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12-14-2012, 02:55 PM
Regardless of how people feel about Correia as a pitcher his contract is disturbing in its own way. When I heard that they had signed him to a 2 year/$10 million contract I assumed it was either split evenly accross the years or possibly even weighted towards 2013 because they are so far under payroll. I saw the published details today and it is actually neither of those:

2013: $4.5 Million
2014: $5.5 Million

Obviously $500,000 more in payroll in 2014 is not that big of a deal and this is not that big of a shift but in my mind it reflects a cheapness on the part of the Twins front office that should not be there this year. We are probablly going to have a problem spending our available payroll this year due to the Twins reluctance in signing big free agent contracts so I don't know why they are shifting payroll like this. These actions are usually done when you are nearing your payroll max and want to sign a guy who might push you over. What do other members of the Forum think? Is this a sign we are near our payroll max or is this Ryan just letting his inner cheapness shine through?

12-14-2012, 03:24 PM
With the extra 25 M coming through soon, I don't think that this is a factor. I'm hoping this just means he wants more to play with this year.