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2017 Draft Signings, Notes and Rumors


Now that the smoke has cleared and the draft is over, we can turn our sights to signing some of these 41 draft picks. Note: Not all will sign - and that is normal. Typical draft classes are usually in the 22-27 player range.

This page will be updated as information becomes available, either through me or national media.
June 24, 8:30 AM update

Apologies for having not updated for a bit. But 14 hour days filled with work and school can do that to a person.

Lots to unpack here... starting from the top:

This doesn't give an exact figure, but will save the Twins nearly $350,000. That puts the Twins savings around $1,450,000.

Enlow sucks up most of the savings and lowers their available pool to around $200K.

Bechtold comes in $221,300 over the pool.

De La Torre comes in $266,700 over the pool.

Widdell comes in $179,300 over the pool.

The three seniors each got $10k each, which saves the team $429,500.

That leaves the Twins with exactly $1,466,400 to sign Leach. It will be interesting to see if he gets all of it. (That's good planning.)

Here's how it looks...
Attached Image: draftsat.JPG


June 20, 2:30 PM update

With the three official signings (Lewis, Rooker and Barnes) done, the Twins are $1,102,700 under the cap.


June 19, 8:00 AM update

Attached Image: 17draft6.JPG

Not reporting any bonuses. But many players will be signing on the dotted line today or tomorrow.

Still no official word on P Blayne Enlow. Checked with Twins source and was told he "cannot comment." 11th-round pick OF Gabriel Rodriguez has also not agreed to terms.

Both of these players fall into the category that will receive overslot bonuses. (Enlow will obviously receive more.) Clubs typically like to have all of their underslot players done first so they know exactly how much money they have left. On the flip side of that, they try to keep those numbers under wraps so that while negotiating overslot deals, the agents don't know exactly how much money is remaining.

Both Enlow and Rodriguez are expected to sign. There should be plenty of "official" draft news in the next 24-48 hours.

June 17, 7:00 PM update

Just a note: Regardless of what I hear, I won't report any "official signings." I'm leaving that up to the Twins, as many things can happen between the agreement and the official announcement. So despite hearing that some of these agreements have been signed, I'm going to leave them simply as "agreed."

The big new name here is 3B Austin Bechtold. There is an agreement in place and look for an official announcement relatively soon. The other two names are OF TJ Dixon and P Austin Bizzle. Neither of those deals will cut into the bonus pool. Neither was expected to.

Attached Image: 17draft5.JPG


June 17, 5:30 PM update

SS Royce Lewis is officially a Twin. Four others from Day 3 agree to terms. Confirmed agreements/signings up to 14.


Attached Image: draftnew.JPG


June 17, 10:30 AM update

More information will be posted when it becomes available.


June 16, 6:00 PM update

The signing of OF Brent Rooker is official.

Attached Image: 17draft3.JPG

June 16, 11:00 AM update:

Plenty of new "scout's takes" in both the Day 2 and Day 3 write-ups. (I just added seven more.)

The graphic below shows five more players who have agreed to terms: LP Charlie Barnes, who arrived in Minnesota last night, LP Bryan Sammons, who is already in Fort Myers, P Bailey Ober, C Andrew Cosgrove and SS Jordan Gore, all of whom will report to Fort Myers on Monday.

Sammons was a senior draft, but could be a sleeper. All five of those players are expected to play at Elizabethton.

(Jeremy's note: I don't know why the graphic is as small as it is. I'll try a different computer and see what happens... or maybe Brock can tell me how to fix it.)

(Jeremy's note, part two: I'm going to be very careful about reporting signing bonuses. While it is fun to scoop Jim Callis... there can also be ramifications to that type of announcement before everything is finalized.)

Attached Image: 17draft2.JPG

June 16, 9:00 AM update:

Starting at the top of the draft...

Doogie Wolfson of KSTP has had a few nuggets on SS Royce Lewis.

Mike Berardino of the Pioneer Press is reporting that OF Brent Rooker has agreed to terms for "slightly more" than slot ($1,935,300).

I'm reporting a few more happenings with some later-drafted players.

OF Jared Akins, P Derek Molina and P Alex Robles have all agreed to terms and will be reporting to Fort Myers. Robles will report Monday. I assume that's going to be a day full of getting settled into Fort Myers, while physicals and actual signings will happen on Tuesday.

You can follow the progress of the signings with this handy-dandy little chart that I'll continuously update.

Attached Image: 2017draft.PNG

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Jun 26 2017 10:27 PM
Not sure how reliable it is but according to this: https://www.canadian...u-for-canadians Leach signed for 1.4 million. If that's true we might have even more wiggle room with a few of our late rounders
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Jun 26 2017 10:32 PM

29 signed which is a very high number... Sign that Falvine are clearing MiLB chaff? Doubt any HS kids will be signed... This may be our final list. Just add $ signs behind the names listed.

Last year we signed 32, we could still add a couple of more guys
Jun 27 2017 10:13 PM

Now the draft signing tracker on MLB Daily Dish also has leach at $1.4 million. Any news on over slot guys from day 3? I'm thinking Rodriguez, Cade Smith, Tyler Grey, Jonny DeLuca, or maybe Max Meyer would be candidates to sign but there's such little info out there it's hard to find anything and google searches are relatively fruitless, the only thing I could find was Adam Oviedo is definitely not signing

So looks like as of now they pretty much nailed their pool. That's an acceptable outcome as is, but would be really good if they dip into the penalty money to sign one or two more.

Like to see a good plan executed quickly and efficiently.
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Not many updates here lately... Nick Allen (ss) just sign with the A's in the 3rd round for 2 million. Top 30 draft prospect. Sound familiar? As the dust settles a few things are clear to me:

-The Twins were looking for a top talent and wanted to save money for later in the draft. Lewis fit the bill.

- The Twins were very high on Leach and didn't think he'd make it to the 3rd round. Leach was a late fast riser. This might have been because he played in Canada, and the fact that there wasn't a lot of hype on him before the draft. After the draft experts came back saying he was a great pick. People went back to check with their sources I guess. Also again, they saved money for other picks.

- The Twins were banking on a top prep player like Carlson, Allen, or Enlow to fall to the 3rd. Allen and Enlow did, Carlson didn't. We know the Twinsranked Enlow higher than Allen (or they didn't want to draft two prep SS that high). We may never know if they had Carlson ranked higher than Enlow or the other way around.Anyway, its traditional to compare high picks with the guys selected around them. I might do the same with these 3 players.

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Considering that 40th-rounder Austin Bizzle has appeared in his first game, it seems to me that the chart could be updated to reflect his being signed rather than just agreed. I think we might all be curious to see what the final chart of signings looks like.

Lavelle had an article today - doesn't look like #11 is signed, or any of the guys we don't know already.



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