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Cleveland's Jose Ramirez Carted Off Field

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Both Francisco Lindor and Jason Kipins are already out for Opening Day and now this:
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Fernando Romero was talked up as having electric stuff and potentially being a real weapon out of Rocco Baldelli’s pen. Unfortunately, wh...
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Article: Twins 2019 Position Analysis: Relief Pitcher

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 02:52 PM
Among all units on the 2019 Twins roster, none are subject to more controversy and skepticism than the bullpen. It was the team's biggest...
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Tie game in 9th putting a runner on 2nd

Other Baseball Today, 02:37 PM
Last Spring training game in Florida they decide to put a runner on 2nd in the 9th in a tie game to start inning. I hope they don't deci...
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Make Your Opening Day Roster Predictions Here!

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 02:33 PM
Lineup: C - Castro 1B - Cron 2B - School SS - Polanco 3B - Gonzalez LF - Rosario CF - Buxton RF - Kepler Bench: C: Garver IF: Adrianza O...
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Reed Is All In On The Super Bullpen Strategy

Baseball is an ever evolving game. We’ve had the introduction of heavy shifts, inclusion of advanced analytics, and adaptation of swing paths. Over time, the game continues to change the way in which teams believe they are best suited to win. One of the most noticeable changes to roster construction itself has come in the form of super bullpens. Good teams close out games when their starters leave the ballgame. The Minnesota Twins have begun to resemble a good team, and Addison Reed is on board with much of the new thinking.
Image courtesy of © Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports
This offseason, one of the main goals for Derek Falvey and Thad Levine was to reshape the guys Paul Molitor and Garvin Alston have at their disposal. After using a record 36 pitchers a year ago, Minnesota needed more quality to reduce the quantity of arms they’ve have to rely upon. In relief, they accomplished that feat by inking Fernando Rodney and Zach Duke to one-year deals. Coming off a very strong season with the Mets and Red Sox, Reed was able to land himself a two year pact from the Twins.

Minnesota didn’t have to look far in 2017 to find a relief corps of envy. Terry Francona and the Cleveland Indians had one of the best groups in all of baseball. Having names like Bryan Shaw, Cody Allen and Andrew Miller will all pose a significant threat to the success of opposing hitters. While Allen is the closer, it’s guys like Shaw and Miller who may find themselves in even higher leverage situations. Really, Miller may be the guy who began to pioneer this movement. Understanding that the save is simply a microcosm of a need to classify the last few outs, he’s become one of the best relief arms in baseball by allowing himself to be deployed when the team needs him most.

Having saved 125 games over the course of his career, Reed entered the Twins mix after Rodney had already been signed and promised the closer role. There was some thought that his signing could shift Minnesota’s plans on the back end. In talking with Reed though, he seems to be much more from the Andrew Miller school of thought. “I haven’t cared about saves….I’ll tell you this, I’m glad I got some saves before arbitration. I’ve always said a save can be in the first or second inning, a lot of these games are one or two run games. I’ve always thought the save statistic was overhyped.”

Now back in the division, Reed sees the Twins as laying a blueprint along the same lines as the Indians or Yankees. “I told them when we had the one on one innings, hopefully it never happens but I’ll throw the second inning if I have to. I don’t care when I pitch, I’m here to win.” High leverage is something Reed has excelled in across his career, and slamming the door on opposing teams' potential run scoring innings is an opportunity he definitely craves. With a 9.8 K/9 and 1.6 BB/9 over the past two seasons, there’s no denying what an asset he can be whenever deployed during a game.

When entering free agency this offseason, it was a winning mindset that rose above all else. Despite having worked as a closer and picking up the money- making save opportunities, Reed targeted a place he could be effective and make a difference. While noting that his goal was to stay in the Midwest, he also didn’t want to be in a situation where the check was a bigger draw than the result in the box score. “They (the Twins) shocked a lot of people last year. We aren’t going to shock anyone this year, I can tell you that. I saw they were serious about winning….we only added pieces. I wasn’t after the money; minimum wage in baseball is more than anywhere else. I think a ring on my finger would look much nicer than a check.”

The Twins relievers posted the 22nd best fWAR a season ago, they were also 22nd in ERA, and they were 29th in K/9. Adding arms like Rodney, Duke and Reed should drastically improve that situation. Being able to have the pitcher who is arguably the best of that trio available to get outs at whatever point the game dictates it most also won’t hurt. Paul Molitor will have to display an ability to effectively manage his pen within the constructs of each game and will need to move away from a more traditional and rigid thought process. Whether or not that takes some time for the Twins skipper to accomplish or not, he’ll have plenty of setup quality arms available throughout the course of any given game.

Trying to advance on their Wild Card berth a season ago, Minnesota will look to take another step forward in 2018. As a newcomer, Reed sees it as a real possibility, and has his sights set even higher. “I’ve been fortunate to play long enough to be comfortable with where I’m at. Right now I want a ring, maybe a couple of rings.” With that, he smirked, and it was apparent that the Twins newest arm is ready to go.

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Favorite quote, "“I haven’t cared about saves….I’ll tell you this, I’m glad I got some saves before arbitration."


That made me laugh... Some nice quotes you got from him... He was a terrific signing. 

    • Blake, SgtSchmidt11, mikelink45 and 4 others like this

I know the FO is everyone's favorite so it is up to the old man to say that sometimes what we need is already in the cupboard.Did anyone else see Chagois pitch for the Dodgers?Yes we could have used him. 

Mar 30 2018 06:47 AM
Yes Mike I saw Chargois last night also... 😥 I like Reed's mindset. I think that with all the analytics and such these days front offices notice player excelling at different parts of the game like Reed and Andrew Miller. So they'll still get paid and recognized. Hopefully Duke can keep up his 36 Ks per 9. Should help the bullpen move up from 29th! 😂
    • Blake likes this
Mar 30 2018 09:06 AM

I've long said that the Save is a useless stat.In 2012, Fangraphs wrote an article on "Shutdowns and Meltdowns:





    • tarheeltwinsfan likes this
Mar 30 2018 11:41 AM

I'm making it official.Addison Reed is my new favorite Twins pitcher.

    • goulik and Tom Froemming like this
Kelly Vance
Mar 30 2018 02:09 PM

Saves are a meaningless stat, until they aren't.  Sometimes, playing a shorter game because of the closer is what makes a manager look like he employed a good strategy.

Look at the Yankees with Rivera. They only had to defend 8 innings. It was over when he came in. So saves were not a meaningless stat in that case. Saves equaled wins and no late inning comebacks.


I do like a reliever that can be a high leverage gunslinger. Having a bullpen arm that you can rely on to get one guy, maybe two, with the sacks packed (in whatever inning)  is huge. Thing is, this is not difficult or complicated. Little League coaches have been doing this for years -- ever since the pitch count thing came in. Top of the order coming up, Jimmy pitches, weaker hitters (7-8-9) coming up, ok to try Tommy. 


Reminds me that it is still a kid's game. 

    • Blake likes this
Kelly Vance I agree with you. My example would be the addition of Jeff Reardon in '87. The big bull in the back of the pen can really solidify a pitching staff. The "super pen" strategy uses a closers mentality as early as the 6th inning.

Back in the day Rollie Fingers and Goose Gossage were getting 3 inning saves. Now those innings have specialists.
Kelly Vance
Apr 01 2018 10:52 AM


Kelly Vance I agree with you. My example would be the addition of Jeff Reardon in '87. The big bull in the back of the pen can really solidify a pitching staff. The "super pen" strategy uses a closers mentality as early as the 6th inning.

Back in the day Rollie Fingers and Goose Gossage were getting 3 inning saves. Now those innings have specialists.

When the Twins traded for Rearden, I told my brother they are going to win the series. Of course I was just forecasting, but when you have that Alpha guy, it shortens the game. 

    • highlander likes this
Apr 11 2018 01:50 PM
Unfortunately, it appears that Reed is the ONLY reliable arm out there. Pressly has done well, but after last year’s debacle, I’d be wary of trusting him in critical situations.

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