View Full Version : Article: Will Valencia improve in 2012?

Chad Jacobsen
02-06-2012, 11:21 PM
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Nick Nelson
02-06-2012, 11:50 PM
Nice write-up. Gardenhire's patience with Valencia seems to wear thin quickly. If he gets off to a slow start, I'll be interested to see if Luke Hughes or Sean Burroughs (maybe even Plouffe?) can push him a little bit.

Chad Jacobsen
02-07-2012, 08:27 AM
Yeah I worry about Gardenhire ragging on him and the effect that could have. Valencia needs to get off to a fast start so that doesn't happen. Not sure what Gardy is trying to do, maybe some tough love but Valencia is definitely not on his good side right now. But you are right Nick, if he gets off to a slow start I wouldn't be surpised to see any of those guys get a shot over at third. For some reason, Gardy was making it sound like Valencia is on borrowed time with the Twins....not exactly sure why that is. I understand the frustration with some of the defensive blunders but you gotta let the kid take his lumps, especially in only his sophomore season. I think Valencia comes to camp with a renewed focus and gets off to a hot start. If I am right, could be a big turnaround with Gardy off his back.

Fanatic Jack
02-11-2012, 02:07 PM
I sure hope our great manager stops making his negative comments about him after the game. Valencia was pretty solid offensively and came up with some clutch hits. He just needs to tighten things up defensively and he will turn into a really good two-way player. This is of course if Gardy does not ruin the young kid. I would get rid of the manager before the player. Valencia is the only player on the team with some swagger and every winning team needs someone like that. He is really under-vauled just like Kubel was and I fear he will be traded.