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Helfand: “early June start appears out of picture”

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:15 PM
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Watch the Play-by-Play of the Cleveland Indians (10-1) @...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 08:07 PM
  For those of you who don't know, I have been acting like the Twins have been,"playing," everyday and doing the color commentary ov...
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VIDEO: Opposing Pitchers Getting Wasted By The Bomba Squad

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 05:15 PM
Here's an entire highlight reel of just pitchers reacting to Twins bombas. Enjoy.  
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Good Cuts.

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 03:43 PM
Mark Salas blocked the heck outta that plate.  
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Recent Baseball America Milb Organization Rankings

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 06:15 PM
Since I'm not giving everything away, assuming it's OK to just mention the Twins here. BA ranks the Twins 8th going in to the 2020 season...
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Minnesota Twins MLB The Show September Simulation: Game 163

The Twins fought so hard to reach this point after starting September 2.5 games behind Cleveland. Pineda was the only starter available so he got the nod. Could the Twins avoid the wild card game and win the final game of the regular season? Come find out!


Snubbed: Revisiting: Johan Santana's One and Done Hall of Fame Case

In 2018, Johan Santana became eligible for the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame for the very first time. He was promptly found ineligible for future consideration after drawing only 2.4% of the vote from the BBWAA. While a solid Hall of Fame resume is certainly in question, a first ballot exit is outrageous for one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball in the 2000s.


Just How Disciplined Are Twins Hitters?

Discipline is probably something that we could all use a bit more of, but some are more disciplined than others. Baseball players are no different, and hitters who excel in plate discipline give themselves a huge advantage. By avoiding strikeouts, laying off bad pitches, and taking walks, hitters greatly increase their chances of success. So how disciplined are Twins hitters?


Twins' Top Outfield Prospects Shine in Shortened Spring

Before the Twins’ facility in Fort Myers was shut down due to concerns over the coronavirus, Trevor Larnach and Alex Kirilloff were putting on a show.


Choose Your MVP: Re-evaluating the 1965 MVP Race

The 1965 MVP race came down to two Cuban-born Minnesota Twins players in Zoilo Versalles and Tony Oliva. Versalles ended up taking home the hardware, but did the right Minnesota Twins player win the award?


Taylor Rogers and the Value of the First Pitch

The use of the phrase “there are many ways to skin a cat” apparently originated in 1854 with roots to a seventeenth century proverb that references a dog instead of a cat. Even though the saying is weird as hell it proves true when using it as an analogy for something like, say pitching.


Coaches Combating COVID During Shutdown

While baseball across the country has been placed on an indefinite hiatus, some professional coaches are trying to offer their educational services while fundraising to support COVID-19 research.

It’s called COACHES vs COVID and the concept was created by former Minnesota Twins’ minor league catching coordinator and current New York Yankees catching director and quality control coach Tanner Swanson.


The Show Must Go On: Over the Hill

My friends, the time has come to pull the plug on a veteran starter in our rotation. This is a decision I must make unilaterally out of pure exasperation, but if you're willing, I will enlist your help in selecting a replacement.

The latest update on our interactive 2020 Twins season, now reaching the end of April, lies ahead.


Opening Day Hope Still Unites in Twins Territory

Around Twins Territory a common refrain is heard today, “It wasn’t supposed to be like this.” No, no it wasn’t. Today was supposed to be Opening Day at Target Field. A time of hope has been replaced with one of uncertainty and despair. Baseball will be back though, and baseball remains a common thread uniting us all.


Minnesota Twins MLB The Show August Simulation: Can the Twins Catch Cleveland?

The Twins began August 2.5 games behind Cleveland in the division. Hopefully the addition of Jon Gray and the full return of Max Kepler were enough to regain the top spot. Come find out how the Twins did in August!


91/19 World Series, Game 7: Metrodome Madness Goes Extra Innings

This week, with the help of Out of the Park, we’ve simulated the 91/19 World Series, a seven-game battle between the 1991 Twins and the 2019 Twins. With the series tied at three and only one remaining chance to bring home the Minnesota-Series bragging rights, managers Rocco Baldelli and Tom Kelly were ready to utilize every ace up their sleeves.


Get To Know: Anthony Slama, RHP and Entrepreneur

In this Get to Know 'Em podcast, I chatted with former Twins right-handed pitcher Anthony Slama. The reliever put up some of the most impressive numbers in the Twins system for years and finally got the big-league call in 2010. He pitched in seven games for the Twins. Find out what he's up to these days and all about his career.