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Ron Gardenhire Out As Twins Manager

The Minnesota Twins make it official: Ron Gardenhire is out as manager.
"You lose this many games, you got to do something," the Twins' manager of 13-years told the Pioneer Press this afternoon after news broke. "[Terry Ryan] called me in this morning, I said, 'Terry, you don't have a choice here; do what you have to do."

Before noon, ESPN.com's Jerry Crasnick tweeted that the Twins may be looking to move on from manager Ron Gardenhire this afternoon saying "Just heard the word is not good on #twins manager Ron Gardenhire, but I'm trying to get confirmation on that." Meanwhile, 1500 ESPN's Patrick Reusse followed that up by confirming that Gardenhire is out.

In addition to Gardenhire, the Star Tribune's LaVelle Neal reports that the entire coaching staff is being let go but will likely have the opportunity to be re-hired if the new manager deems fit.

Gardenhire finishes his Twins career with four straight 90-loss season but had led the team to six postseason berths in his 13-year tenure as the manager of the team. The organization will have a press conference at 3 PM to address the news. Ron Gardenhire will be in attendance. One key member of the front office will not be there is owner Jim Pohlad who 1500 ESPN's Darren Wolfson reports is currently in Texas at the on-going estate-tax trial.

Here is the Twins press release:


Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN – The Minnesota Twins announced today that they will replace Ron Gardenhire as manager in 2015.

Since joining the organization in 1987, Gardenhire held multiple coaching positions at the minor league and major league levels and was named the 12th Manager in club history in 2002. Gardenhire led the Twins to a record of 1068-1039 (.507) in 13 seasons and trails only Tom Kelly on the Twins all-time managerial wins list. He was named American League Manager of the Year in 2010 and guided the Twins to six American League Central Division titles, including an ALCS appearance in 2002.

The Twins will immediately begin their search for a new manager, internally and externally. The coaching staff will be determined by the new manager in conjunction with Executive Vice President, General Manager Terry Ryan.

The Twins will hold a 3:00 pm press conference today in the Sid Hartman Press Conference Room at Target Field with Gardenhire and Ryan.

Besides winning Manager of the Year in 2010, Gardenhire finished in the top three in voting in seven of his thirteen years as Twins manager, with five runner-up finishes. He didn't have his first losing season as a manager until 2007, in his sixth year as manager. He din't have his second losing year until 2011, his tenth year as manager.

But in the history of baseball, only two managers have survived four consecutive 90-loss seasons, although one of them was Gardenhire's predecessor, Tom Kelly, who was retained by Twins GM Terry Ryan.

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Wow, honestly didn't see this happening

    • glunn and diehardtwinsfan like this
It had to be done and hope it is someone from outside that replaces him.
    • USAFChief, glunn and Platoon like this
Winston Smith
Sep 29 2014 11:10 AM

Wow that kind of hurt when I fell out of my chair. But I think I'll be ok!!

    • Seth Stohs, glunn, messed up and 3 others like this
Sep 29 2014 11:11 AM

Twins need a new voice in the dugout.


A new pitching approach.


A new way managing the roster - platoons & defensive shifts.


Steinbach or Molitor or outside the organization?

    • glunn likes this

When Terry Ryan told Sid a few weeks ago that he expected Gardenhire to be back, I believe he meant what he said.  


I suspect that either the Twins told Gardenhire that some of his coaches wouldn't be brought back and Gardy decided to go with them, or the word came down from Jim Pohlad that the change had to be made.

    • glunn likes this
Sep 29 2014 11:14 AM

Stunned, shouldn't be but still stunned. Think  it's time though.

    • glunn and Hosken Bombo Disco like this

Wow, I was pretty sure he'd be back.  Well, best of luck to him in the future and best of luck to Ryan in replacing him.

    • glunn, 70charger and Hosken Bombo Disco like this

Steinbach or Molitor or outside the organization?



Gardenhire was a good manager (with some frustrating quirks) and I wish him well whether it be with another team or early retirement.

    • glunn, big dog, Hosken Bombo Disco and 2 others like this

About a month ago I thought he was gone, and then like others heard enough from others where I thought he would be back (and there seemed to be a change of momentum on the team in September -- the July swoon did not continue through September.)


While I don't place the main blame on him, I think it is time for a change.  Still, feel bad for the guy - best of luck to him in the future.

    • glunn and gunnarthor like this
John Bonnes
Sep 29 2014 11:23 AM

I'm surprised, as the podcast which we did last night (and which will be posted soon) will make clear. 

It's about time! Years later than it should have happened, but at least done.  Having Ryan fire him does not bode well for getting a new GM, too, at this time.  That is the only bad news about this development. 

    • glunn likes this

This is how this would appear from my empoyer:


Terry Ryan is pleased to announce the following:


After a long and successful career, Ron Gardenhire has announced his retirement, effective immediately.


We thank Ron for his many contributions.


In retirement, Ron will enjoy spending time with his family, traveling, and fishing.

    • glunn likes this

Based on what the Twins have done for so long, I didn't think there was a chance that Gardy would be gone. The Twins surprised me today.


Here's hoping this change marks the point where the Twins changed perspective. The old guard and old approach isn't working. Maybe, just maybe, this team is embracing that.

    • glunn, whydidnt, Danchat and 2 others like this
Hosken Bombo Disco
Sep 29 2014 11:26 AM

3pm news conference,  I'd really like for Gardy to digest it and be at peace with it by then. Best of luck to him.

    • glunn likes this
Gardy deserved better.
Sep 29 2014 11:27 AM

Yowza - you could knock me over with a feather!

First off... Thanks Ron for all the years of service. You were one of us... Same team I belong to... Same Goals... Same Wishes and Hopes... Congrats on all your successes... Thanks for all your efforts... Good luck in the future.. I'm sure you'll get a fresh start somewhere if you want it.

2nd off... It was time... We need a fresh everything.... I'm sad for Ron yet... Still more optimistic now then I am with Ron.

3rd Off... I have no specific names on who I'd like the next manager to be. I just know the type... I want an out of the box guy who will know how to use an entire 25 man roster and know now to rotate Santana and Escobar so we get the most out of everyone... A Joe Maddon type is what I'd like to see.

4th Off... If you can't find that guy... I'll take the job. Contact me day or night... It's OK.
    • glunn, Teflon, zenser and 4 others like this

I honestly thought Gardy would retire before the front office would gather the stones to fire him. 

I'm stunned. Pleasantly surprised, but I thought when they extended him last year that he basically had a job for life. 

    • glunn likes this
Sep 29 2014 11:32 AM

If he's not retiring, I bet he's going to be getting offers and interviews very soon.

    • glunn and gunnarthor like this
Brock Beauchamp
Sep 29 2014 11:33 AM

If he's not retiring, I bet he's going to be getting offers and interviews very soon.

Yep, and I hope he finds success in another organization.


I often disagreed with Gardy's on-field practices but overall, I kinda liked him. It was time for both parties to go their separate ways and I hope there is little/no animosity there. This had to happen.

    • glunn, Teflon, gunnarthor and 4 others like this

Will Gardy leave a list of nicknames and player profiles for his successor.  :) Excited for all of these guys to start from scratch and have a chance to work their strengths.

    • glunn, Hosken Bombo Disco and sjlund like this

I'm surprised by this move too. Looks like there is going to be some serious changes happening. I am optimistic and anxious about what the future holds. We're going to be looking at a new era of the Twins with new faces soon. I just hope they target the right person for the job.

    • glunn likes this
Sep 29 2014 11:35 AM

I feel sick and remorseful even though this is half of what I was asking for.It's been a good run Gardy, thanks. 

    • glunn, Mike Sixel, 70charger and 2 others like this

I will say that I hope Grady hooks on somewhere else.  Good Luck Gardy.  Thank You.

    • glunn, Oldgoat_MN and Hosken Bombo Disco like this

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