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What can Morton be had for?

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Hypothetical rule change: remove DH when pitcher is removed

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What to do with Lewis Thorpe?

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Lewis Thorpe is out of options. The Twins either need to keep him on the MLB team as their 5th starter or as a reliever out of the bullpe...
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White Sox make changes

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Both Manager Rick Rentaria and pitching coach Don Cooper were let go.     Was a bit surprised by this, because the White S...
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Fangraphs Top 50 Free Agents

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Here is the link to their Top 50 Free Agent List with player write ups, community estimated contracts and Fangraphs estimated contracts....
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Reviewing a Week of Twins Quotes

A solid first week of Minnesota baseball has kept the hype train rolling in Twins Territory. Naturally of course, we’ve found ourselves with several great quotes about the team that are worth examining. Let’s take a look at a few that are indicative of the first week.
Image courtesy of © Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
“I actually think they’re going to have a good team. I just think we’re a better team.” - Jake Cave on the White Sox

Were you worried headed into Chicago? You shouldn’t have been. Not because the Sox are the team they’ve been for the last 7 years, but because the Twins are still better. While the Twins did let the Sox take one game, they proved that this pitching staff is on an entirely different level than the one on the South Side. In the early going, it sure appears that the critics may have been correct in pointing out the flaws in the White Sox rotation. While they’ve proven themselves a formidable lineup, the Twins 1-9 is still superior and the arms don’t even begin to compare. Despite an offseason that may have told you otherwise, continue to expect the Twins to be favored in these matchups.

“We’re going to get a chance to face him again and make some adjustments.” - Josh Donaldson on Shane Bieber

The Twins got utterly dominated by Shane Bieber on Thursday night and were reminded that for all of the depth and quality we have in the rotation, nothing compares to having a bona fide ace like Bieber. What’s even more difficult is that he’s backed up by Clevinger and Carrasco. The Twins lineup is by and large heavily scuffling right now and showed how one pitcher can take control of a game. The Twins will in fact get another chance against Bieber, and adjusting will be necessary. One thing was made abundantly clear in this one however: Cleveland is a formidable roadblock in the Twins path to another Central title.

“The elbow feels like it’s 18 again.” - Rich Hill

Rich Hill made his Twins debut on Wednesday and it was glorious. While he lacked his common swing and miss stuff (2Ks in 5 innings), he allowed very weak contact and his effectiveness was never in question. To hear him speak so highly of his surgically repaired elbow is certainly a fantastic sign for Minnesota, who signed Hill as a lottery ticket with a possible top of the rotation payout. It’s great to see optimism from Hill in regards to the biggest question mark that pops up in his lengthy injury history. Hill’s health is all the more encouraging as Jake Odorizzi remains on the IL to open the season.

“You’re going to hear people chirping a little bit more now that the stands are empty. I think the best way to quell that is performance.” - Rick Renteria

What a weird experience it is to watch baseball in 2020. No fans, almost dead silence. It’s likely what we can expect to see for the entire season. As a result, we’ve discovered that the Twins have some loud individuals in the dugout. It was difficult to watch Rick Renteria’s postgame interview and not come to the conclusion that the Twins chirping and jeering got under the Sox skin just a bit. It’s yet another consideration in the baseball landscape of 2020, as teams can hear each other’s reactions and smack talk likely for the first time in baseball history (except maybe at Tropicana). The Twins dugout energy and personalities could come to play a not insignificant role in momentum this season.

Post game one liners often flash across your news feed and you often don’t even consider the storylines they open up. After only a week, these few quotes are just scratching the surface of some interesting interviews that you can dive into. Were there any impactful quotes that you came across over the last week? Did you find breaking these quotes down to be a useful exercise? Let us know below!

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Matthew Taylor
Aug 02 2020 06:22 PM

I like this article concept. Nice work. Rich Hill's quote is certainly the most exciting for Twins fans!