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How do we fix this so called bullpen?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 03:52 AM
This isn't a pile on session, but it's pretty clear that this bullpen is cooked. We now have multiple guys with 8.00+ ERA's, and outside...
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Harper donnybrook

Other Baseball Today, 03:03 AM
https://www.mlb.com/...eos,game=490873   This is more like your traditional baseball fights and we learn that throwing a batting hel...
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Article: Eight Weeks In: Twins Trends And Tidbits

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 03:03 AM
On Monday, the Minnesota Twins endured their worst loss of the year, melting down after Ervin Santana left with a six-run lead on the way...
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Twins Longtime Clubhouse Attendant Jim Wiesner Passes Away

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 03:03 AM
Jim Wiesner loved the game.  And the game love him back.   http://www.startribu...dies/425188143/    
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Minnesota Simpsons Thread Contest

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 10:45 PM
How it works: Post a classic Simpsons image along with a Twins related (or baseball related, but lets keep in most Twins related) captio...
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Eight Weeks In: Twins Trends And Tidbits

On Monday, the Minnesota Twins endured their worst loss of the year, melting down after Ervin Santana left with a six-run lead on the way to an embarrassing 16-8 loss against Houston.

Still, they are 26-21, in first place, and miles ahead of their pace from a year ago. Let's run through some of the latest noteworthy trends and attention-grabbing tidbits – both good and bad.


Where Would the Twins be Without Sano and Santana?

The Twins are in first place, but where would they be sans Miguel Sano and Ervin Santana? Sano has established himself as one of the primary candidates to finish as the runner up to Mike Trout for AL MVP (yep, pretty confident we can already call that one). While Santana's peripherals don't stack up against guys like Chris Sale, he'd still be a contender for AL Cy Young right now.


Key Twins Quarter-Mark Questions

It's hard to believe but baseball has already passed the quarter-mark of the season. What might be even harder for Twins fans to believe is that Minnesota finds themselves in contention. This is a welcome surprise after a tough to watch 2016 season.

There will be some questions facing the Twins in the weeks ahead as there will be plenty of tough decisions left to be made. The future of the franchise could tilt with the first overall pick. However, that player likely won't be making his Target Field debut in 2017.

So what other questions will the new front office have to answer?


The 5 Most Shocking Twins Stats So Far

We are now more than seven weeks into the MLB season and the Minnesota Twins are in first place at 24-18. Who would have guessed?

Taking a deeper dive, let's break down some of the craziest and most jarring individual stats from Twins players thus far as we near the end of May.


Trust The Process And The Stats

Trust the process.

When ballplayers get off to slow starts, that can become a cliche, a catchphrase to talk themselves down a little bit from their early struggles.

Joe Mauer's stats at the end of the season's first month were not good, but a deeper dive showed that things were likely to get better.

They have.


Will Hunter Greene Haunt The Twins?

MLB's 2017 draft is a little over two weeks away. Minnesota has known they have the first overall pick since last fall and the new regime will be doing their due diligence as draft day approaches. With Derek Falvey and Thad Levine overseeing their first draft, there is a lot of pressure for the club to make the right pick.

The Twins have narrowed their list to a handful of players but it seems more likely that the club will be picking from a trio that includes college players Brenden McKay and Kyle Wright and two-way high school player Hunter Greene. McKay and Wright might be the safer picks because of their collegiate experience. Greene could be a once in a generation player on the mound.

At this point, it seems more likely for the Twins to select one of the safer college options. This leaves Greene, a player Sports Illustrated called "the star baseball needs," still on the board. Will passing on Greene haunt the Twins in the years to come?


Young Guns

Over the six-year period from 2011 through 2016, during which the Twins won at a miserable .419 clip and finished last in the division four times, here's how many times a starting pitcher under the age of 27 threw 100-plus innings with a better than average ERA: one.

Scott Diamond, in 2012, posted a fluky 3.54 ERA over 27 starts at age 25. He fizzled out after one more big-league season and is now pitching in Korea.


Backup Backstop Battle Royal?

The Twins new catching duo has helped elevate the pitching staff to respectability, but is it time to break up the backstop tandem of Jason Castro and Chris Gimenez? The veteran pair has drawn rave reviews for their leadership and ability to manage a pitching staff, but both are struggling to provide much offensive value.


Keith Law On The Twins And The 2017 Draft

In the fourth and final installment of a conversation with Keith Law, we discussed what goes into the thinking when a team has the #1 overall pick in the draft. What factors would he use if he was the scouting director for the team with the top selection? I think his response speaks very well to the fact that it is not an easy decision this year. Law’s comments about the options remind us that there are choices at number one, that it’s not a slam dunk choice.

One more reminder, tonight at 6:30, Keith Law will appear with fellow baseball authors Peter Schilling, Jr., and Michael Fallon for a book reading, discussion and signing. Head to Moon Palace Books in southeast Minneapolis to be a part of this event. Get your copy of Smart Baseball signed by Keith Law.

We all know the catch phrase that teams like to use when talking about early draft picks. “Best Player Available” is the popular, and correct, thing to do. Who will be the best player in the minds of your scouting department? That is the player you want.

However, there are many factors that a scouting department will consider in determining who they will select and invest millions of dollars.


Regression For Twins Is Likely, But Not Inevitable

I have some bad news. You probably already know it, at least in the back of your mind. The success of the Minnesota Twins up to this point is not sustainable. At least, not in its current form. They are playing better, without question, but probably not well enough to stay above .500 or near the top of the division.

The good news, though, is that their play could easily improve to a point where winning baseball over the balance of the summer is perfectly plausible.


Keith Law On Derek Falvey And The 2017 Twins

ESPN’s Keith Law will be at Moon Palace Books in Minneapolis at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday night. He’ll be part of a reading, discussion and signing his new book, Smart Baseball. We discussed the book with Law previously, but he was kind enough to discuss some Twins topics as well. We’ll share some of those thoughts in the next day or so. In this installment, Law discussed his thoughts on the quality start of the 2017 Twins season, and what he believes Derek Falvey’s needs might be.


ESPN's Keith Law On Smart Baseball

Most of the Twins Daily readership is fully aware of the name Keith Law. He is the senior baseball writer at ESPN and can also often be seen on TV. His ESPN Insider articles often create some great discussion in our forums. On Thursday night in Minneapolis, you have the opportunity to rub elbows with and listen to baseball talk from Keith Law. You can even get a copy of his new book, Smart Baseball, signed.