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Seth Stohs
05-15-2012, 06:59 AM
You can view the page at http://twinsdaily.com/content.php?546-On-this-date-May-15

05-15-2012, 07:59 AM
Happy Birthday to Jozie .... may she continue to drive her father nuts for years to come.

And Happy Birthday to Justin Morneau and Brian Dozier (although I'd like to hold back the years a little for both of them).

And here's hoping that the Twins manage to add 1 in the W column tonight.

mike wants wins
05-15-2012, 08:56 AM
Good stuff, Seth. Happy birthday to your daughter. I can't believe you watched a baseball game while in the hospital that day.....brave man.

05-15-2012, 11:43 AM
Happy b-day Jozie!! I also got to watch a Twins game in the hospital when our boy was born 4 years ago Thursday (Twins also lost, but was closer, a 2-3 game vs Colorado). Mommy was on pain meds and knocked out, so I had the remote, is that how you got the game on Seth? lol.

Seth Stohs
05-15-2012, 01:06 PM
I think there was just an understanding... ha!

05-15-2012, 01:18 PM
Really cool! Happy Birtday to all

05-15-2012, 01:56 PM
I wish I woulda seen this sooner... I might have won the Trivia question on the radio broadcast. [who pitched against Molitor in '91]. And as a father of a son born during the baseball season, I concur with your understanding.