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  1. Trevor Plouffe and Ryan Braun best friends
  2. Article: If Twins Play In CA, Does Anyone Remember What Time? (Twins at Angels 95-97)
  3. Article: 20 Twins Trades: The Pierzynski Bonanza!
  4. Diamond's 'Curve Ball'
  5. Article: Umpire’s Error Jeopardizes Minnesota Twins' Chance at Sweep in Los Angeles
  6. Minnesota Twins Need to Allow Starters to Go Deeper into Games
  7. Forget the Infield Fly!!!
  8. Umpires Get it Wrong Along with Everyone Else
  9. Article: What To Do With Mike Pelfrey?
  10. Article: Trade Talk: The New York Yankees
  11. ESPN's Stark: Morneau Interests Pirates
  12. Reusse: Twins need a Latin American Coach
  13. Berardino: For Twins' Terry Ryan, the July Nightmare Scenario is Repeating
  14. Mauer on paternity leave until Tuesday
  15. Hitting streaks
  16. Winning again
  17. Better Late Than Never....
  18. Chances Against Shields?
  19. The enigma of Dozier
  20. Article: Episode 104: Bargaining, Benchings and Babies
  21. Article: A Vote for Pedro: The Underappreciated Pedro Florimon
  22. Article: Message From The King: The Best Seats To Say Goodbye
  23. Article: Green Shoots from Broken Bat Rubble (Twins at Mariners - Games 98-101)
  24. Harden's release
  25. Satire, Irreverence, and Other Humor Thread
  26. Tigers Trade for Closer - Perkins related
  27. Article: Trade Talk: Tampa Bay Rays
  28. Park Factors and Target Field
  29. Article: Black Cat/White Dog: Superstition in the Bullpen
  30. Article: Trade Talk: Oakland A's
  31. Recent DFAs -- Lilly, Bay, Hawpe, Pena, Inge
  32. Article: Reviewing the Span and Revere Trades
  33. C'mon JR, Make a Move!
  34. Shaping the Twins infield going forward
  35. Twins Thousand Game Club
  36. Twins Showing Improvement in Pitching
  37. Twins All-Star Game Logo Announced
  38. Article: Which Twins are most likely to be traded?
  39. Reason #1,034 to fire Rick Anderson: Francisco Liriano
  40. Plouffe on the bubble
  41. Article: Deduno Defies Convention
  42. Article: Twins Recent Trade Deadlines Have Been Underwhelming
  43. Article: With trade deadline looming, Twins' Brian Duensing prepares for anything
  44. Orioles cooled on Morneau talks
  45. Twins Deadline thread (tweets, etc.)
  46. Article: Drew Butera Traded to the Dodgers
  47. Who is the new Mascot?
  48. Arcia
  49. Is Brunansky getting a free pass?
  50. It's Time to Get This Started - Bring Up the Kids in 2014
  51. Predict the return for Buterible
  52. July Starters and results
  53. Twins send Diamond, Hicks down
  54. Who has the Twins highest OPS and slugging ave at Home?
  55. Article: Twins Season Takes Another Dismal Turn
  56. Article: Target Field has been kind to Sam Deduno
  57. Article: 20 Twins Trades: Welcome to Punto Country!
  58. Minnesota Twins Do Little at Trade Deadline to No One’s Surprise
  59. Triples are Showing Off?
  60. Article: August Mailbag!
  61. Article: Nothing Will Keep Us Together - Twins versus Royals (Games 102-104)
  62. Demotions of Diamond, Hicks Were Overdue
  63. Article: Get to Know: Andrew Albers
  64. Brian Dozier
  65. 26 year old Cuban SS Alexander Guerrero
  66. Article: Embracing the Suck
  67. Article: Hang With the Majors: Who ARE you?
  68. Article: Gleeman and the Geek, Episode 105: Deadline Dud
  69. Article: The Astros Playin' (Twins-Astros Recap)
  70. Article: Twins on Twitter - Early August Edition
  71. Article: Arcia Powers Up Twins Offense
  72. The Silver Lining of Kyle Gibson
  73. Tony Sipp Available
  74. Mauer on wrong side of pitchf/x framing leaderboard
  75. Kyle Gibson Should Stay, Even Though Scott Diamond Was Demoted
  76. Arcia and adjustments
  77. Biogenesis suspensions: Bad for baseball, good for the Twins?
  78. Trades That Could Have (or Should Have) Happened Last Week
  79. Community Fund Broadcast Auction
  80. Article: Andrew Albers: Season Breakdown
  81. Article: Twins Weekend Recap
  82. Correia's last day with the Twins...
  83. Article: Trending in the Right Direction
  84. Article: Jamey Carroll Pitches Baseballs In A Real, Live Game
  85. 2014 Free Agent Power Rankings
  86. One Royals fan had a really fun time at the game last night
  87. Article: Burton Rewarded For Sticking With His Stuff
  88. Article: This Pen is Mighty, and Mighty Cheap
  89. 2 outs away from his 3rd straight complete game
  90. Morneau
  91. Article: Between the Chalk: Inside Kyle Gibson's Struggles
  92. Article: Mauer and the Monster
  93. Doumit Likely to 7-Day Concussion DL
  94. Article: Is Pedro Florimon Meeting or Exceeding Expectations?
  95. Roster Decisions
  96. Playing Rule forces Double Header
  97. Article: Slidin' to the Sea (Twins versus Royals Recap)
  98. Article: This Day in Twins History - August 8
  99. Article: Twins reinstate Willingham, send Doumit to DL
  100. Jared Burton throws a punch in the bullpen
  101. Morneau and his home/road splits
  102. Article: 20 Twins Trades: Garza and Bartlett for Delmon Young
  103. Article: Let's Talk Twins Giveaways
  104. Alexei Ramirez
  105. And.....We're Tied!
  106. Arizona Fall League Predictions
  107. Stanton!?
  108. How are we doing?
  109. Thanks for the memories, Jamey Carroll
  110. Article: Twins Trade Jamey Carroll to the Royals
  111. Twins International signing budget?
  112. Article: Message From The King: The Best Seats For Heckling The White Sox
  113. Article: Gleeman and the Geek, Episode 106: Rapper's Delight
  114. Article: Fishing for the Biggest Marlin
  115. Jose Abreu defects
  116. Article: Broad Shoulders Hit Long Homers (Twins at White Sox Recap)
  117. A Radical Proposal
  118. Article: With departure of Carroll, Twins lose professional defender
  119. 2014 Free Agents
  120. Wilkin Ramirez activated, now back with the team
  121. Wilkin Ramirez
  122. Sano won't be promoted for at least another week....
  123. Just in case you were wondering
  124. Article: Weekend Recap
  125. Article: Dozier, Rosario and the Future at Second Base
  126. Does this Comment Bother You?
  127. FanGraphs: Twins Take P2C To New Heights
  128. Gammons: Morneau placed on waivers
  129. Jeremy's Roster and Payroll Thread
  130. Infield Defense
  131. What numbers would like to see for Albers next year?
  132. Would you rather...?
  133. Holy crap! We got a good return for Butera!
  134. Let's Play TD Clue!
  135. Guess the Carroll Return
  136. Better than we thought?
  137. 2014 Rotation and You Ain't Gonna Like It......
  138. Can Gibson develop into a top 30 MLB starter?
  139. Long Season
  140. More Transactions Coming
  141. Twins Bring Up 19 Year-Old Pitcher with 33 Games in Minors
  142. Article: Behind Brian Dozier's Turnaround
  143. Starting Pitching Strikeouts
  144. Article: 20 Twins Trades: Goodbye Johan
  145. Article: In Memoriam: Nick Blackburn
  146. Offseason trade targets
  147. Would Dozier Clear Waivers?
  148. Article: Pumping The Brakes
  149. Would you do this deal?
  150. Still so far away/ the time is now.
  151. Article: Gleeman and the Geek, Episode 107: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
  152. Gardy 14 Wins from 1000
  153. Gibson sent down to AAA Rochester.
  154. Article: Monday Morning Madness - White Sox Recap
  155. Article: What's Next for Kyle Gibson?
  156. Arm Trouble
  157. September Call-ups/Rochester in Playoff Hunt
  158. Carroll Love vs. Punto Hate
  159. Twins Recall Michael Tonkin
  160. Article: Ron Gardenhire talks September roster
  161. Mauer scratched from lineup for dizziness
  162. Aww, Morneau. Can we keep him?
  163. Article: Liriano's Success Is Tough To Stomach
  164. Mauer put on 7-Day Concussion Disabled List
  165. Article: Would A Johan Santana Reunion Make Sense?
  166. Masahiro Tanaka
  167. Joe Mauer position change
  168. Gardenhire deserves plenty of blame.
  169. The Twins don't use advanced metrics
  170. Was on a few Pittsburgh Pirates boards today and the talk was about Morneau
  171. Next Moves
  172. Hendriks up; Tonkin down
  173. Article: 20 Twins Trades: Ramos for a Proven Closer
  174. Where's (Os)waldo?
  175. Hendriks
  176. Dozier Gold Glove?
  177. Article: Where have all the Twins Bromances gone?
  178. Article: Gleeman and the Geek, Episode 108: Brain Injuries and September Callups
  179. Article: Monday Morning Madness - August 26, 2013
  180. Law: Surfeit of CF
  181. Article: Looking For Clues In September
  182. A Year From Now
  183. Judging A Rebuild
  184. Willingham on waivers
  185. Article: Mauer showing progress but not ready for play
  186. Wink Interesting Article, Twins' Farm could make them best team in baseball 2015
  187. Pirates still interested in Justin Morneau
  188. Tim Wood released
  189. The Twins Should Sit Joe Mauer Until 2014
  190. Tom Brunansky Job Security?
  191. With the 3rd pick in the 2014 MLB Draft, the Twins select...
  192. Must Watch: Being Miguel Sano
  193. Ramirez and Deduno on DL
  194. Is Mastroianni back too late to lead the Twins to the playoffs?
  195. Twins Get Cash For Jamey Carroll
  196. Props to Justin
  197. I'm done with Plouffe!!!
  198. Josmil Pinto Heading to Minnesota
  199. Slugging .543 with 9 hrs in August, what's changed for Morneau?
  200. Acceptance
  201. Article: 20 Twins Trades: Goodbye JJ Hardy
  202. Article: Twins Trade Justin Morneau To Pirates
  203. Morneau PTBNL Speculation and Wishes
  204. Duke Welker is Reportedly the PTBNL in the Justin Morneau Trade
  205. Article: Morneau Trade Pits Head Versus Heart
  206. Brian Dozier: Home Run King
  207. Updated 2014 Lineup Projection
  208. Is Brian Dozier the only reason to continue watching the Twins this season?
  209. 90 losses a certainty
  210. Which season was the worst?
  211. Twins Starters - August 2013
  212. Best All-Time Twin 1B: Hrbek or Morneau?????
  213. Perspective on Payroll and Direction from Miles Away
  214. Pinto's first start
  215. What have the Twins said about Pressly?
  216. Switching Gears: Eddie Rosario
  217. Souhan: Mauer Should Move To 1B
  218. Article: One Twins fan's "thank you" to Justin Morneau
  219. Article: What To Watch In September
  220. Is it realistic to expect us to be contenders in 2015 or 2016
  221. Article: Gleeman and the Geek, Episode 109: Trading Morneau (Live From the State Fair
  222. Is it wrong to root for the Twins to lose?
  223. If Mauer is done catching does he make the HOF?
  224. Article: Twins' Rotation Is Out of Whack
  225. The cusp of a Latino revolution.
  226. Pop Quiz
  227. ESPN's MLB Future Power Rankings
  228. Article: Twins start construction on spring training upgrades
  229. Alex Presley Research
  230. Ike Davis?
  231. Article: Message From The King: The Best Seats For September Callups
  232. Article: What to do with Trevor Plouffe?
  233. Mike Pelfrey
  234. Article: Baseball in the Backseat (Twins-Astros Recap)
  235. Article: September Mailbag
  236. Arcia to First & 2015 Opening Day
  237. Article: Twins Can Improve Rotation Through Free Agency
  238. The Three Demotees
  239. Roster crunch: Corners/C
  240. Article: Shut Down Joe Mauer. Now.
  241. James McDonald
  242. What willl it take to make this year a successful year?
  243. Bert's comments/ Unwritten rules.
  244. Article: Revisiting the 4-Man Rotation
  245. Article: Gleeman and the Geek, Ep 110: Backyard Bash and Mauer's Concussion
  246. Article: Twins Recipients of the Harmon Killebrew Award for Community Service
  247. Service time
  248. How does Andrew Albers compare to American League Starters-Fun Stats
  249. Deduno May Need Surgery
  250. Benson Goes Unclaimed and Outrighted to AAA