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Is Kirilloff going to get called up?

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Now seems like the time, with a doubleheader, Garlick on the COVID list, Rooker injured, and Cave struggling. I don't know how the servic...
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A rant

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 04:39 PM
I've been on about this for two years now, but Baldelli really needs to get over the idea that his best players need a game off every wee...
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Navigating this forum

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I like to think I am only slightly below average in intelligence, but I'm finding it hard to find the game threads and thread to piss and...
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Twins Roster Moves - 2021

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I recall last year we had a thread that tracked roster moves the Twins made throughout the 2020 season, and I'm like to have another thre...
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What Defines Success for Twins in 2021?

The Minnesota Twins enter the 2021 Major League Baseball season a repeat champions of the AL Central Division. What must happen for them this year to consider the campaign a success?
Image courtesy of © Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports
I often find myself pondering what I would prefer as a fan. Would something like what the Kansas City Royals accomplished be enviable? That is, achieve mediocre or worse results for the better part of multiple decades only to then find yourself as World Series winner for a fleeting moment. Or would something like what Twins fans have grown accustomed to be more desirable. Consistently be in the mix, win the division a handful of times, but never really have enough to take the next step? Given the reality that just one team finishes their season with a victory, I find the latter more appealing. In 2021 though, we all need more.

No, that’s not to suggest that it’s World Series or bust for Rocco Baldelli’s club. As good as Minnesota is, their roster doesn’t rival that of the Los Angeles Dodgers on Opening Day. Having roughly a 25% chance to win the World Series come October from the get-go is a crazy thought, especially with the nuance expected to play out over 162 games. What I am willing to suggest however, is that a three-peat isn’t enough, and neither is a Postseason victory.

You may have heard that the Twins are 0 for their last 18 Postseason games. They last recorded a victory in the playoffs on Oct. 5, 2004. Would it be great to snap that streak? Certainly, but that also isn’t enough. Those 18 defeats don’t reside in succession across teams, just as a singular win does little in terms of taking a step forward. No, this team needs more.

For 2021 to be defined as successful for the Minnesota Twins a Postseason series victory needs to be achieved.

This club currently feels like a post-hype sleeper. The Chicago White Sox were the darlings of winter, and despite the blow dealt by Eloy Jimenez’s injury, their train is well off the tracks. Minnesota is now two years removed from the Bomba Squad, and Major League Baseball has actively attempted to thwart power production. Regardless of how this team generates run production and ultimately wins game, they could embrace somewhat of an underdog mentality.

Let national publications pick against the Twins. Allow oddsmakers to count this team as somewhat of a longshot. Realistically though, they’re getting a chance to run it back with a team that couldn’t have been more hyped going into 2020. The season was cut short, injuries forced a debut in an elimination game, and thinks rarely went right for long. Despite all of that the wins still came at nearly a 100-victory clip stretched over 162 games, and the front office remains one of the greatest pursuers of development across the game.

Nothing about the 2019 or 2020 teams was accidental in terms of talent and being define by quick Postseason exits is hardly indicative of repeatable outcomes. As is the case with every franchise, things will need to break right over the course of a full 162 game season, but even the average scenarios should have Minnesota right in the thick of things.

Forget the streak, a win doesn’t move the needle, a series victory is on top with a couple being strung together defining all it takes to bring it home in October.

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Win a playoff series. Anything short of that is a complete faliure and should call for change.

Agree with cHawk... winning one playoff series is the bar for success this year.


I do feel that the FO has constructed as good of a roster as their budget would allow.


If they do not win a playoff series... I would start with a new manager. Baldelli is not bad, but I'm not sure he is good enough to take us to the next level.


I would advocate for hiring a manager with proven post season experience. With our roster, this would be a VERY attractive managerial position that would attract talent.

Nine of twelve
Apr 01 2021 09:01 PM

With all due respect, losing a 5-game postseason series is not a reason to blow up the organization.


It's unadvisable to put too much emphasis on succeeding only in one year. The goal, as Falvey has said, is to build and maintain an organization that produces a major league team that contends for the postseason every year. If a team is in the postseason nearly every year success there will follow. 

    • Major League Ready and tarheeltwinsfan like this
Apr 01 2021 09:30 PM
Consistent appearances in the playoffs will pay off. If the Twins make the playoffs, that is positive If another team wins three straight - don’t blow it up. It will be frustrating but winning divisions and wild cards matter.
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If the Twins miss the playoffs this year, it's an utter and embarrassing failure.


If they make the playoffs and get swept again, it's an embarrassing failure.


If they make the playoffs but lose a close series, it's a disappointment.


If they win a playoff series, the rest is gravy.

Apr 02 2021 03:24 AM

Let's compare being a Twins fan and a UNC Tarheel basketball fan. The Heels fanbase expects nothing short of a National Championship each year. However realistically, deep down, we Tarheel fans know this is not possible.Eachregular season loss hurts.However the NCAA tourney, being a one loss and you are out scenario, magnifies the pain of that elimination loss, especially since the seniors are done with their college playing. A March Madness loss and elimination puts me into a depression for about a week., especially if Duke is still marching toward a championship. How is this similar to the Twins? The Twins fan base does not expect a World series Championship each year. We Twins fans know deep down that is not possible each year. Each regular season loss hurts and angers some of us. However the post season magnifies each game and magnifies the pain of that final elimination loss most years. And again, I am depressed for about a week. The higher the expectations, the more pain we feel with that final loss. But then ...then... there is 1987 and 1991...andweremember what it was like ..and there is nothing like it...and we remember and replay moments such as:"And we'll see you tomorrow night". And through the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, we discover why we are fans of our team. It's really not the destination, it's the journey. And I'll see you tomorrow night.

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Playoff series win.Gotta happen.

Before the opener, I would have said a postseason series win.

But now I feel like it needs to be...consistently know what base you should be throwing to if the ball is hit to you.

And winning a postseason series.
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For 2021 to be defined as successful for the Minnesota Twins a Postseason series victory needs to be achieved.


This says it all!Being competitive is nice but for this rabid fan,losing the first playoff series cancelled 2020 regular season success.For many of us long-term Twin fans, who still revel in the '87/'91 teams, you can't beat a WSC as the capstone of one's lifetime memories.Yes, WSC are rare, but to see your team choke year after year in the post season is worse than a regular season of noncompetitiveness.


The key to this season will be how this team reacts to adversity and how the FO reacts at the trade deadline to fixing weaknesses on the roster. Rico should be on the hot seat, as should Falvey.Most of us agree this is the strongest squad(at least on paper) we have probably seen since the 2006 team.And while injuries will certainly be a factor, as they are are for all teams, fans should not accept that as an excuse for underperformance, nor should we attribute extending our playoff loss streak as a matter of luck.Baldelli must shed his nice guy image and crack the whip when necessary and exert some leadership.Falvey must act boldly to bring in some difference makers mid-season to widen the window and show the fans and players the FO is going all in for the ring.We should expect nothing less.

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