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Comments on 41 MLB baseball I visited with 5 to go

Other Baseball Today, 06:55 AM
I've been to 41 MLB parks with 40 since 1993. I missed 5 or 6 starting in the early 1990s when I landed my first computer job and then jo...
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Twins Minor League Signings

Twins Minor League Talk Yesterday, 06:56 AM
I thought I should set up a thread for minor league signings. Use this thread to post when the Twins sign a minor leaguer or when a forme...
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Free Agency / Re-Signings 2020-21 Offseason

Other Baseball Yesterday, 08:34 AM
Free agency is likely going to be a really slow burn this year, but I still think it's worth having a thread to discuss signings. ...
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Kim Ng - First Woman to be Hired as GM in Baseball History

Other Baseball Yesterday, 06:34 PM
Monumental hire by the Marlins. Congrats to them and good luck to HER!
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Twins drop Rochester as AAA affiliate, Pensacola also may...

Twins Minor League Talk 21 Nov 2020
This is a piece by LEN III lifted from the StarTribune web site. https://m.startribun...ment/573034791/
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Minnesota Twins


Starting Pitching Market Beginning to Develop

Last week, Matthew Taylor wrote about how Odorizzi needed to become a priority in the Twins’ offseason plans. That piece is still very much relevant, but yesterday we were presented another data point on how the market may turn out this winter.


Twins Spotlight Replay: Episode 8 (Brent Rooker)

last night, Seth chatted with Minnesota Twins outfielder Brent Rooker about making his big-league debut, a strange 2020 season, an update on his late-season injury and rehab (and he showed us his scar!), what was going on at the alternate site and some words about some of the other Twins prospects that were there, and his multi-sport success in high school. And, much more. You'll enjoy this episode a lot!

The discussion was live on the Twins Daily social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube pages.


Examining Torii Hunter’s Hall of Fame Resume

Ballots for the 2021 Hall of Fame are being mailed out this week to eligible voters. Last season, Derek Jeter and Larry Walker were elected, but this year’s ballot doesn’t have any locks like Jeter was a year ago. Three former Twins will make their first appearance on the ballot. While Michael Cuddyer and LaTroy Hawkins have little chance of being elected, Torii Hunter’s resume is a little more intriguing.


A Low-Tech Tool In A High-Tech Baseball World

Player development has turned into a technological arms race among organizations.

Nearly even bullpen and batting cage has Rapsodo cameras. Hitters are outfitted with K-Vest motion and Blast bat monitoring devices. Pitchers might slip into a Motus sleeve and throw off plated mounds. These are just some of the standard items used in today's game and, to paraphrase Will Ferrell's character Frank in Old School, there's probably something really cool that we don't even know about yet.

The end game for amassing this artillery is, ostensibly, to improve performance.

While the high-tech devices are extremely important for progress, there may be a very useful and underrated low-tech tool that can help individual players reach and maintain their optimal on-field performance.


The Best Baseball Video Games from Every Generation

Last week, a new generation of video games officially kicked off, with both Sony and Microsoft launching their latest consoles. As such, I thought it'd be a timely moment to reflect on baseball's rich history in gaming.

Here are my picks for the best baseball video games of each past console generation.


Don’t Sleep on Trevor Larnach

The offseason is usually a time in which teams aim to address their weaknesses, but let’s take a moment to reflect on a current Twins strength. This amount of outfield talent in the org right now is insane, as illustrated by the fact that Alex Kirilloff and Trevor Larnach are still waiting in the wings.


Michael Cuddyer and the Butterfly Effect

As pointed out earlier this week at TwinsDaily, transaction trees can connect players in unimaginable ways.There’s one transaction in particular however that isn’t often talked about. In a different age of baseball, one series of moves kicked off in 1997 continues to benefit them to this day.


3 Potential Trades the Twins Can Make This Winter

The Twins have more wins than any other team in the American League over the last two seasons. They have no playoff wins to show for it. How can they get better via the trade market? Here are three propositions.


3 Models for a Twins Blockbuster Trade This Winter

The Minnesota Twins seem very likely to make at least one trade this winter. While there are an endless array of variables and moving parts, any deal they complete is all but certain to take one of three shapes:

Take on money, free up money, or pony up a top prospect.

What might each model look like in practice?


Re-Signing Jake Odorizzi Needs to be a Priority for the Minnesota Twins

With only three pitchers locked into the rotation for the 2021 season, starting pitching is a need that the Minnesota Twins must address this offseason. After free agent targets Marcus Stroman and Kevin Gausman came off the market on Wednesday, it became clear that Jake Odorizzi needs to be a priority for the Minnesota Twins.


Examining the AJ Pierzynski Transaction Tree

Most Twins fans know about the trade that sent AJ Pierzynski to the San Francisco Giants for a trio of players. In fact, it might be one of the greatest trades in Twins history. Minnesota made that deal back in November 2003 and the ripple effects of that trade are still being felt in the organization. Let’s examine the “AJ Pierzynski Transaction Tree.”


3 Former All-Star Starters the Twins Could Sign

This article will look at three starters who at one point were very good but have now fallen off a bit. If you know anything about the Twins, you probably know they like players like this.