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11-07-2013, 07:26 PM
1. Sign Scott Kazmir - 2 years 20million

2. You want an innings eater? You got him! Bronson Arroyo - 3 years 32 million. I think the extra year is what will pull him away from the Giants and land him in Minnesota. He would be 40(close enough) at the end of the deal. With his history, at least 32 starts per year since 2005, there is no reason to think he will be a waste of money.

3. Fine, everyone is doing it, Phil Hughes - 1 year 12 million.

4. Resign Pelfrey - 2 years 14 million. This isn't what I want but it will happen regardless so why fight it?

That concludes the additions segment. Now on to the team outline!

1B- Parmelee and Colabello will platoon at 1B. This stops when one of the following things happen; One of them out preforms the other and looks like an adequate first basemen, One of them is just so terrible that the other will be forced into extended play at the position, Sano comes up and Plouffe has been playing better than the both of them so he takes over at first, or Mauer needs to stop catching because of health issues/risks or Pinto is dominating as the back up. (What?! Pinto is the back up?! When did that happen?!) Well I'm getting to it, so calm down Baseball Junkies! You will get your fix. Unbelievable. Mauer would be playing first on his days off, obviously.

2B- Dozier has clearly earned this spot. I would however have him play some shortstop in spring training for when Rosario comes up... Call up Rosario as soon as he appears ready. I think that will be in June. He is a terrific average hitter and he didn't seem over matched during the WBC against some MLB pitchers. I don't see him having any troubles at the position defensively, either. When he comes up he is the new starter at 2B. That is his future with this team, not the OF.

SS- Florimon begins the year as the starter but is moved to bench duty when Rosario comes up and Dozier takes over at SS. Yes, this is assuming a lot but it's my Blueprint so back off. I honestly believe that he will be an above average SS like he was in the minors (unless one of you pulls up a stat from his minors that proves that statement wrong). I believe that his rookie year was a fluke and that the problems he experienced on defense were more from mental issues from his struggles in general. He's past that, let's all move on.

3B- This goes to Plouffe and there is no reason to sign a third basemen because Sano will be up in about July. My guess is after the Futures Game and that is based on absolutely nothing. Sano becomes the regular 3Bman while Plouffe moves to first or the bench.

C- Mauer sucks and should be the back up. Did you see Pinto's numbers in September?! I kid, of course, but I do think that Pinto has enough plate discipline and plenty of offense/ work ethic/talent/defense to back him up so we never see Doumit back there again.

RF- Arcia. He is a beast and his numbers will be amazing this year. I truly believe that. No need for a back up, but Doumit/Parmelee/Colabello are available.

CF- Presley will start the year in center. The only way he is moving from this position is if either Hicks or Buxton explode onto the scene and force him to move to 4th outfielder duty (Mastroanni to start with). I don't see Hicks doing enough to get a call-up, unless there is an injury, prior to September. Buxton will debut in 2015.

LF- Willingham with Mastro/Doumit/Colabello/Parmelee/Arcia backing him up. Willingham will improve this year and be trading for something that we will all be underwhelmed by at the deadline (along with Doumit).

DH- Doumit for the most part until the trade deadline.


1. Arroyo (The Twins Bulldog Vet will be the opening day starter. Write that down.)
2. Hughes
3. Correia
4. Kazmir
5. Pelfrey


It's obvious.

Alright! There you have it! feel free to rip me apart in the comments. I enjoy it. Also I might have over paid for a few pitchers but we have the money and if we want them than that is what it takes, pay the man!

11-07-2013, 07:57 PM
Joe Mauer should play every single day... Except those days when he's not in the lineup.

I feel strongly about this!!!

11-07-2013, 08:05 PM
Joe Mauer should play every single day... Except those days when he's not in the lineup.

I feel strongly about this!!!

That is a bold and cutting edge opinion. It's that crazy thinking that wins divisions!

11-07-2013, 09:08 PM
Joe Mauer should play every single day... Except those days when he's not in the lineup.

I feel strongly about this!!!

For the lavish salary he is raking in, he should be expected to play some of the night games too.

11-07-2013, 11:11 PM
Looks reasonable, would pick different pitchers (Johnson and Kazmir) but outlook is much the same. Deduno could also make it. Pelfrey not bad depending on price, but I would not sign him. Lineup looks about as predicted.

11-08-2013, 06:03 AM
I think we need to keep a rotation spot open for Gibson.

11-08-2013, 07:44 AM
I agree with the both of you on Deduno and Gibson. I like both guys and feel like they deserve a chance and this would be the best year for them to get extended playing time and develop. When I do my blueprint, I try and consider both my ideas and what I believe are reasonable moves the Twins will make. I believe that the Twins will add 3 average starters this off-season. Those being Arroyo, Hughes, and Kazmir. I fear that they will accually add Pelfrey back to the mix. I am not completely opposed to this, however, I would rather let Gibson or Deduno get the last spot. This would make a rotation of:


(I hope they take Johan on a flier and wing it from there).

mike wants wins
11-08-2013, 08:32 AM
Very entertaining style, thanks!

I can't see them signing that many SPs, nor would I do so.

11-08-2013, 08:47 AM
Very entertaining style, thanks!

I can't see them signing that many SPs, nor would I do so.

Thank you!

We will see Mike, we will see. ;)

stringer bell
11-08-2013, 12:58 PM
I doubt they sign four free-agent starters, but I suspect your lineup blueprint is pretty close. We can only hope that a couple of guys take steps forward as Dozier did, because the offense was almost as poor as the pitching in 2013.

11-08-2013, 01:39 PM
Some guys need to step up and do better than last year. For those that don't, replacements are on their way. That's way it doesn't make sense to add a bunch of bats. The same can be said for the pitching staff, however, I think that Ryan and Co. want to look like they are serious for once and attack the free agent market. There are many options out there for them to consider and sign. I don't believe that 4 pitchers is that crazy of a thought. They can always trade some to make room for others. Each year we seem to run out of pitchers anyway because of injuries or lack of production. They might as well sign some guys that can (anchor) our rotation until June/July when they can then flip them for prospects if we are terrible and let Meyer, May, Gibson take a spot, or if we are somehow competitive they can use the surplus to acquire missing pieces.