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Jorge Polanco

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:46 AM
He is going to be one of my favorites. He's already a professional hitter from both sides of the plate; doesn't strike out much and walk...
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Hicks for Murphy trade: 14 months later

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:46 AM
Murphy: nowhere to be found Hicks: .318 Ba, 3 HR, 1.100 OPS Oops!
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Article: Polanco Providing Poise

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:41 AM
Shortstop is becoming a position of strength across baseball. Names like Francisco Lindor, Carlos Correa, and Corey Seager are becoming h...
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Twins option Mejia to AAA, put Haley on DL

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:16 AM
https://mobile.twitt...916165142589442 http://www.cbssports...-biceps-injury/ Let the corresponding roster move speculation begin
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Article: Game Thread: Twins@Rangers 4/24/17 7:05PM

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:17 AM
Our Twins travel to Texas for a brand new series and this is good because the old series stunk. Yesterday was a horrible performance and...
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Minnesota Twins


Five Takeaways From A Fun First Week

A good start to the season is only that. The Twins have played through only a tiny fraction of their schedule, and their strong play in the first week won't necessarily mean a whole lot in the grand scheme.

But it sure beats the hell out of the alternative, to which we've become all too accustomed.


Twins Walk Their Way To 3-0

Turns out all the Twins had to do to get off to a good start was not swing. Of course it's not that simple. The Twins have done a lot of things well en route to their 3-0 start, but one thing that sticks out in particular is the number of walks they've been able to pile up.


Paul Molitor's Opening Day Redemption

In the week or so leading up to Opening Day, Paul Molitor's lineups became a central topic of conversation among Twins fans and media.

This was, in part, borne out of desperation; after an especially long spring training, we had all basically run out of things to talk about.

But there was also something about those final tuneup experiments that felt depictive of deeper and much more important narratives. Particularly that of the manager, who enjoyed a vindicating afternoon on Monday.


2017 Minnesota Twins Awards Preview

Another regular season is upon us and that means that it is prediction time for a lot of writers across the inter-web. There will be surprise teams, surprise players, and even some other surprises along the way. The unknown and unpredictability of baseball is one of the most enduring qualities of "America's Pastime."

The Twins have an interesting year ahead. Who will stand out? Who will take the next step? It's time to predict who will shine for the 2017 version of the Twins.


Just One Of 162, But Twins Win Felt Big

To make too much of any one game is silly. We all know it’s just one game. One out of 162. Despite that knowledge, on several levels, the Twins 7-1 win on Opening Day against the Kansas City Royals felt important. It felt important on a number of levels. Let us count the ways.


Minnesota Twins 2017 Preview: A New Era

To the great consternation of uniform purists everywhere, the New Era brand logo will appear on MLB caps this regular season for the first time, a practice that started in last year's playoffs.

In the eyes of some, this is yet another obnoxious step toward commercialization of the product on the field. But in the case of the Minnesota Twins, it is a rather fitting insignia as the franchise wades into unfamiliar territory with an overhauled baseball operations unit led by total outsiders.


2017 Twins Player Predictions: The Designated Hitters

Twins fans and players alike were surprised to hear the news on Thursday that Byungho Park had been reassigned to Twins minor league camp. Robbie Grossman would enter the season as the primary DH, though the position will likely have many players.

Today, we make some predictions for the DH Types that we think will see time with the Twins in 2017. Robbie Grossman gets first crack. Kennys Vargas is expected to start the season in Rochester, but he’s on the 40-man roster. Byungho Park will also start in Rochester, but he is not on the 40-man roster.


2017 Twins Player Predictions: Max Kepler

Max Kepler was signed way back in 2009, July 2nd, the same day as Jorge Polanco. As you would expect, the young German was a very raw baseball talent, so the Twins were very patient. He spent three years in the rookie leagues before joining Cedar Rapids in the second half of the 2013 season.

In 2015, he was the Twins Minor League {layer of the year (and Twins Daily’s Minor League Hitter of the Year). He was the Southern League MVP, led the Lookouts to the league’s championship and then was called up to the Twins for the final two weeks of the season. On the season’s final day, he hit a single off of Johnny Cueto for his first Major League hit.

He came up to the Twins in April and sat, but when he returned in early June, he was in the lineup nearly every day the rest of the season. He had some impressive moments, and he struggled a lot. You would expect that from a 23-year-old with very little time at AAA.


2017 Twins Player Predictions: Byron Buxton

Byron Buxton looked different this year. On the Winter Caravan, at Twins Fest or throughout Spring Training, Buxton looked much more relaxed, much more comfortable. it’s amazing the effect of success can have on a person. After struggles and demotions marred much of his first two seasons, he came back up on September 1st last year and showed the promise so many had hoped for since he was the #2 overall pick in 2012.
In fact, he was probably much better in September than anyone would have ever thought. Not only did he show his great speed, but he showed the power that many wondered if he would ever be able to show.


Analyzing Minnesota's Early Season Schedule

Baseball is finally back... well almost. Twins fans are eager to put memories of last year's 103-loss season behind them. Building off a young core, Minnesota hopes many players take the next step. There will be many factors that contribute to the team's 2017 campaign but a fast start could help the team avoid a repeat of last year's poor performance.

Most of the first month of the season is filled with battles against AL Central foes. In fact, the club only has three games outside of the division. These contests will be critical to understanding where Minnesota fits in the divisional pecking order.


Phil Hughes as 2017's CC Sabathia

Things slow down as we get older, it’s a fact of life. Much has been made of Phil Hughes’ radar gun readings this spring, but pitchers have been being forced to learn how to pitch with diminished velocity for ages. This is nothing new.

The good news is you don’t have to look too far back to find a pitcher who successfully reinvented himself after losing a few ticks on his fastball. Just last season, CC Sabathia reemerged for the Yankees, logging a 3.91 ERA over 30 starts. His ERA the previous three seasons combined had been nearly a run higher.


2017 Twins Player Predictions: Eddie Rosario

Confidence is something that Eddie Rosario has never really lacked, especially on the baseball field. As Paul Molitor said earlier this spring after Rosario had a three-hit night for Puerto Rico in the WBC “we all know it, Rosie loves the big lights.” That goes back to his days in Elizabethton where he and Miguel Sano put on an incredible power display and Rosario was named Appy League MVP.

Rosario moved up the ranks quickly until his 50-game suspension before the 2014 season. However, he was called up early in 2015 and finished 6th in the American League Rookie of the Year voting and had double-digits in many offensive and defensive categories. However, early in 2016, Rosario was sent down to Rochester for a month, needing to reclaim his game. He came back and was better.

He was a star on the Puerto Rican WBC team, performing well both offensively and defensively. He hit for power, provided a game-winning RBI in the semi-finals game in extra innings, and showed off his rocket arm. Twins fans knew of Rosario, but the WBC made him a household name.