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Free Agency / Re-Signings 2020-21 Offseason

Other Baseball Yesterday, 11:50 PM
Free agency is likely going to be a really slow burn this year, but I still think it's worth having a thread to discuss signings. ...
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Does Aaron Make It In All-Time Best Outfield?

Other Baseball Yesterday, 10:06 PM
He makes my all time outfield: Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Henry Aaron. But think of whom is left out - Roberto Clemente, Ted Williams, Willie...
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Twins Top Prospects - FanGraphs

Twins Minor League Talk Yesterday, 09:39 PM
I haven't seen any notice on Twins Daily yet, so thought I'd leave this here.   Eric Longenhagen has posted his new Twins prospect l...
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Horse Trading

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 06:00 PM
Horse trading is an art of making shrewd negotiations. In the MLB, TB is well known when a player reach a high value, they put them on th...
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Feinsand: Twins Interested in Marwin Reunion

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 09:07 PM
The Twins reportedly have expressed interest in re-signing free agent utilityman Marwin Gonzalez. MLB.com's Mark Feinsand shares the repo...
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Offseason Handbook FAQ

So, maybe you're looking at that Offseason Handbook Now Available story on the Twins Daily homepage, and you're wondering... what's that? Why should I pony up $10+ for this digital ebook thingy?

Read on and we'll try to answer any questions you might have.
What is this [Dr. Evil air quotes] "Offseason Handbook"?

It's a digital guide we've been creating annually since 2009, long before this site even launched. Back then we were a dorky bunch of bloggers (how far we've come?) who obsessed over every offseason and its infinite possibilities.We wanted to bottle up that mystique, so we created a product framed as the general manager's handbook.

Free agent dossiers, trade recommendations, payroll breakdowns, organizational depth charts: everything a head decision-maker would need to take stock and formulate a plan for success.

Anyway, we loved making it, and people seemed to like reading it, so we kept doing it. Eventually Brock (Twins Daily's resident tech/graphic wiz) joined the team and turned it from a crappy Word doc into a beautifully designed PDF.

This year's edition is going to be our best yet, by leaps and bounds. I mean, I know, what else am I gonna say, but... seriously. Trust me. You can check out last year's to get a taste.

Do I have to pay for it?

Nope. We used to have a fixed price for the Offseason Handbook but a couple years ago we decided to make it totally donation-based. We appreciate the support but wanted everyone to be able to enjoy something we worked so hard on. So it was a name-your-price system.

That will again the case this year, after the official release (there's a $10 minimum for preorders). You can order your copy now and enter your own price, and you'll receive a download link in your inbox right away.

We toiled away to create this product, as well as the free content served up on Twins Daily all year long. We're beyond grateful for all contributions at any amount. But we'd much rather have you grab a copy for free and enjoy it than miss out.

Can I buy a physical copy?

Afraid not. We dabbled with that option in the past but it was not remotely cost-effective; at our scale, we had to charge wayyy too much just to break even. The Offseason Handbook comes in the form of a downloadable PDF file, which is very tablet/smartphone-friendly and can easily be printed.

You can also discreetly read it at work with a spreadsheet open in its vicinity... I hear.

What's different this year?

New design. New guest authors. New features and resources. This thing is chock full of goodness. If you enjoy the content on this site, you are going to eat it up. That's a promise.


I want to make this an open forum. If you have any questions in addition to those above, please leave them in the comments section and I will add them into the article with an answer.

If you're sold, and ready to lock up your copy, head on over to order page. We can't wait to get it to you.

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Im curious when you guys start working on it. It has to be a ton of work, and to get it out during the WS is pretty impressive.

    • glunn likes this
Nick Nelson
Oct 05 2018 08:51 AM

Since this is more of a curiosity than a product question I'll answer it here. We start grinding on the Handbook in early September, and yes, it is uniquely challenging to create so much content under these constraints, knowing that we've gotta get it out as early as possibly given the relatively short shelf life.


But it's a labor of love, and the positive feedback (as well as the generous contributions) always seems to make it worthwhile.

    • glunn, snepp and tarheeltwinsfan like this

and the departures of Brian Dozier and Joe Mauer.

Wait. You're not getting credit for this official scoop?!? This is an outrage!

    • glunn and snepp like this
Oct 05 2018 01:58 PM

any chance you could get John Sickles to write up a guest piece on the minor league system to go with Seth's analysis?

    • glunn and snepp like this
Nick Nelson
Oct 05 2018 03:12 PM


any chance you could get John Sickles to write up a guest piece on the minor league system to go with Seth's analysis?

Ooh that's a great idea. Probably a little too late to fit into this year's edition but we'll keep that in mind for next. I think you'll all be very pleased with the guest features though. 

    • glunn and snepp like this
Oct 07 2018 07:31 AM


Ooh that's a great idea. Probably a little too late to fit into this year's edition but we'll keep that in mind for next. I think you'll all be very pleased with the guest features though. 

yeah, the guy is a Twins fan... But that said, I do know I'll be pleased. You all do a great job on the handbook. 

    • Nick Nelson and glunn like this

Nick Nelson - I was finally able to make a payment and order the handbook.Thanks for you offer - I am happy to pay for the book. 

Oct 26 2019 05:02 PM

I am really looking forward to this year's handbook. It helps ward off the "off-season baseball blues".

    • Sconnie likes this

I ordered the book and didn't get it. What do I do?

I am enjoying the book immensely. Thank you to all that put in so many hours compiling this!!!