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Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:21 PM
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Game Thread: Scoreboard Watching, 9/24/2020 at 5:10 PM CDT

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:15 PM
Please pardon me for this highly unusual thread, but we live in highly unusual times...   Fire up your MLB.TV machines and join me f...
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Get to know each other

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 08:36 PM
I did this once about 2-3 years ago, but it was during the offseason and well, it's been a long time ago... Let's get to know each other...
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Relevant magic numbers with tiebreakers accounted for

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 05:18 PM
After the games of 9/22:   TB over Min: 2 CWS over Min: 4 Oak over Min: 5 Min over Cle: 2 Min over NYY: 4
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Fun With Numbers - 2020 Season

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 08:41 AM
I’m glad to see Ex-Twins in 2020 thread is back up and running. This is also one of my favorite threads over the last 5 years. The Twins...
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The Only Trade The Twins Need to Consider Before the Deadline

We are two and a half weeks away from the trade deadline in a season where pretenders are suddenly contenders. Currently, 14 out of 30 teams have a .500 winning percentage or better, and a team who wins over 35 games is essentially a lock for the postseason. The teams that end up selling at the trade deadline might not be clear until days before.
Image courtesy of © Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports
On the surface, the Twins don’t have any missing pieces to address. Jake Odorizzi, Homer Bailey, Rich Hill, and Josh Donaldson simultaneously hitting the IL was a small blip on the radar due to the Twins’ roster depth. The bullpen has effectively stepped in for the 3 starters, and there are a slew of prospects who can fill in the infield. However, one lingering bullpen issue still hangs in flux.

There’s no argument that Taylor Rogers is one of the best closers in baseball. However, his effectiveness strongly depends on his days of rest, and he has proven this over and over again. In 2019, when Rogers pitched on no days of rest, his ERA ballooned to 7.20. His only losses last season were when he pitched on back to back nights. This was again showcased this week during the Milwaukee series when Rogers blew the save after pitching on consecutive nights. On just one day of rest, Rogers’ ERA deflated to 4.66. However, by 2 days of rest, his ERA was down to 1.10. Last season, he did not walk a single player in 16.1 innings, struck out 20, and only gave up 1 home run while on 2 days of rest. This dominant pattern continued for him with more days of rest. While it’s not feasible for Rogers to be only used on 2 or more days of rest, having another closer option can help mitigate the need to utilize Rogers when consecutive save situations present itself. This other closer option manifests itself in the form of Boston’s closer, Brandon Workman.

Now the million dollar question: will Boston sell at the deadline? They are off to a cold start, much of which is attributed to the Red Sox’s abysmal pitching. Their rotation currently holds a 5.24 ERA (25th in the league) and 1.56 WHIP (30th), compared to 4.70 ERA and 1.379 WHIP in 2019, when the team finished 3rd in the AL East. The Yankees and Rays show no signs of stopping, the baby Blue Jays are exceeding expectations, and Baltimore is off to the hottest start in years. With no Mookies Betts, no bets are off for Boston’s playoff potential.

Brandon Workman has been one of the only consistent pieces in their pitching staff for the past two seasons. With his pending free agency, he will become the hottest commodity on the market if Boston decides to sell. According to ESPN’s David Schoenfield, Workman is 10-1 over the past two years, with a 1.88 overall ERA and 34 hits and 1 home run allowed over 76⅔ innings. In high leverage playoff games, having another consistent bullpen piece can be key, especially if there are two or three save situations in a row.

Utilizing Workman and a well-rested Rogers will turn the Twins’ bullpen from good to unstoppable. Although Sergio Romo has been used in the ninth inning in the past, all hands on deck will be required in the playoffs. Since Romo and Rogers are both frequently used together, Romo would be unavailable to close a game if a second save situation occurs. Having one more experienced bullpen piece can be crucial during a make-or-break game in the playoffs. Workman is the perfect candidate to lessen the pressure for Rogers to pitch on consecutive nights. Plus, his postseason experience and experience against the Twins’ kryptonite, the Yankees, makes him an invaluable asset.

No one has ever criticized a team for having too much depth.

Is there another player that you’re hoping the Twins land before the trade deadline? Comment below!

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how about using romo and rogers on alternating days?The same with May and Duffey.Using your best four on the same days makes no sense to me.With Clippard in the mix and Stashak too we can afford to alternate and rest our relievers without going out to trade for someone else.

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If the Twins are adding pitching, I’d rather see a starter. I’m just not confident Hill and Odorizzi will stay healthy. I’m not convinced Bailey will be effective or healthy. Berrios hasn’t appeared to have taken the steps we hoped. Maeda has been great, but the Dodgers saw something that prevented them from putting him in the playoff rotation.

If Bauer can be had for a reasonable price, I’d gladly take him. Robbie Ray is still out there. Mike Minor. Jeff Samardjza. I’d take any of them.

That’s said, I think the chances of the Twins doing something is close to nil.
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I think its more likely they trade for a lefty setup guy to bolster the pen.Come playoff time its Rodgers/ Duffey closing games based on rest and matchups with Romo/ May/ New lefty as the setup guys.


I do think there will be a trade there is certainly a log jam going into next year in the outfield.3 established guys, 2 fourth outfielders, 2 big time prospects close, and 2 solid prospects close.

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I have no problem adding a proven arm to the pen and a strong backup in the event Taylor doesn't snap out of it but what would it take in a trade and is this a rental as I'm sure there will be a hefty price put on the Boston pitcher next year. 


I'm not worried about starters because with the emergence of Dobnak and Pineda coming back August 31st and the fact you only need 3 or 4 starters max in the play-offs I think we are in good shape now. 

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Doctor Gast
Aug 14 2020 07:46 AM

W/ the deadline so close, no team can really evaluate what needs will be until closer to the end. I believe we have the talent to effectively fill the gap of closing, Duffy would be a great choice maybe even Hill could be great in high leverage games until he`s fully conditioned for PS. You`d need a crystal ball to figure out what your needs will be, we are pretty deep on dependable substitutions except up the middle & SP (I too am not confident on how it`d shake out for PS)


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If the Twins wanted a righty, I think we've already seen a prime candidate in Trevor Rosenthal from the Royals assuming he continues to not blow up with walks (he nearly did the other day). I think he'd be cheaper and is a high leverage flamethrower that the Twins are missing aside from May. 


I think they'd be better off looking for a lefty though, and I'd love to see them inquire about Gregory Soto out of Detroit's bullpen. Absolutely awful last year which may suppress some of the value he has in the 5 years of control he has left. He's been absolutely lights out this year and is looking like a bigtime breakout so far this year.

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Doctor Gast
Aug 14 2020 07:57 AM

W/ the short time before the deadline, I doubt very few can fore see what their needs will be. I too believe we can fill the gap for a step in closer. Duffy would be a excellent option, Hill could another until he`s fully conditioned for PS & what will we do toget Pineda ready before PS. I see our greatest needs are up the middle established player & SP (I`m not confident on how it`ll pan out for PS)

Aug 14 2020 08:15 AM

Maeda has been great, but the Dodgers saw something that prevented them from putting him in the playoff rotation.

Yeah, they saw their playoff rotations.

The Dodgers had enough starters to be able to employ him as a relief weapon and had the side benefit of saving some money while making their bullpen deeper.
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Aug 15 2020 12:29 AM
i cant believe you didn't write the article about shipping Rosario out of town. You better watch out your boss will wanna talk to you on the carpet tomorrow.
Aug 21 2020 10:54 AM
if they are gonna totally dump him I'd say take him. Without being really familiar with his make up and the way he would fit in with our current group, I'd be cautious about it. On the surface I would say we need another lefty reliever or a damn good starter if we are going to make any deal at all. Whoever we do deal with is going to have their eyes on our corner outfield bats or Alcala and thats not going to go over well. Especially if whoever we get is not going to take us over the playoff hump. I dont see anybody in that category being available in a year like this one.

The Phillies have acquired Workman in a trade:



Phillies acquired RHP Brandon Workman, RHP Heath Hembree and cash considerations from the Red Sox for RHP Nick Pivetta and RHP Connor Seabold.