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Twins Fan From Afar
06-24-2012, 12:30 AM
You can view the page at http://www.twinsdaily.com/content.php?702-Saturday-s-Twins-Minor-League-Daily

06-24-2012, 01:44 AM
This is an excellent report, and the links to the box scores are like cherries on top. Thanks for your hard work in putting this together.

06-24-2012, 05:24 AM
Looking forward to July promotions. Would love to see Goodrum end the year at Beliot. Now that Rosario is hurt Niko is my favorite prospect to watch. I really hope he becomes a star for the Twins. The promotions based off his last name will be fantastic.

Twins Fan From Afar
06-24-2012, 09:45 AM
Thanks for the comments. Is it just me, or does Niko Goodrum sound like a good name for a soccer player? Agreed -- he has been exciting to follow this year.

06-24-2012, 10:46 AM
4 triples on the year for Goodrum already!