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The Value of Prospects

Other Baseball Today, 03:22 AM
I am reading a study right now that 80% of top 100 pitching prospects bust.  Only about 8% are considered "above average".  Sam...
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Front Page: Eddie Rosario's Actual Value Is an Offsea...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:51 AM
I shouldn't be surprised anymore. I really shouldn't.Baseball's award voters have overemphasized traditional baseball-card numbers like w...
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Front Page: Every Team Wants Zack Wheeler

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:10 AM
Zack Wheeler is one of the most sought after free agents this off-season and there will be not shortage of teams interested in his servic...
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Front Page: Jhoan Duran Headlines Twins Roster Additions

Twins Minor League Talk Yesterday, 11:51 PM
The Minnesota Twins have announced that right-handed pitchers Jhoan Duran and Dakota Chalmers, infielder Travis Blankenhorn and outfielde...
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Front Page: Alex Kirilloff Should Make his Twins Debut in...

Twins Minor League Talk Yesterday, 11:48 PM
Alex Kirilloff, the Twins No. 2 prospect and a top 15 prospect in baseball, has been pushing to make it to the big league club over the l...
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Finding the Next Gerrit Cole? A Rocky Proposition

Yesterday, Nick wrote an article talking about how the Twins deserve creditfor acquiring Jake Odorizzi and working with him to find his best self in 2019. Today, I wanted to continue the “Finding the Next Gerrit Cole” theme by literally trying to find someone who could possibly provide the type of impact that Cole had on the Astros. Maybe there is one potential trade candidate out there who fits that mold.


Miguel Sanó Was Everything We Were Promised in 2019

I have been on a number of different roller coasters in my life. In fact, there’s a wonderful picture of my family and I riding Space Mountain from when I was 10 or so and that picture has been sitting proudly in the living room for nearly a decade now. I’m also a fan of the Bleachers song “Rollercoaster” and the Red Hot Chili Peppers track “Love Rollercoaster”. But, despite all this experience with roller coasters, I have never seen one quite like Miguel Sanó’s career.


Twins Trades Show They've Got This Down

My belief for months has been that the Twins will use two distinct avenues to add pitching this offseason. Derek Falvey and Thad Levine have talked about their desire to add impact arms, and while free agency is a tool, so is the trade market. The good news is that they’re great at exploiting the latter.


Women's Baseball Experience Part 3: Why Aren’t There More Women in Baseball? (A.K.A the One Where We Need More Marney)

It only takes a glance at the Twins front office list to see it’s still very much male majority, especially in baseball operations, communications, and broadcasting. What does that tell me as a female baseball fan? Women still aren’t adequately represented in the front offices and operations staff of my favorite team. The old boys club is alive and well.


Should the Twins Look to Add to the Bullpen?

At this time last season all of the offseason talk was about about adding to the bullpen. The only addition, Blake Parker, is no longer on the team but the Twins suddenly have a good bullpen due to some key breakouts. Should the Twins still look to add an impact arm to the bullpen this offseason?


Every Team Wants Zack Wheeler

Zack Wheeler is one of the most sought after free agents this off-season and there will be not shortage of teams interested in his services. Minnesota has been connected to Wheeler, but there is no guarantee that he will wind up in a Twins uniform. Let’s dive into the Wheeler market and see what could separate the Twins from his other offers.


Women's Baseball Experience Part 2: Women Who Work in Baseball (A.K.A the One Where We Got a Panel of Female Employees Instead of a Player’s Wife)

When you sign up for the Women’s Baseball Experience, they only have “Program and Women in Sports Panel *Please check back for panel list” on the description. In 2018 the panel consisted of Lindsey Buxton with Marney as the host. Lindsey was a good sport and answered our questions about Byron and what it’s like to watch him run into walls, but one thing Lindsey isn’t is an employee of a Major League Baseball team.


Jhoan Duran Headlines Twins Roster Additions

The Minnesota Twins have announced that right-handed pitchers Jhoan Duran and Dakota Chalmers, infielder Travis Blankenhorn and outfielders Luke Raley and Gilberto Celestino have been added to the team's 40-man roster.

The Twins roster now sits at 37 players.


Find the Next Gerrit Cole? Twins Have Shown the Knack

Fresh off a Cy Young-caliber campaign and dominant postseason run, Gerrit Cole hits the free agent market as top prize among starting pitchers. Jake Odorizzi wouldn't have been too far behind him, had he not accepted a qualifying offer from the Twins last week.

While the Astros rightfully receive endless praise for their acquisition and activation of Cole, the Twins deserve more credit for doing the same thing – albeit it a lesser extent – with Odorizzi.


Was Luis Arraez for Real in 2019?

Last winter the Minnesota Twins inked former All-Star Jonathan Schoop to a one-year, $7.5 million pact. He ended up playing in 121 games but was eventually overtaken by Luis Arraez for the starting role. After Arraez looked the part of Tony Gwynn reincarnate, it’s worth wondering what his encore will look like.


Offseason Blueprint: Riding the Rochester Shuttle, Improving the Rotation, and Going Big on Catcher

The Twins can breathe a little sigh of relief knowing that Jake Odorrizi will now join Jose Berrios in the rotation for 2020, but there is still plenty of work to be done. With money to spend and an open window, the focus will be improving the rotation and making the offense even stronger, while finding relief in the Rochester Shuttle.


Women's Baseball Experience Part 1: Woo! Fun on the Field! (A.K.A the One Where They Actually Let Us on the Target Field Grass!!!)

Every once in a while I get inspired to write up something at a level beyond my Twitter feed. After the Women’s Baseball Experience this year, I wanted to write it up, but struggled with how. I finally decided it needed three parts – what happens during the session, the panel after the field portion, and my baseball experience as a woman along with what I want as a female baseball fan.