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Buxton, Dozier Win Their First Gold Glove Awards

UPDATED: On Friday night, Byron Buxton was named the Best Defensive Centerfielder by Wilson. Also, at the Rawlings ceremony, Buxton was presented the Rawlings Platinum Glove as the best defensive player in baseball!

For the first time since 2007, the Twins have multiple Gold Glove winners. Brian Dozier and Byron Buxton each won their first career Gold Gloves.
It is the first time since Joe Mauer won his third Gold Glove behind the plate in 2010.

Dozier and Buxton are the 42nd and 43rd times the Twins have won Gold Glove Awards.
Image courtesy of Jordan Johnson, USA Today
While there is little surprise with the selection of Byron Buxton, despite great competition in center field, many will be surprised that Brian Dozier won.

Some of the advanced metrics indicate that while his range may be just league average, or a little lower, he makes the plays that he gets to. Of all AL second basemen with more than 1,000 innings played this year, he had the fewest errors. He also had a lot of web gems.

Dozier topped veterans Ian Kinsler and Dustin Pedroia for the award.

Buxton beat out Lorenzo Cain and Kevin Pillar, both terrific center fielders, for his award. Kevin Keiermeier was not eligible because of all his time on the disabled list.

Buxton ranked third in defensive runs saved this year and second among outfielders to right-fielder Mookie Betts. He had some of the greatest web gems of the year.

Congratulations to both. They are both extremely hard workers who deserve any awards they may have coming.

Also, Joe Mauer was still snubbed!

In addition, Twins Hall of Famer Jim Kaat was named to the Rawlings 60th Anniversary Gold Glove team!

VOTE!!!! For the next 24 hours, fans can vote for the Platinum Glove Award to recognize the best defensive player of the 2017 season. Byron Buxton should get a lot of votes!


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How awesome it is to look at that AL list and see 2 Twins! The future is indeed bright at Target Field
    • Seth Stohs, glunn, Jerr and 4 others like this
Winston Smith
Nov 07 2017 09:03 PM

By most accounts Dozier is not an above average fielder but yet he wins. This award is a joke.

Buxton is likely to really earn 8-10 of these things, his winning is not a joke.

    • Jerr, Mike Sixel, James and 3 others like this
    • Carole Keller, Jerr and Platoon like this

Hooray for Byron, well deserved. 

    • Platoon and caninatl04 like this

My level of caring about the advanced defensive statistics of Brian Dozier relative to him winning the Gold Glove... 


Couldn't care less... Happy for him!! 

    • USAFChief, glunn, Blake and 18 others like this
Love it! But Mauer was robbed! Did Dozier deserve it? I'm not certain he did. And I've seen a lot of questionable awards for GG, all star appearances, pro bowls, etc. But I truly don't understand some of the anti-Dozier sentiment I read. I've seen him make some bad and very questionable plays. I've also seen a lot of steady play and a ton of excellent plays that far outweigh the bad ones. But because he's not more flashy or more perfect he's poor or lousy? I just don't get it.
    • jbissell, LA VIkes Fan, dbminn and 4 others like this
Some kind of mistake has happened, surely.
Is it justice that the Twins' center fielder and a right-side-of-the-infielder won?

Should we care it may have been the incorrect right-side-of-the-infielder?

Congratulations to Bux. I hope can find a contractor to build him a nice long shelf for these.
    • Oldgoat_MN likes this

Good for both of them!

    • Dozier's Glorious Hair likes this


Should we care it may have been the incorrect right-side-of-the-infielder?


I think Mauer should have been a finalist too... But we should all be thrilled that Dozier won a Gold Glove. 

    • gunnarthor, BigSkyTwinsFan, ScottyB and 3 others like this
Old Twins Cap
Nov 07 2017 10:35 PM

Dozier deserves it, sure hands, gets to the balls he can reach, got that slide stop and toss, and, hit 70-plus homers the last two years.


Ain't no 2B going to get to the balls that Dozier hits out of the park.


Or something.

Can I simultaneously be thrilled for Dozier and believe that he didn't have any business winning it?

    • ashburyjohn, James, Halsey Hall and 9 others like this
stringer bell
Nov 07 2017 11:06 PM

My faith in today's defensive metrics is equal to my belief that traditional defensive stats don't truly represent defensive efficiency. Dozier is an okay defender where there are a whole bunch of okay defenders IMHO. Dozier played more games than the other nominees so maybe that matters. Good for him!

    • Don Walcott likes this

Dozier wasn't the most egregious Gold Glove - that'd have to go to Hosmer, who was one of the league's worst defensive 1Bs (according to metrics). He has won several before and hit well, so I guess that's what earned him the award?

    • Dantes929, snepp, dbminn and 3 others like this

Can I simultaneously be thrilled for Dozier and believe that he didn't have any business winning it?

That's what I'm going with.

I will say, I'm least offended by *bad* winners who are good all around players and play virtually every day (such as Hosmer too).
    • snepp likes this


Can I simultaneously be thrilled for Dozier and believe that he didn't have any business winning it?

Exactly how I feel.And Hosmer won, so Dozier winning it isn't even the worst selection.

    • Dantes929, Danchat and Don Walcott like this
The voters used a totally different criteria when voting for these two specific candidates. In Buxtons case it seems apparent that they used the actual definition of "Gold Glove". In Doziers they used "Gold Batting Glove". They have awards like AllPro for combined talent, which would have been available. I see Dozier thusly: solid reliable glove, average range, poor but accurate arm, with optical points awarded for diving endlessly and dirty jerseys. Mauer was the one dissed here. His seemingly effortless glove work, and ability to turn any throw within wingspan into an out was completely under appreciated.
    • Brock Beauchamp, Jerr, Dantes929 and 5 others like this

Kudos to Buxton on the award. Well deserved! If he hadn't of won, I would be shouting profanity! Still can't figure out why Dozier won, or more so, why Mauer wasn't even a finalist. More head scratching decisions when it comes to "choosing" finalists for these awards. I shouldn't get all worked up about the seemingly nonsensical process involved in picking the winners, but when all is said and done -- or tabulated --- these awards certainly do factor into a player's career overview.

    • snepp, 70charger and Broker like this

Never been a fan of defensive metrics.For me, the eye test says that Dozier has always been an above average defensive player at 2nd base, but not at short.I also believe he could transition to third and perform at the same level.His quick first step and lack of great range would fit better there.I believe he has plenty of arm for the majority of plays.


If he stays healthy Buxton will be in the running for many more in center.If he finishes 2nd or 3rd in some years to the crop of high end defenders now in the American league that will not seem like an injustice.

    • Jerr and Captain Hindsight like this

Ok, going to get on my moral high horse here, sorry folks...


Only in Minnesota land could we ***** about our own players winning a high profile award. Why in the Good Lord's name are some of us "upset" about this? I just don't get it. Is it because some of us want him gone in exchange for newer shinier prospects?


I get it, we all have our own favorite players and vision of what we want the organization and FO to do. But this is who we have right now. He's a good person, a decent to even very good player. Why can't folks be happy for him?

    • Seth Stohs, Jerr, gunnarthor and 8 others like this
Nov 08 2017 08:11 AM

Can I simultaneously be thrilled for Dozier and believe that he didn't have any business winning it?

    • snepp likes this

I'm convinced I don't care at all about the Gold Glove. But I would've been very upset if Buxton hadn't won it. So I guess I care. But starting next year I will no longer care. 


Unless Buxton doesn't win it. 

    • Dantes929, Oldgoat_MN and 70charger like this

I like the way the STrib stated it, that viewed with metrics, Dozier is only average, but he must have made an impression on the field in opposing dugouts.

    • USAFChief and wsnydes like this
Nov 08 2017 08:42 AM
I am reminded of a tale from some hallmark hairball book if memory serves about the author being disappointed in watching a storied pool shark play. He ran the table, but every shot was an easy shot. Anyone coulda done that! Perhaps there is a similar element in play here?

Anyway, someday i might get a high horse, i just have never been good at horse trading...
    • gunnarthor, slash129 and jimmer like this

Congratulations to Byron Buxton and Brian Dozier!!


Now get out there an vote for Buxton to get that Platinum Glove!He definitely deserves it.  


I know the hot stove is cookin' and we're playing fantasy GM, but these awards give a little extension to what was a very fun Twins season.

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