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Pineda Is Getting A Raw Deal If Something Doesn't Change

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 02:21 PM
I know this was discussed previously before MLB and most of the world stopped spinning in a normal fashion. But after baseball for 2020 a...
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Player Opt-outs

Other Baseball Today, 01:58 PM
While we think about if a season happens or not.I started thinking about the opt out clauses by players, and what they will do.I tried to...
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Cleveland MLB team reportedly considering name change

Other Baseball Today, 01:44 PM
This is an AP article I lifted from the StarTribune web site.   https://www.startrib...sure/571623572/
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Watch the Live Play-by-Play of the Virtual Twins Playoffs

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:57 AM
With the real Twins around the corner, I have elected to sim to the playoffs to try and tease how the real club will do this fall, and as...
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I think I miss baseball

Other Baseball Today, 08:45 AM
So I just picked up OOTP 21 on the Steam Summer Sale, and I played my first game.   It was a 21 inning game.I played it pitch by pit...
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Leading Off Podcast, Episode 19: Coaches on the Move

Matt and Cooper of TwinsDaily discuss the James Rowson news along with speculation on other potential coaching changes. We also covered some other hard hitting content including what the best TV show is.
Link: https://open.spotify.com/episode/7bbCMRn0B6muoJ23lHrJ16
Image courtesy of © Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
This episode of the Leading Off Podcast is definitely one of our more interesting episodes. Life is tough with only one real piece of news regarding the Twins all week. We thought switching to every other week instead of every week for the offseason would give us more content, but we were wrong.

With all that said, this is an enjoyable episode that covered many different topics that ranged from James Rowson, to time travel, all the way to a Mickey Callaway rant. It's a good time so give it a listen.

Link: https://open.spotify...0B6muoJ23lHrJ16

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