View Full Version : Wilkin Ramirez activated, now back with the team

08-12-2013, 03:33 PM
Wilkin Ramirez, back from concussion, to fill Twins' open roster spot | 1500 ESPN Twin Cities ? Minnesota Sports News & Opinion (Twins, Vikings, Wolves, Wild, Gophers) | Sportswire: Minnesota Twins (http://www.1500espn.com/sportswire/Wilkin_Ramirez_back_from_concussion_to_fill_Twins_ open_roster_spot081213)
Outfielder Wilkin Ramirez finally returns from a concussion. This is his shot to try and stay on the 25 man roster and hold out until September, when his roster spot is probably safe. Recall when Morneau and Span returned from their concussions...frankly, they couldn't hit. Let's hope Ramirez can get cracking and lift that .244 batting average up. If he doesn't, Darin Mastroianni could be talking his spot back.

08-12-2013, 03:38 PM
Rameriz? Matroianni? Thomas? This is embarassing. Had Rosario not been moved to 2B, I wonder if he would now be manning CF. No matter, I'm happy with him at 2B, but no wonder the the organization has made mention of a possible fast track for Buxton.

stringer bell
08-12-2013, 04:05 PM
Wow, just wow. Well, I guess the Twins hold Ramirez in much higher regard than I do. I should note that Mastroianni and Hicks aren't playing right now. In a 14 inning game, they never got off the bench and they didn't play yesterday, either. Antoan Richardson hasn't played in a while either (injured I suppose).

08-12-2013, 04:08 PM
I would have just bought-out the rest of his contract and given him his unconditional release.
Oh well, maybe they think he can actually produce?