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Article: TX 8, MIN 1: Circling the Drain

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 10:52 PM
One run. Three hits. Another devastating out recorded on the basepaths. Yep, just another drop down the drain in this 2018 Twins season.O...
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Article: BOS 9, MIN 2: There Go Those Shiny Pitching Stats

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 10:52 PM
Entering this game, the Twins hadn’t given up more than six runs all month and the pitching staff had a 3.17 ERA, good for sixth best in...
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Article: What's the Deal with Matt Magill?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 10:42 PM
Spending time with my in-laws by choice. The Minnesota Twins stealing a base. Paul Molitor using Matt Magill out of the Twins bullpen.The...
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Game Thread: Twins vs Rangers, 7:10pm cdt 6/22/2018 ad

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 10:00 PM
The order o' tonight's service will be as follows... Would the congregation please rise for the singing hymn #25 "Nothing but Raindrops"...
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Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:53 PM
I did not understand the organization’s thinking when they picked up Matt Belisle from the Indian’s trash heap. Honestly, I was even more...
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Twins Daily 2017 Offseason Handbook: NOW AVAILABLE!

In recent years, the conclusion of the World Series has turned into an annual holiday for Minnesota Twins fans.

It marks the official start of the offseason, as well as the yearly release of Twins Daily's Offseason Handbook. Our latest edition is now available here, and because we want to make sure everyone can get this awesome product, we're implementing a new approach this year.
By following this link, you can grab your copy of this ebook as an instantly downloadable PDF. However, unlike in the past, the 2017 Offseason Handbook does not have a set cost. You can enter your own price when checking out. The recommended amount is five dollars, but you can set the number anywhere you please, including zero.

We work hard year-round at Twins Daily to keep the quality content pumping on a daily basis. We put a great deal of additional effort into planning, writing and designing this full-color, comprehensive Hot Stove preview. If you want to contribute any amount -- be it $1, $5, $10 or more -- as a token of thanks for the coverage and for the product you're receiving, we greatly appreciate it.

But we wanted it to be optional. If you can't or don't wish to pay, we won't be offended. We don't want any barriers standing in the way of anyone's ability to access this premium content. Just please make sure you grab a copy!


So, what can you expect from the 2017 Offseason Handbook?

Posted Image

After helping build a championship-caliber team in Cleveland, Derek Falvey will now arrive in Minnesota, tasked with doing the same thing here. This handbook puts you in his shoes, serving as a guide to the current makeup of the organization while offering in-depth breakdowns of upgrade options available through various acquisition channels.

Within this digital offseason guide, you will find organizational depth charts for each position, payroll analysis, arbitration cases, trade scenarios and dozens of free agent profiles. The Handbook also includes lengthy feature articles from Seth, John, Parker and myself, covering different unique topics. As always, you'll find our Twins Daily blueprint for building a better team in 2017, and you'll have all the tools necessary to form your own plan.

Posted Image

Regardless of if – or how much – you choose to pay, please make sure you download a copy of the Twins Daily 2017 Offseason Handbook. We're very confident that everyone is going to love it, and its content will tie heavily into our coverage of the coming offseason.

Free agency kicks off in five days and the Winter Meetings are barely a month away, so don't delay. Get your copy now and prepare yourself for what promises to be the most intriguing and compelling winter for the Twins in a very long time.

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Nov 03 2016 08:13 AM

Same here. 


Pitchers gave up 889 runs.Twins scored 722.sigh....

When it comes to relief pitchers, I'm surprised to see Alan Busenitz as "depth" but no mention of Melotakis, Baxendale or Wimmers. In your article about the 40 man roster you include both Melo and Bax

Already read it all. Great job TD!

No Santiago among the starters... I don't know if he is definitively out...

This is a true labor of love and it is inspiring to see impassioned fans organize and accomplish a piece of work like this. I know you aren't getting rich off this effort, but you sure earned my contribution!

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Nick Nelson
Nov 07 2016 04:53 PM


No Santiago among the starters... I don't know if he is definitively out...

None of the arbitration eligible players were listed in the org depth charts since they are not technically under contract for next year... but most can be safely penciled in. I suspect he'll be back even though we didn't keep him in our blueprint. 

Brock Beauchamp
Nov 07 2016 07:02 PM

None of the arbitration eligible players were not listed in the org depth charts since they are not technically under contract for next year... but most can be safely penciled in. I suspect he'll be back even though we didn't keep him in our blueprint.

Yeah, combine the enormous need for depth, the lack of free agent options, and the Twins' lack of payroll concerns and I don't really see a reason not to bring him back.



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