View Full Version : Minor League Playoffs--Two in, two with a chance

stringer bell
08-23-2013, 06:35 AM
Two of the Twins farm teams made the playoffs on the basis of their strong first half(s): Fort Myers and Cedar Rapids. Those two teams will be in the playoffs when they start after Labor Day. Two other farm teams are on the cusp of playoff appearances: The Rochester Red Wings are two games up in the Wild Card race and only a half game back of Pawtucket in the race to win their division. The Red Wings have had few true prospects on their team this year, but have been a hot team in the second half. It would be great for Rochester to have a playoff run, since I don't think they've made the playoffs since becoming a Twins' affiliate. The Red Wings have played far more road than home games, so it looks like they will make or break at Frontier Field.

Elizabethtown is currently out of the playoffs, but trail the two teams ahead of them in their division by a game and a game and a half respectively. The E-Twins had a lull in midseason, but have won their last four games and nine of their last ten to again compete for Appy League supremacy.

With the Twins out of the race, this is all the postseason baseball we Twins can hope for.