing my final year of Legion ball that my team wasn’t hoisting the league trophy. I’ll never forgive Charlie Ruud (all-time winningest St. Paul Saints pitcher) for ending my teams best run at a Legion State Championship bid. Our pitcher one-hit his team, but he one-hit ours as well and they were able to limp across a run to knock us out of the tournament. Best pitched game I ever was a part of.

What's your favorite Twins memory?

I have so many, but if I’m forced to pick one, I’d have to say being in the stands for game 163 when Alexi Casilla brought home Carlos Gomez to put the Twins in the playoffs. There was a pair of Tigers fans at the end of our row above the baggy, and though they had been talking smack all game, none of us felt the need to say anything to them when that happened. Our celebration and the dejection on their faces was enough.

What can readers expect to be your pet topic(s) this season?

Even though the expectation with the Twins is to win a Central Division title again and hopefully get over that wild card (or Yankees) hump, I’m really looking forward to following the minors again. Minnesota has really built a strong pipeline and a lot of those guys near the top of it are now knocking on the MLB door. The Twins are locked in with veterans up and down their roster, but I want to find out who will be this year's Luis Arraez and provide a jolt to the team as the season goes along (and you’ll see an article along those lines from me soon 😉).

Cody Pirkl
Hailing From: Rosemount, MN
Twitter: @CodyPirkl

Must-Read Story: Another Year of Intangibles

Why do you love baseball?

It's one of the most difficult and physically demanding sports in the world. It's unlike any sport I've ever watched in the sense that something you've never seen can happen at any time. The randomness accounts for a lot of the beauty. If you look closely enough, there's always some kind of battle going on between two players. There are no ties, somebody has to win. Even after losing my fair share of battles, I appreciate everything about it.

What's your favorite Twins memory?

Every time I think about this question, one moment sticks in my mind. Jason Kubel's go-ahead grand slam in 2009 to complete his cycle in the Dome against the Angels. Everything from the homer itself to Dick Bremer's call is just the standard for what there is to love about baseball.

What can readers expect to be your pet topics this season?

I'd expect the majority of my content to be based around pitching. I love diving into the microscopic factors that separate success from failure for a pitcher.

Lucas Seehafer
Hailing From: White Bear Lake, MN
Twitter: @sportkinematics

Must-Read Story: On Rich Hill's Experimental Elbow Surgery and Previous Injury History

Why do you love baseball?

I've always loved baseball. My dad was a high school baseball coach in south-central Minnesota and he coached my Little League and American Legion teams growing up as well. Baseball was like a religion in my region of Minnesota and there were a ton of amateur baseball teams with beautiful diamonds peppered amongst the corn and soybean fields. Baseball was my life every summer and nearly all of my good friends played, so many of my most fond memories occurred on the diamond.

What's your favorite Twins memory?

Probably Game 163. I remember convincing my AP English teacher to postpone our test that was scheduled for the next day so that his students (i.e. me) could watch the game in full and not have to worry about studying. I'll never forget Carlos Gomez sliding across home plate. That or Justin Morneau winning MVP. His wife is from my home town and before he became JUSTIN MORNEAU it wasn't uncommon to see him driving around my tiny town on a moped. Nobody bothered him, even those who knew who he was.

What can readers expect to be your pet topic(s) this season?

I enjoy writing about the science and anatomy behind athlete health and performance, which is what the majority of my content published at Twins Daily will focus on. I am a physical therapist by day, so I'll do my best to explain the science, anatomy, and rehabilitation process behind the various injuries suffered by the Twins players.

Andrew Gebo
Hailing From: Downtown Minneapolis
Twitter: @Gebo___

Must-Read Story: That’s What’s Up: New Twins Pitcher Sergio Romo's Best Moments

Why do you love baseball?

My love for baseball comes from my mom. She was an MLB photographer in San Diego during the early 1980s. My childhood was everything baseball. I would spend my sick days home from school watching baseball and one of my earliest childhood memories is watching baseball with my mom, pretending I was Chipper Jones in the living room.

What's your favorite Twins memory?

This one is tough for me. I grew up in California, as a diehard Giants fan. I don’t have many Twins memories so I’m going to give a different type of Twins memory.

In 2018, shortly after moving to Minneapolis from San Francisco, I attended my first ever Twins games. It was a mid-August game and the Twins were all but eliminated. Joe Mauer worked a 12-pitch at bat and lifted a lazy fly ball to center field but the crowd was on their feet and cheering for a great at bat in a meaningless game and I knew this was a great baseball city with fans who know the game.

What can readers expect to be your pet topic(s) this season?

I will mostly be writing game recap stories but you can also expect the occasional one-off story or opinion piece.

AJ Condon
Hailing From: Minnetonka, MN (U of MN during school year0
Twitter: N/A

Must-Read Story: Excellent Plate Discipline Emphasizes Why Luis Arraez Deserves Starting Spot on 2020 Twins

Why do you love baseball?

I love baseball for a few different reasons. First off it was the first sport I started to play and it was the sport I played for the longest. Though I don’t play anymore, I play intramural softball at my college and plan on starting up a team this summer with my friends.

I also love it because of how long the season is, and when the season is. My favorite thing is going to Target Field for a day game with the sun shining down and clear skies above. Even when the Twins had their down years, I still would love to go to a game strictly for the experience.

The last reason is because of how invested you can be in the sport to enjoy it. You can know nothing and enjoy the game just watching players throw and hit a ball. Or you can dive deeper into the game and find a new in-depth love for the game.

What’s your favorite Twins memory?

My favorite Twins memory also happens to be my first Twins memory. On April 17th, 2009, my friend Johnny took me and a few other friends to a Twins game in the Metrodome. The Twins were playing the Angels and Jason Kubel had a game to remember.

Kubel hit for the cycle, capping it off with a grand slam in the 8th inning to put the Twins up 11-9 which ended up being the final score of the game. I’ll always remember this game because of how cool the experience was when I was 9 years old.

What can readers expect to be your pet topic(s) this season?

This season, I will go back to writing game recaps. I’m hoping to cover the Minnesota Twins again, but could have some action with the minor league affiliates as well!

Steve Buhr
Hailing From: Cedar Rapids, IA
Twitter: @JimCrikket

Must-Read Story: For Enlow and Other Minor Leaguers, “No One Is Safe” At Trade Deadline

Why do you love baseball?

Got that from my parents. My dad had been a been a good ballplayer when he was younger (turned down a minor league offer from the White Sox, to finish college instead). He became a high school baseball coach in Albert Lea MN and I pretty much spent my entire spring with him on the ballfield and in the dugout.

What's your favorite Twins memory?

Attending the game 163 against the Tigers was wild. Hard to top that, in terms of a memory where I was there in person. I can remember our teachers letting us listen to the 1965 World Series during class (they were day games back then).

What can readers expect to be your pet topic(s) this season?

I’m sure I’ll continue to focus primarily, though not exclusively, on minor leaguers playing for the Kernels and Mussels (that name is still going to take some getting used to). Living in CR and having a second home in Fort Myers means I spend part of the season in each city. I’ll try to write a few features on players from both rosters this summer.


Cheers to you all! You are appreciated.

If you're reading this and thinking you might like to try your own hand at writing to scratch the itch during this absence of real baseball, there's no better time to contribute a blog here on Twins Daily.

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Doctor Gast
Apr 16 2020 07:04 AM

Thanks for the article, I took the opportunity to read some articles I missed & revisit others. It was great getting to know the writers & how international the staff is. I took a special liking to Mineiro, Thiéres Rabelo. I live in Belo & appreciate his openness to fall in love w/ the Twins. You have other writers which weren`t mentioned that would have been interesting to read. Always enjoy Parker Hageman`s articles on mechanics of the game. 

Also like to thank everyone at TD for the work they put in to make this site possible.

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I figured this project was canceled like everything else in 2020. Thanks for making my proposal a reality.
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Great story idea Nick.It really is awesome to hear from and be reminded who some of "our" writers at TD are.It's one of those things that I think truly connects this site and Twins fans much more so than many other teams.Thank you again for all you guys do.

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Apr 16 2020 12:49 PM
I knew once our favorite team started winning, the board would attract the best and the brightest.
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Thieres's love for American sports is fascinating stuff. Really interesting to know more about the staff as a whole.

But man do I feel old, lol.
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Nick Nelson
Apr 16 2020 05:49 PM


I figured this project was canceled like everything else in 2020. Thanks for making my proposal a reality.

Thank you for suggesting it! I meant to give you credit in the article, but I'll do it here. Hat tip to you sir.

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Great story idea Nick.It really is awesome to hear from and be reminded who some of "our" writers at TD are.It's one of those things that I think truly connects this site and Twins fans much more so than many other teams.Thank you again for all you guys do.

And I'm going to give a tip of the old cap to myself, lol, and you and all the members at TD for their blogs, posts and commentaries. This is TRULY the best site around! The owners, writers, moderators and even us posters should all be complimented. This is not hyperbole. I read other sites for Twins, Vikings and the such. And I peruse the comment sections here and there and they are filled with vitriol and foul language and attacks that are just ugly at times. To be fair, my own personal vonacular is littered with cuss words and not everyone on other sites are rampart idiots.

But TD is unique and special. Very special.
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Apr 17 2020 08:27 PM

I really appreciate all of the writers, the owners and contributors. Even though I live in North Carolina, and get little coverage about any teams (other than the loser of the 1991 World Series), I can be fully informed about my beloved Twins, thanks to TD, Thank you all for this wonderful family of decent people who love the Twins.

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