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Pitchers and Catchers Report Date?

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What is the current status of Spring Training, and the start of the season? Is there a schedule?
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Free Agency / Re-Signings 2020-21 Offseason

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Gas Pedal Needs to be Pushed for Twins

Coming into the series against the Chicago White Sox the matchups had all the makings of a Postseason atmosphere. Then Rocco Baldelli ran out a watered-down lineup in game one, and the Minnesota Twins fell on their faces in two consecutive evenings. With just a short runway left, it’s time to kick it in.
Image courtesy of © Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports
Because of the expanded Postseason field in 2020 there has been talk all year alluding to the muted significance behind the regular season. That’s more than a fair argument, although it didn’t stop the trade deadline from being a feeding frenzy. As Minnesota has tread water towards the top of the AL Central for weeks now however, it’s at this point they need to go take what’s theirs.

Leaving the South Side with anything but a series win was always going to be suboptimal. They’d still be looking up at competition in the standings, and things don’t get easier when venturing across town. Odds will be available on Friday morning, but you can assume that Minnesota will be dogs to David Ross’ Cubs in at least a game or two over the weekend. Wrapping up six days on the road isn’t fun and coming out ready to go will be a must against the Wrigley natives.

There’s a certain level of understanding that the playoffs and Postseason represent something larger and more impactful. The Twins accomplished virtually everything they could in a regular season last year. In 2020 they want to make October waves and take that next step forward. Managing for that without ramp-up time still seems like somewhat of a foolish venture, however.

Mitch Garver remains on the Injured List, as does Luis Arraez. Those two both need to get back and in a rhythm before realistically being able to rely on them over the course of a playoff run. Jake Odorizzi looked strong against the White Sox in his return to the mound, but a blister issue still ended his night abruptly. We saw Miguel Sano need to track pitches for weeks prior to settling in, and while both Garver and Arraez have action under their belt, assuming immediate production is probably wishful thinking.

Before the Twins leave Chicago, they’ll need to turn the tide on this road trip as a whole. Going back home having won the last jaunt away on the season should feel like a massive victory. Baldelli’s club has fared incredibly well within Target Field, and regardless of their ability to host a brief three-game series to kick off the Postseason, they need to be clicking and confident when entering the bubble.

This Twins team is more than talented enough to make real waves and cause real damage. Baseball is a sport that normalizes over time and repetition, however. Rather than trying to catch lightning in a bottle it’d be great to see this club spark its own luck the rest of the way, reinforcements or otherwise.

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Hit bombas, we win. No bombas, we go home.

    • mikelink45 likes this

I agree that they need to start ramping up for postseason, this is not like normal where they have had months of a grind that maybe relaxing to let some nagging injuries heal up.So getting set up ready to go for that final sprint will be important.I am one that you manage the regular season different than you should in postseason.  


For example, throughout the season you will give guys a day of rest or get bench guys mixed in to stay sharp in case needed.You will see the value of players that can play multiple positions more during regular season.In post season, you should mostly plug and play.Sure look at matchups and what not, but there is very little need to plan in a day of rest for a guy.Same with pen, no need to get a guy some work if he is not reliable.Of course if game is a loss or big lead you can use different arms to let the high leverage arms rest.  


The only caveat I have is you still need to keep the team healthy going into playoffs.So making sure that happens is important. 

    • DocBauer likes this

Where would we be without Buxton...twice he gives us a lead. Twice the Sox homer to tie. I doubt Twins will score any runs without a HR today. And the woes of Cruz and Sano and maybe Rosario too continue. they have had awful AB's this series for the most part. Sano has just the one HR in his last 20 or so AB's, with a ton of whiffs. Cruz is in the worst slump of the season. Twins have to win this game.

    • mikelink45 likes this

Donaldson...nice HR. Horrible brain cramp to get tossed. Unforgivable to lose a key hitter and good d-man in an important game. Wow...what a moronic move.

    • mikelink45 likes this
Sep 17 2020 04:00 PM

This short season it sure seems like the Twins have aimed to be healthy and primed for the playoffs as they rested players often and let opportunities slide in a few games. Now, with only 8 games to play, the team looks both talented and very vulnerable. The list of horrors: no Garver; Sano, always dangerous, but waving futilely too often; Polanco looking slow in the field and flailing off balance on off-speed pitches; Rosario seemingly too cautious; Cruz, suddenly baffled by sliders; and Kepler playing lost. Of course, this could all flip like a switch tomorrow, but the strikeouts, failures to move runners, non-existent speed, and difficulties with fundamentals mount.

I wonder how much the protocols and life changes have affected some of the players. I watch way too much baseball to maintain a healthy lifestyle and the quality of play, while constantly hyped by announcers throughout all the teams as a pr stunt, seems less than optimal or at the very least less than in a normal season. 

Let's hope that there is some gas left in the tank and that the pedal hasn't slipped off of the lever.

    • mikelink45, DocBauer, Huskertwin and 1 other like this

If this season has been about keeping players healthy they have failed.We have a miserable health record - I know nobody got Covid.


If this season was about getting ready to dominate the playoffs they certainly have not given me any confidence. 


It has been the rookies - Jeffers, Rooker, Alcala, Stashak, Blankenhorn that have looked like they had energy and spirit, not the veterans.I am sorry I had to leave Dobnak off that list of the second half. 


It is not easy to turn on the gas for a sprint to the finish.We need to start now.

    • shimrod and Huskertwin like this
Sep 17 2020 07:28 PM

Watching Cave hang out at 1B today made me think ... what is the harm in having Royce Lewis on the roster. He has speed and can be used defensively. Saving him when the next collective bargaining agreement may remove the current club advantages is pointless. Lewis as a pinch runner is more valuable than the 25th player. He is the gas the Twins need now. Astudillo, Wade and a pitcher can be spared. Love Wade. Love Astudillo. Lewis fits the Twins roster better right now.

    • mikelink45 likes this
Sep 18 2020 10:52 AM

Anybody else starting to wonder if Shelton was the enforcer/no nonsense coach to ensure the players really gave max effort.This team just doesn't seem to have much drive and it isn't like there's much fire coming off of Rocco.He's pretty good at making excuses for them though.

I am NOT going to bang on Rocco, the offense, the rotation or the pen. But losing the series to the Dirty Sox hurt, I was hoping for more of course, but a split and moving on a single game out of 1st I was OK with.

I WANT that banner in Target Field that we won the division. But on the realistic side of things finishjng 1st or 2nd has little implications in regard to the playoffs. We still get home field 1st round. The opponent is yet be determined and changes almost daily. So any sort of hope/want/prediction at this time is rather fruitless.

Winning the division is within the Twins grasp if they take care of business, 3 on the road against a good Cubs team, then 5 mkre at home against the Tigers and Reds.

The Sox have the next 7 games on the road, 3 with the Reds and then a 4 game set against the Indians before finishing with 3 at home against the Cubs. I'm pretty sure I have home and away correct, forgive me if mistaken.

The Indians have the next 7 at home and finish with 3 on the road against the Pirates. Again, pretty sure I have H/A correct.

So what does all of this mean? It means, yes, time to kick it up a notch and get Arraez back, at least. It also means the Dirty Sox have the toughest schedule to finish out and we need to be Cleveland fans during that 4 game series. If the Twins just take care of business their last 8 games, that ALC 2020 pennant can still be theirs.

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