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07-01-2012, 06:01 PM
surprised nobody had him yet.
23 yr old LH hitting OF was a 48th round pick by Tampa in 2009 and a 5th round pick by MN in 2010.

The 6'1 200lb Roberts hit .416/.575/.746 as a jr for High Point University (NC)..3rd team All American
59gms 209Abs 88runs 10doubles 1triple 16hr 69rbi 36/39sb 53bb 35k 25HBP (which have become a calling card)

Assigned to ELIZ as a 21 yr old, he dominated as a solid 5th round college player should
35gms 128ABs.336/.444/.547 30runs 10doubles 5HR 17RBI 5/7sb 21bb 29k 4hbp

His first yr in Beloit ,after not joining the team till May 1 & despite playing only 7gm after July 6, was solid.
68gms 222ABs .302/.443/.446 55runs 12doubles 4triples 4hr 34rbi 9/13sb 28bb 48k 29hbp

This season, Roberts was kept in Beloit for a 2nd season but didnt begin till May 23 due to injuries.
25gms 86ABs .302/..400/.477 15runs 6doubles 3HR 14rbi 5/7sb 14bb 11k 5hbp.....thru July 1

2 season @ Beloit
93gms 308ABs .302/.439/.455 70runs 18doubles 4triples 7hr 48rbi 14/20sb 42bb 59k 34hbp
As a 5th round pick & 23 yr old, why hasnt he moved up.....he should be more of a prospect & he has performed.
His .894 Beloit OPS is actually higher than Miguel Sano's .848.
Is MN sticking him in Beloit cause Lance Ray (.204) Angel Morales (.213) Danny Rams (.194) & Dan Ortiz (.274) are blocking him????

Shane Wahl
07-01-2012, 06:52 PM
Interesting as I definitely would have taken him if I noticed he was still available!

He must be moving up soon. They could probably even push Ortiz up if they needed to.

08-01-2012, 12:22 PM
Nate's July
23gms 79ABs .253/.423/.342 18runs 2doubles 1triple HR 6rbi 9k 15bb 9hbp 11/14sb

08-25-2012, 01:21 PM
good time to examine Nate's 2 Beloit seasons as he has 68 gms played each of last 2 yrs.
222ABs .302/.443/.446 55runs 12doubles 4triples 4HR 34rbi 48k 28bb 29hbp 9/13sb's
247ABs .304/.435/.441 52runs 16doubles 3triples 4HR 30rbi 29k 39bb 19hbp 24/31sb's

Realize its injuries that have held him back but his 2 yr totals in BEL equal one injury free minor league season
Low A totals
136gms 469ABs .303/.439/.443 107runs 28doubles 7triples 8HR 64rbi 77k 66bb 48hbp 33/44sb's
these are some awesome numbers........