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  1. 280 million per year?
  2. Article: Gleeman and the Geek Episode 69: Inactivity, Prospect Lists and 40-Man Moves
  3. An Aggressive Offseason with a 2014 Outlook
  4. Longoria gets new $100 million deal, but why?
  5. Twins sign former Mariners top prospect to minor league deal
  6. Article: Twins Offseason By The Numbers
  7. Wil Myers V Chris Parmelee
  8. Article: Twins Must End Revolving Door At Shortstop
  9. Scott Feldman, the Cubs, and how Theo Epstien is making Terry Ryan's life miserable
  10. Edes: Red Sox should trade for Joe Mauer
  11. Neal: Twins interested in bringing Liriano back
  12. Fickle Fans!
  13. Jeff Clement
  14. Article: Cubs Signings Spell Trouble for Twins
  15. Article: Hot Stove, Football and Instant Gratification
  16. Gammons: Red Sox called about Mauer monthly
  17. Article: Twins interested in a Francisco Liriano reunion
  18. Doogie: Twins Meeting With Carl Pavano
  19. Doogie: Twins are looking for a "starting 3rd baseman"
  20. Is Hendriks sewn up as 5th starter?
  21. Braves close to signing BJ Upton
  22. Article: A Full Forty - Dissecting the 40-Man Roster (Pitchers)
  23. Article: Rule 5 Draft Preview: Diamond Hunting
  24. Article: Braves Signing Upton Hurts Twins' Trade Options
  25. Good lord, help us: Bruce Chen is available.
  26. I've Got A Bad Feeling About This
  27. Field Claimed by Angels
  28. Twins are not the only team interested in Pavano
  29. Tommy Field claimed on waivers
  30. Thomas Field, we hardly knew ye
  31. Ugh... One more year of Liriano?
  32. Stark: Twins exec "We're not in salary dump mode"
  33. A.J Pettersen gets Baseball America byline.
  34. The Hesitation To Trade Willingham
  35. Article: Winter Meeting Rumor-Mongering - Thursday Edition
  36. Nationals interested in center fielder/lead-off hitter
  37. Twins First-Ever Clubhouse Sale
  38. Twins Rule 5 draft history
  39. Article: Twins trade Denard Span for Nationals' 2011 first round pick
  40. Who will bat #2?
  41. Is Revere Still Available?
  42. Don't be sad, Denard Span has gone to a better place.
  43. Article: Winter Meetings Set to Commence
  44. Article: A Look Back: The Denard Span Era
  45. Is this the offseason to extend Revere?
  46. Non-tender day
  47. Jurrjens To Be Non-Tendered
  48. Trade him , extend him ,or just let him play out the year
  49. Casilla avoids arbitration, signs with Orioles
  50. Drew Butera
  51. Alex Meyer
  52. Article: Gleeman & The Geek Episode 70: Denard Span for Alex Meyer
  53. 25 million for 3 starting pitchers.
  54. Overnight Development
  55. Tom Gorzelanny
  56. Any interest in a GM\Team Adoption Thread or Section.
  57. Brian Wilson
  58. Red Sox sign David Ross
  59. Article: Talk to Contact, Ep 15: Getting Denarded with Seth Stohs
  60. Parmelee for Span in the OF. How much will it cost in runs?
  61. The Grienke Factor
  62. Article: Is Ryan Doumit's Catching A Critical Liability?
  63. Jair Jurrjens to Baltimore
  64. Mark Prior
  65. Free Agent Shopping
  66. Plouffe Insurance
  67. Article: Winter Meetings: Time For Terry Ryan to Step Up.
  68. Article: In Terry I Trust
  69. Trade Target Asdrubal Cabrera
  70. Legit Trade Candidate: Dee Gordon
  71. Should Twins Offer Dempster A 3-Year Deal?
  72. Rich Harden
  73. Lannan Question?
  74. Gardy on MLB Network at 2:30
  75. Chad Allen. Yes, Chad Allen: The Rock Cats' New Hitting Coach
  76. Crasnick: Joe Blanton a "prime target" for Twins
  77. Potential Rule 5 Selections for the Twins
  78. Incentives and FA signings
  79. Article: Rock Versus Hard Place
  80. Article: Competition for Plouffe?
  81. Orioles as Trading Partner?
  82. Wolfson: (On a hunch) Plouffe's competition is Hannahan
  83. How high would you go for Brandon McCarthy?
  84. Article: Live Chat with KSTP's Darren Wolfson
  85. When Todd Walker makes the hall of fame (this year?) will he be wearing a Twins hat?
  86. Hannahan Has Offer
  87. Potential Article: Trade Candidate: Nick Punto
  88. Article: Could the Twins still trade Ben Revere?
  89. Revere on the trading block?
  90. Article: Is Marcum the Twins' Best Hope?
  91. Neal: Twins have offers out to starting pitchers
  92. Chances of Hardy Reunion?
  93. What about Johan?
  94. Heyman: Twins targeting Jackson, Marcum, McCarthy, others?
  95. Rangers Shopping Derek Holland
  96. Twins Shopping Morneau To Orioles, Others
  97. Meyer in 2013?
  98. LaVelle: Two Twins Officials Say They Have Offers Out All Over the Place
  99. Bullets Dodged?
  100. Here's An Idea - Twins acquire Santana and R.A. Dickey
  101. Article: If 2013 Isn't Realistic, Twins' Focus Turns To 2014
  102. Article: Former Rule 5 pick is most underrated player in Minnesota Twins history
  103. What happened to the tone?
  104. Rule 5 Draft Live Thread
  105. Article: Twins Select RHP Ryan Pressly in Rule 5 Draft
  106. Article: Shift In Free Agency Strategy Doesn't Favor The Minnesota Twins
  107. If Revere goes to Philly, who comes back?
  108. Gammons: Red Sox willing to take on all of Mauer's contract
  109. Article: Ben Revere Traded to Philly for RHP Vance Worley & Top Pitching Prospect
  110. Bourn a fit in Minnesota?
  111. Updated prospect lists
  112. Who plays CF to start the season?
  113. Terry Ryan: Twins still shopping Willingham and Morneau
  114. Terry Ryan to be on MLB Network sometime in the next 50 minutes.
  115. Why not Michael Young?
  116. Article: Does Ben Revere’s Departure Portent Justin Morneau Trade?
  117. Lineup Dreams, Favorable Reviews, and Terry Ryan Worshiping
  118. Article: Twins, Jared Burton Agree on Contract Extension
  119. Article: Twins Punting 2013? Not So Fast
  120. Take a chance on Figgins?
  121. Seth Talks Twins on 740 The Fan (Listen)
  122. Dez and Fanatic Jack Podcast Live at 10 TONIGHT
  123. Article: Gleeman and the Geek Episode 71: Ben Revere For Vance Worley & Trevor May
  124. Article: Vance Refrigeration: How Worley Will Succeed With The Minnesota Twins
  125. Which trade was the better deal for the Twins?
  126. Skip Schumaker
  127. Yet another RA Dickey thread...
  128. 2013 Opening Day Batting Order & Pitcher
  129. Another one gone
  130. What would it take for you to trade Joe Mauer?
  131. Article: Ben Revere's Best Moments
  132. Article: Hey Twins Fans, Meet Vanimal!
  133. They Got Him!!!
  134. Question about skipping AAA (for the Twins)
  135. Dempster Turns Down 2-Year Offer; Would You Go To 3?
  136. 40 Man Roster
  137. LA Dodgers trade partner?
  138. 4 Realistic FA Pitching Options
  139. 5 Young Pitchers
  140. Chance Twins open season with 75/80m payroll??
  141. Article: Hicks Positioned to Take the Leap
  142. Kevin Correia????
  143. Correia
  144. Kevin Correia?
  145. Article: Twins To Sign RHP Kevin Correia
  146. Article: On Paradigms and Kevin Correia
  147. Article: Correia Signing is a Sad Thing
  148. To win the central
  149. One more spot on 40-man roster
  150. Article: Is Lame Duck Gardy Good as Gone?
  151. Napolis contract hits a snag.
  152. Depressing Quote of the Day -- LEN 3 article
  153. Article: Live Chat with NBCSports.com's Aaron Gleeman
  154. What about Brian Wilson?
  155. Who's left for the IF?
  156. Spring Training Invites
  157. Twins history of free agent starting pitcher acquisitions
  158. Roberto Hernandez or Brett Myers VS Kevin Correia?
  159. Most Heart Breaking Twins loss ever?
  160. Twins sign Scott Elarton
  161. Shaun Marcum
  162. Article: Gleeman and the Geek: How To Podcast
  163. Article: Twins Hall of Fame Ballot
  164. Carlos Villanueva?
  165. Article: Top 12 Twins To Wear #12
  166. Dodgers Could Move Punto, Uribe
  167. Marcum and Villanueva. What are the chances?
  168. Potential: Twins centerfielder
  169. Josh Willingham+Justin Morneau for Mike Olt
  170. Would You Have Gone 2 Years, $30M for Dempster?
  171. Would you have gone 5 years and $80M for Anibal Sanchez?
  172. Nick Punto part 2?
  173. TR regrets signing Correia already?
  174. Article: Twins Should Strike While Stove is Hot
  175. Yet another Correia thread
  176. Article: Is The Window Open For Another Twins Trade?
  177. Carlos villanueva
  178. Slowey Still Available
  179. Correia Contract
  180. Deconstructing the Twins' Fabricated Fiscal Cliff
  181. Capuano and Harang
  182. Offseason Shopping List
  183. How does Brandon Webb grab you ending up as the "Big FA Acquisition"?
  184. Correia's Agent Better Get A Monster XMas Present From His Client
  185. John Lannan to the Phillies
  186. John Lannan vs Kevin Correia contracts
  187. Brett Myers
  188. 2014 mb all star game?
  189. Article: Gleeman And The Geek Episode 72: Correia's Arrival and Burton's Extension
  190. Article: What Could Nick Punto Bring To The Twins?
  191. Mike Pelfrey
  192. Random Observation
  193. Edwin Jackson
  194. Liam Hendriks
  195. Article: Report: Twins to sign RHP Mike Pelfrey
  196. 2014 Payroll
  197. Average pitchers at what terms
  198. Article: Health Permitting, Pelfrey Could Deliver
  199. Winter Caravan schedule
  200. Trade with Toronto Blue Jays
  201. Comparing pitcher's value?
  202. Twins Caravan Schedule
  203. Mickey Storey
  204. Baer: Time to Appreciate Mauer
  205. At least the Twins didn't sign Ramon Ortiz
  206. Article: State of the Starting Corps
  207. Target Field Paintings
  208. Article: Twins still seeking third base help?
  209. Got a call from the front office today
  210. Twins Interested in Freddy Garcia
  211. Pedro Beato
  212. Twins and Free Agent Pitchers
  213. Terry Ryan Sexiness
  214. Blog: The Great 2012 Mulligan Do-Over
  215. Jon Rauch? Johann Santana?
  216. New idea for 2013 OF situation
  217. Article: Is Joe Mauer a lock for the HOF?
  218. Bowden: Next Top Prospects to Be Traded
  219. Tommy John surgery recovery time
  220. Teflon Trivia Thursday
  221. Neal: Twins interested in Rich Harden
  222. Who's going to be dropped?
  223. Pirates signed Liriano
  224. Article: Twins Ink Rich Harden to Minor League Deal
  225. We GOT HIM!!!!
  226. Billy Bullock banned 50 games for PED use
  227. Espn's Hall of 100...
  228. Kevin Correia leaving money on the table...
  229. Indians sign Swisher
  230. Article: Happy Holidays from Twins Daily
  231. What about Shorstop free agent Aledmis Diaz?
  232. Ten signs that 2013 might be another 90-loss season for the Twins
  233. Christmas Morning and what's under the Tree?
  234. Neal: Twins won't overpay for average pitching
  235. Bullpen Help?
  236. Article: Ryan Doumit's strange but true feat
  237. Article: Why Do We Care About the Twins?
  238. Michael Bourn or Kyle Lohse?
  239. New batting practice hats
  240. Mackey: Morneau finally healthy!
  241. who is going to bat leadoff for the twins?
  242. Will Ryan bury his head in the sand again?
  243. Article: Gleeman and the Geek Episode 74: Pitching Preferences, Payroll and Hicks
  244. Need hope for the Twins next year?
  245. Article: Willingham, Mauer lead headlines of 2012
  246. Article: Minnesota Twins Roster & Payroll 2013
  247. Article: 2013 Roster & Payroll Page
  248. 2014 Pitching Free agents
  249. St. Peter: More Target Field upgrades in the works
  250. Article: Is Terry Ryan Leaving Gardenhire Hung Out to Dry?