View Full Version : Why is Denard Span so good at TF and so mediocre on the road?

07-23-2012, 03:36 PM
When I was thinking about whether Willingham should be traded I went and looked at his home/away stats and saw that he was significantly better at TF than on the road. That started me thinking about some other players mentioned in trade rumors so I took a look at Denard Span.

I was really surprised to see the following splits for Denard for his TF seasons – all figures taken from www.baseballreference.com (http://www.baseballreference.com/) and all generated today:

Home,207,178,27,60,19,2,2,18,26,18,.337,.422,.500, .922
Away,181,171,15,36,4,0,1,12,9,29,.211,.249,.251,.5 00

Home,122,112,19,32,4,2,1,6,10,12,.286,.344,.384, .728
Away,189,172,18,43,7,3,1,10,17,24,.250,.317,.343, .660

Home,347,305,44,92,13,7,0,36,31,28,.302,.371,.390, .761
Away,358,324,41,74,11,3,3,22,29,46,.228,.293,.309, .602

As you can see, he has (not unsurprisingly) always been better at home than on the road. The splits for 2010 and 2011 seem relatively consistent with each other but this year the numbers look like he is a split personality – one at home and one on the road.

Does anyone have an explanation? He’s obviously hitting a lot of doubles at TF (19 vs. 4 away); and walking more (26 at TV vs. 9 away). But why? And does this affect his trade value?

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Well that's a tautology.