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Cody's Top Prospects: 11-20

Twins Daily has running through the top prospects in the Twins organization. Those profiles are a combination of multiple rankings from the different writers at the site. My own top 50 list was recently included in the Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook.
There will always be differences when deciphering which prospects are the best. Should a person give a higher rank to the player with the most potential? Should it be the player with the most tools? Maybe it should be the one who has a lower ceiling but a higher floor?

Over the next week, I will release my top 20 prospects. Here is a look at prospects 11-20 with multiple players who could impact the big league roster during the 2017 season.
Image courtesy of Linwood Ferguson, Captive Photons
20. LaMonte Wade, OF
Age: 23/ Highest Level: Low-A
Wade showed an advanced approach at the plate this season by getting on base over 40% of the time. He has strong baseball skills and showed them throughout the 2016 campaign. He might not have the tools of some of the other higher ranked prospects but he has shown the ability to play multiple outfield positions. Depending on how rosters shake out this spring, he could end up back in Fort Myers or he could get bumped up to Chattanooga.

19. Lewis Thorpe, LHP
Age: 21/ Highest Level: Low-A
Thorpe is an intriguing name even though he hasn't made a professional appearance since the 2014 season. Baseball Prospectus had included him in their top-101 prospects prior to the 2014 and 2015 seasons. He was the youngest player in the Midwest League back in 2014 so there is still time for him to develop. Fans will need to be patient as he returns to the mound. If he shows that he's ready this spring, the Twins could start him at Fort Myers.

18. Huascar Ynoa, RHP
Age: 18/ Highest Level: Rookie
Ynoa pitched all of the 2015 season in the Dominican Summer League with a 2.70 ERA and a 1.29 WHIP. He made his stateside debut in 2016 and lowered his WHIP by almost 20 points as he allowed 18 fewer walks. He also increased his SO/9 from 7.5 to 9.0. His three pitch mix (fastball, curveball, change-up) could all turn into above average pitches. He's added some weight to his frame the last couple of years and this should only help him to add velocity.

17. Ben Rortvedt, C
Age: 19/ Highest Level: Rookie
Minnesota used a second-round pick in last year's draft to select a Wisconsin high school catcher. He struggled in his first stop in his professional debut as he hit .203/.277/.254 in 20 GCL games. Things improved in Elizabethton as his averaged jumped over 45 points and he got on base almost 35% of the time. Since he is 5-foot-10 and 190 pounds, he has some room to grow into his body. He will need to do this if he wants to stay behind the plate. Most likely he will start 2017 in extended spring training before heading back to the E-Twins to start the year.

16. Engelb Vielma, SS/2B/3B
Age: 22/ Highest Level: Double-A
Even though he was two years younger than the competition in the Southern League, Vielma posted an OPS that was almost 20 points higher than his career average. His defensive skills continue to be very strong at shortstop and this ability might be his ticket to a big league career. There will likely continue to be offensive struggles as he moves closer to Target Field. If he can continue to make small offensive improvements, he could become a consistent MLB regular.

15. Nick Burdi, RHP
Age: 24/ Highest Level: Double-A
When the Twins drafted Burdi in the second round of the 2014 Draft, there were high hopes that he would move through the system quickly. Those hopes haven't come to fruition as he has spent each of the last two years at Chattanooga. During the 2016 season, Burdi was limited to three appearances after he suffered a bone bruise, originally diagnosed as forearm muscle tightness and inflammation, at the end of spring training. There were setbacks along the way all season and he did not make it back to the mound. If he's healthy, Burdi could spend time in Chattanooga and Rochester with a chance of him making his MLB debut in 2017.

14. JT Chargois, RHP
Age: 26/ Highest Level: MLB
Chargois dominated the upper levels of the minor leagues on the way to making his MLB debut in 2016. His debut was a disaster as he allowed five earned runs in less than an inning of work. However, he came back in the middle of August and posted a 2.82 ERA over his final 24 appearances. In the minor leagues, he averaged over 10.5 strikeouts per nine innings. He will need to get closer to that mark at the big league level in order to be a more effective relief pitcher.

13. Mitch Garver, C
Age: 26/ Highest Level: Triple-A
While the Twins signed Jason Castro to be the catcher of the present, Garver is setting up to be the team's catcher of the future. His emergence allowed for the team to expose Stuart Turner to the Rule 5 Draft. Barring any major injuries, Garver will likely spend most of 2017 at Triple-A. This will give him the opportunity to work with some of the team's pitching prospects as they look to make the jump to baseball's highest level.

12. Daniel Palka, OF/1B
Age: 25/ Highest Level: Triple-A
Palka displayed some impressive power during his first season in the Twins organization. Across the Twins' two highest levels, he smashed 34 home runs and posted an .848 OPS. The Twins have other MLB ready options at first base and DH so his path to the big leagues might be through a corner outfield position. If Max Kepler or Eddie Rosario sputter at the beginning of the year, Palka could be an intriguing early season call-up.

11. Travis Blankenhorn, 2B/3B
Age: 20/ Highest Level: Low-A
Blankenhorn was profiled as the Twins Daily number nine prospect. He's shown an advanced approach at the plate despite being younger than the competition. In 2016, he took positive strides on offense. After being drafted as a third baseman, he was mainly used at second base during his second professional season. There's a good chance he is a top-10 prospect by mid-season.

Who is too high? Is anyone too low? Leave a COMMENT and start the discussion.

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Well placed.  I'd say Rortvedt could be too high.  He's an unproven high school draftee.  I think it's safe to assume you went on potential there.  Catchers are a different breed.  If it were up to me, unless a catcher was hitting well over .300 and throwing out guys at an alarming rate prior to AA, they shouldn't be worth a mention on any top 20 list.  Not to take away from the kid, but nothing is proven and catchers prospect levels come and go like the wind in the minors.  Garver's the only one on MiLB's Organizational All-Star list that's shown up multiple times since 2010.  I really hope he sticks.  I'd love to see A.J. Murray make an impact in high-A, maybe AA this summer.

My favorite is LaMonte Wade on this list.  He's 20th, and I agree with you.  You know what you're getting with this guy.  He's a student of the game.  Not flashy, but extremely reliable.  I love the prospect and tools of young high school & international guys, but you can't deny the hard work and results of a 3-4 year college player.

So, wait until Garver is 27 for him to play in the majors? Why?

    • Oldgoat_MN likes this

Lewis Thorpe is really a mystery. It will be fun to see what he does this year.


I don't really get the Daniel Palka bandwagon. From what I've read he is not going to hit MLB pitching. I wish him all the best, but I am surprised you have him higher than Shaggy, who I am a big believer in.


Of course if we all had the same opinions this website would be silly.:)

Thank for the write-up!

    • Mike Sixel and goulik like this


So, wait until Garver is 27 for him to play in the majors? Why?


I don't mind where you have Garver, but like Mike says, if he 26 and our top catching prospect (and catcher of the future), why wait?


If the Twins are confident enough in him, he should break camp with them.  He should learn from Castro, and if his hit skill is legit and he is an average receiver, he and Castro could really balance out, while he develops to take over full time.


I am also a huge believer in Wade as a prospect, and think you may have him slightly too low.  College kids like that, with those skills are very valuable.  My guess is he could be in the bigs next year, with Britton, once we trim the fat (stubbs, grossman, DanSan, and possibly rosario)


Thanks for the list!

    • Mike Sixel and jrod23 like this
Someone recently mentioned Wade as resembling Lawton for his all around skill set and ability. Solid all areas. Boy do I hope that turns out to be true. He'd be a quality starter or outstanding 4th OF.

Can a healthy Thorpe be this year's version of Romero?

An all around catcher so close to bogs I think I'd have Garver higher too.

Nice write up!
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Someone recently mentioned Wade as resembling Lawton for his all around skill set and ability. Solid all areas. Boy do I hope that turns out to be true. He'd be a quality starter or outstanding 4th OF.

Can a healthy Thorpe be this year's version of Romero?

An all around catcher so close to bogs I think I'd have Garver higher too.

Nice write up!

I'm a little surprised that Thorpe is still being written into top prospects reports like this. Guy hasn't pitched in what 2 + years?  


Someone recently mentioned Wade as resembling Lawton for his all around skill set and ability. Solid all areas. Boy do I hope that turns out to be true. He'd be a quality starter or outstanding 4th OF.



Can't believe I didn't see that earlier.  Fantastic comparison.