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Seth Stohs
04-05-2012, 08:20 AM
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Shane Wahl
04-05-2012, 09:03 AM
Breakout hitter, upper levels: Aaron Hicks
Best hitter, upper levels: Joe Benson
Breakout hitter, lower levels: Angel Morales
Best hitter, lower levels: Miguel Sano
Breakout hitter, EST: Max Kepler
Best hitter, EST: Travis Harrison

Mr. Ed
04-05-2012, 09:16 AM
Always enjoy these types of predictions. Lots of choices on the 'easy' guys. I'll go with some other choices:

Breakout/Upper: Estarlin De Los Santos
Best hitter/Upper: Brian Dozier
Breakout/Lower: Tyler Grimes
Best/Lower: Eddie Rosario
Breakout/EST: Wander Guillen
Best/Lower: Michael Quesada

Steve Lein
04-05-2012, 11:29 AM
Breakout hitter, Upper Levels: Aaron Hicks. As mentioned by the others above, it's a make or break year for him, and I think he "makes" just like Torii Hunter at the same age.
Best Hitter, Upper Levels: Joe Benson. I'll predict he'll be starting in the Twins outfield before August.
Breakout Hitter, Lower Levels: Levi Michael. Hasn't played a professional game yet, and for this reason is underrated by many casual fans. He'll show why he was drafted so high and uncharacteristically placed at the A+ level to start his career.
Best Hitter, Lower Levels: Oswaldo Arcia. Took Blackburn deep in the exhibition game vs. Twins and will do that to plenty of FSL pitchers before being promoted to New Britain mid-season.
Breakout Hitter, EST: Max Kepler. Be prepared for him to shoot up the prospect rankings list, and I'm also (kind of) surprised he wasn't put on the Beloit roster to start the season. He was the best hitter I watched during Beloit's ST games as far as producing results.
Best Hitter, EST: Niko Goodrum. Came on strong at the end of Elizabethton's season, and he does have some major power when he connects as I saw at Spring Training. If he can put on some muscles as he advances, look out.

04-05-2012, 02:20 PM

BEST - Brian Dozier - The guy is good, and will prove it to all doubters by late spring.

BREAKOUT - Drew Butera - The bat's gonna come alive back in AAA! He'll rake at upwards of .230-.240.


BEST - Oswaldo Arcia - Watch Ozzie climb all the way to AAA this summer.

BREAKOUT - Angel Morales - No big surprise here. Just being healthy and hungry will lead to his best year yet.


BEST - Kennys Vargas - Not sure why he's on the restricted list right now. But I like his career arc so far.

BREAKOUT - Jorge Polanco - Look for the 18 year old to begin to live up to his promise.

Shane Wahl
04-06-2012, 12:02 AM
I like Vargas and Polanco (by the way, Vargas is on the RL because of the drug issue). It's too bad because I was really excited about him last year.

04-06-2012, 06:28 AM
I like Michael Gonzalez as the sleeper for Fort Myers. Flys under the radar and this is the year he will be noticed. Also look for Dan Rohlfing to move up to AA. He is coming into his own defensively and improved hitting.