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Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 10:44 AM
This crazy year of 2020 has introduced another new term to MLB playoffs, "seeding". I don't pretend to understand all of it but I do know...
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Relevant magic numbers with tiebreakers accounted for

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 10:38 AM
After the games of 9/22:   TB over Min: 2 CWS over Min: 4 Oak over Min: 5 Min over Cle: 2 Min over NYY: 4
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The Perfect Length of a Baseball Season?

Other Baseball Today, 08:46 AM
So Twitter got me thinking... What's the perfect length of baseball season? And then what's the perfect playoffs to be paired with that s...
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LT contracts for current star position players

Other Baseball Today, 08:26 AM
I see that Yelich is still effected by a broken kneecap from last year and has a longterm contract now through 2028. It always raised an...
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Game Thread: Scoreboard Watching, 9/24/2020 at 5:10 PM CDT

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 08:18 AM
Please pardon me for this highly unusual thread, but we live in highly unusual times...   Fire up your MLB.TV machines and join me f...
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Twins Ponder Further Efforts to Protect Byron Buxton

From positioning to footwork to jumping, the Twins are doing all they can to help Byron Buxton stay healthy in the field during his blistering run at the plate. And they're not done yet.
Image courtesy of Flickr/Andy Witchger
In The Athletic on Thursday, pro bono Yangtze Restaurant Public Relations Manager Aaron Gleeman wrote about the new approaches the Twins are taking to protect Byron Buxton from himself. Twins Daily dug deeper to see how the team plans to keep their star-crossed center fielder healthy.
  • Remove outfield walls in Target Field. While this might seem controversial, team officials say putting down some painter’s tape where the wall would otherwise be might pass muster. “Can’t run into a wall if there’s no wall,” said a front office source with knowledge of the situation. “Dick Bremer’s brother-in-law is a contractor and he’s volunteered to come in to tape it all up, and we can just put down a bunch of comfortable pillows behind the tape for Byron to land in softly and safe from harm.”
  • Make his uniform out of his sliding glove. Buxton’s oven mitt-sized glove helps prevent hand injuries during the speedster’s head-first slides. “What we’re thinking is, make the jersey, the pants, the stirrups, everything out of that material,” said a source close to the coaching staff. “We built a prototype and had Jake Cave try it on. Unfortunately, it’s very bulky. He was bullied by some local teens who chased him down as he attempted to waddle away and they gave him swirlies and at least one purple nurple. So we’re still a ways off.” Cave is listed as day-to-day (America’s bullying crisis) on the team’s injury report.
  • Russian vaccines. When Vladimir Putin announced that his country had developed an effective COVID-19 vaccine, many were skeptical. The Twins were not. “There’s a chance it might be BS, but what if it works,” asked a clubhouse source. “Let’s just say we’re better safe than sorry with Byron.” Another source revealed that the Pohlad family acquired a vaccine sample in exchange for Bill Pohlad filming his next three musician biopics in Russia. “We gave a test injection to Caleb Thielbar and it’s…well, do you know if he glowed in the dark the first time he was on the team?” Thielbar is listed as day-to-day (early onset Dr. Manhattan-ism) on the team’s injury report, while shooting on the life story of Electric Light Orchestra’s Jeff Lynne begins in Volgograd in mid-2021.
The team says it will continue looking to innovate as the season continues. “I know there’s a whiteboard in Thad Levine’s office that just says ‘PARACHUTES’ with a few question marks after it,” said the front office source. “Everything’s on the table.”

Image license here.

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Whatever they do, The Bubblewrap Fiasco Of 2018 should not be repeated, ever. We know now that Buxton can't take a punch, so it would end up being counter-productive. Even though Eduardo Escobar is long gone, some new prankster would surely initiate the tiresome "Pop Buck" game and eventually cause another fistfight in the dugout.

    • USAFChief likes this
John Bonnes
Aug 14 2020 07:54 AM

"early onset Dr. Manhattan-ism" 



Turn the warning track into an 8’ deep moat. When he hits the water at 22 mph, he will slow down quickly but safely.  Btw, before you call in the backhoe, someone ask Buck if he can swim. An additional benefit to this approach is that the next time Jake Cave dives for a ball that he has no chance in getting to, he won’t tear his uniform pants, and can simply dog paddle after the inside the park HR. (Do baseballs float?)

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Doctor Gast
Aug 14 2020 11:56 AM

Really like the way they are going all out to protect Buck! We really need him in the game

We have a lot to be optimistic about solutions to covid 19 from legitimate sources but I don`t believe anything that the Russian or Chinese say, can`t understandhow so many people put so much stock in it. The Chinese have been studying the corona virus since 2002, they should get it before the Russians. I believe in what I observe not what they say.

Aug 14 2020 04:59 PM

I would actually be in favor of a ballpark with no outfield walls.


Having played softball on intramural leagues using the corner of soccer fields, there something kind of appealing in the context of "if the ball gets by you, you have to run it down" and Buxton's virtuosity as a fielder would play well there.

I think the twins should replace the center field wall with about 2 feet of memory foam. I think that would do it nicely. And I am very serious with this idea. 

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