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Having a little fun with the pitching staff

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:30 AM
A couple weeks ago, a friend and I were discussing a player’s HOF credentials and noted that the quality of a guy’s Strat-O-Matic card is...
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Article: THANK YOU From Twins Daily!

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 11:42 PM
As Thanksgiving arrives and we reflect on all of the many things that we are thankful for, our team at Twins Daily has no shortage of gra...
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Article: Looking Back: Twins 40-Man Roster Additions

Twins Minor League Talk Yesterday, 11:42 PM
Since last Friday when the Minnesota Twins announced they were adding seven players to their 40-man roster, there has been a lot of debat...
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BA AFL Top Prospects

Twins Minor League Talk Yesterday, 08:26 PM
New article today by Bill Mitchell about the top prospect in the Arizona Fall League. Here.Started as their top 10, but ended up men...
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Article: Can The Twins Have An Elite Bullpen In 2016?

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 02:03 PM
When the Kansas City Royals won the World Series earlier this month after coming up just short in 2014, it spawned an army of articles on...
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Twins Daily Welcomes Summit Brewing

Attached Image: iPhone+015.jpg There are great rewards and great risks in doing something new. We know a thing or two about that at Twins Daily. We also know a thing or two about passion and experimentation and rejecting the limitations older corporate entities might embrace. (Or try to enforce.) I think these are core values with which our members empathize. If they didn't, I think they'd get their Twins fix someplace else.

It has been harder to find local sponsors that embrace that same attitude. But today we welcome our first, and given their history, I wonder what took us so long to find each other. In 1986, Summit tackled a stodgy industry by trusting consumers to get past old habits by brewing new experimental products of exceptional quality. They took great risks and we've all received the great rewards.

In the brewer’s interview for their new Unchained series beer, brewer Gabe Smoley talked about the impressive measures he took to make sure that his beer would really be 100% organic:

“Anyone who works in an artistic or a very creative field will probably tell you that if you really want to accomplish something, you gotta challenge yourself. … You kind of put yourself out there when you take challenges like that. You know, that’s the kind of company we are. This company is full of great innovators. We don’t back down to challenges. That’s just the DNA of Summit.”

I think that’s the DNA of Twins Daily too, and I think it’s the DNA or our community. So, please raise a glass and welcome Summit to Twins Daily. I'm glad we found each other.

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