View Full Version : Tommy Watkins Jersey

05-19-2013, 09:44 PM
Last night at the Kernels game, they auctioned off the jerseys for the American Cancer Society. I got Tommy's. But I got it pretty cheap. My family, like most everyone's family have went through hard times due to a loved one having cancer. My Uncle passed 4 years ago, he never got to see his Grand Daughter, who is in the photo with me. She also my God Daughter. So what I decided to do is re-sell it/auction it off. Most likely on Ebay and what ever the price is, I will donate that money to the American Cancer Society also.

Tommy will also sign it and personalize it for the highest bidder.

As soon as I get the auction set up, I will post a link and tweet it out.

Thanks Guys and Gals!