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Having Issues With Sound In Ads? Screenshots Here, Please

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:53 AM
Okay, I'm tired of this happening. All the ad networks are pointing fingers at one another and nobody is taking responsibility for this a...
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Nate Roberts Released

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 12:10 AM
The Twins and Ft. Myers Miracle announced (via the FSL transaction page at this point) that Nate Roberts has been released.   It's u...
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Trades Now Please

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:10 AM
You can call this a rant if you want to do so.   1. Kurt Suzuki to the Orioles for either Zach Davies or Brandon Kline.   2. Jo...
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Are The Twins The Unluckiest Team In Baseball?

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 11:15 PM
I posed this question in a column on the SweetSpot blog at ESPN.com today. You can read it here.   Basically, the premise is that wh...
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Article: Welcome to the new Twins Daily!

Questions About MinnCentric Yesterday, 11:04 PM
It has been two long months of project outlines, software testing, design, development, testing, and finally… migration.Welcome to the ne...
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The Sportive Podcast: John Bonnes on Twins Daily, Blogging & Baseball

Attached Image: 247088_215274801837271_2720427_n.jpg John Bonnes sat down with the Sportive podcast crew on Thursday night to talk for nearly two hours on blogging, Twins Daily, baseball and a whole bunch of nonsense. You can listen/subscribe here or you can check out their web site here. If you're looking for a whole bunch of Twins talk, you can probably skip it. But if you're looking for talk about some of the history of Twins blogging, where it's going and the challenges that some of the writers here face, you might find it entertaining.

Thanks very much to The Sportive for inviting John on.

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