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Wolfson: Twins Scouting Yoshinobu Yamamoto

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 08:49 PM
  Doogie Wolfson tweeted that the Twins are going to be scouting 22-year-old RHP Yoshinobu Yamamoto, "one of the premier young pitc...
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2020 MLB (non-Twins) Postseason Discussion Thread

Other Baseball Yesterday, 08:22 PM
Feel free to chime in here about any of the (non-Twins) 2020 MLB postseason games!
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White Sox make changes

Other Baseball Yesterday, 10:44 AM
Both Manager Rick Rentaria and pitching coach Don Cooper were let go.     Was a bit surprised by this, because the White S...
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Not to add more doom and gloom

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 09:23 AM
This is interesting and sort of concerning. Article snippet comes from the incomparable Jayson Stark of The Athletic (Which is must read...
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Episode 17: Get to Know the 1980s Twins (with Howard Sinker)

The past two days, we have provided an All-Decade Team for the 1980s Minnesota Twins for you to read about and consider. Today, I am excited to publish this week's Ge tto Know 'Em podcast in which we discuss the 1980s Twins with StarTribune.com's Howard Sinker.
Image courtesy of StarTribune.com
The Twins began the decade of the 1980s in really bad shape. The 1981 strike may have kept them from being one of the worst teams in baseball history. The 1982 Twins lost 102 games. However, that team was developing a strong core of young players, taking their lumps, who would be World Series champions just five years later.

While our look at the hitters of the decade shows that there was some good offense, the pitching staffs were generally quite "offensive." With the exception of Frank Viola, it's clear why the Twins struggled at finding quality starting pitchers. Bert Blyleven came back in the mid-80s and helped the team toward that 1987 championship.

Who would the player of the decade be for the Twins? Kirby Puckett? Kent Hrbek? Maybe Frank Viola?

Which players were underrated? Which players were your favorites, whether they were great players or not.

To help talk about the 1980s Twins, we are joined by friend of Twins Daily's Howard Sinker. Howard is the digital man behind the startribune.com sports pages online. In September of 1984, he was the Twins beat writer for the Star Tribune. It was a job that he held until August of 1987. He saw some bad baseball. He saw some very good baseball. He interacted with some of your favorite players from that 1980s.

You can follow Howard on Twitter at @afansview. And be sure to check out his great work at StarTribune.com as well.

Enjoy, and discuss!

You can subscribe to the Get to Know 'Em podcast on iTunes. or follow Libsyn for new episodes here as well. Please leave ratings or feedback.

And did you know that you can listen to the Get To Know 'Em podcast by asking Alexa to "Listen to the Get To Know 'Em Podcast."


Episode 1: Get to know Niko Guardado (Actor and son of Eddie Guardado)
Episode 2: Get to know Pat Dean, Brent Rooker
Episode 3: Get to know Royce Lewis, AJ Achter
Episode 4: Get to know Devin Smeltzer
Episode 5: Get to know Jaylin Davis, Tyler Wells
Episode 6: Get to know: Travis Blankenhorn, LaMonte Wade
Episode 7: Get to know: Matt Wallner (and Ten Minutes with Tyler Wells)
Episode 8: Get to know: Caleb Hamilton, Austin Schulfer, Nick Anderson
Episode 9: Get to know: Andy Young, Billy Boyer (and Ten Minutes with Tyler)
Episode 10: Get to know: Wesley Wright (Twins Pro Scout)
Episode 11: Get to know: John Manuel(Twins Pro Scout)
Episode 12: Get to know: Marshall Kelner(Mighty Mussels broadcaster)
Episode 13: Get to know: Dick Bremer (Twins broadcaster, author)
Episode 14: Get to know: Anthony Slama (former Twins pitcher, entrepreneur)
Episode 15: Get to Know the 1960s Twins (with Dave Mona)
Episode 16: Get to Know the 1970s Twins (with Patrick Reusse)

Please share your thoughts in the comments below. Not registered? Click here to create an account. To stay up to date, follow Twins Daily on Twitter and Facebook.

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I have really enjoyed all three of these decade discussions and the stories and memories that they are filled with.Thanks for the work. 


I have really enjoyed all three of these decade discussions and the stories and memories that they are filled with.Thanks for the work. 


Thank you so much! I really appreciate that! Takes some time to put together, but I've really enjoyed them too. 

Apr 24 2020 06:06 PM
Thank you! Fun discussion to be able to listen in on. A great trip down memory lane.

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