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Brock Beauchamp
07-18-2012, 04:31 PM
I've been having problems with this lately (threads show up as unread, even if they are read). I'm tired of marking all forums as read multiple times a day so I looked into it... Turns out, there's a way to store the information in the database instead of using a cookie-based solution.

So, all forums will show up as unread as of now. You can fix this by going to "Forum Actions" in the blue bar below the navigation window.

Let me know if any of you continue to have issues with threads that should be marked "read" showing up as "unread".

07-18-2012, 08:48 PM
Thanks RP. Much better now.

Brock Beauchamp
07-19-2012, 06:26 AM
Good. I had no idea what you guys were complaining about until two days ago when all the threads stopped de-bolding when I read them. It was a little bizarre and I have no idea why it worked for so long and then stopped.

This solution should work much better, though it's a little more reliant on the server instead of your own computer.

07-19-2012, 06:32 PM
Is there a way to change the color scheme within a specific posted topic. The blue that denotes an unread post is hard for me to pick up (because of color blindness). BYTO had the baseball icon for unread posts, any chance to have something like that rather than slight variance of color?

For clarification, I'm talking about the the colored in box that appears next to the date/time that the entry was made. Is there a way to change the color or change that to an icon instead of a color? Light blue is a problem.