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Dozier Trade Discussion Thread

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:11 AM
Let's discuss the impending trade of Brian Dozier here:
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Keith Law System Ranks

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 07:11 AM
Twins are ranked #11.   http://www.espn.com/...er/post?id=6115   Summary is that the Twins have some depth of talent in the min...
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Article: The Twins Are Going to Win 80 Games in 2017

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:22 AM
I wrote for Cold Omaha today that I think the Twins will win 80 games this season. Discussion, as always, appreciated:    http:...
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Different Dodgers Trade

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 05:35 AM
I read an article linked to Ken Rosenthal's Twitter feed:   http://www.foxsports...bo-notes-011917   Here is a quote:   "F...
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Article: In His Words: Nick Gordon's 2016 Season

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 05:31 AM
His story has always included mention of his bloodlines. Nick Gordon is the son of long-time big league pitcher Tom “Flash” Gordon. His o...
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The All-Time Worst Twins: Matt Walbeck

This part of the deep offseason can be full of a lot of downtime for baseball fans. Lucky enough for readers of this site, I have been offering up profiles of some of the worst players in the history of the Twins franchise.

So far, the series has covered Butch Huskey, Rondell White, and Scott Klingenbeck. Huskey offered some entertaining moments in his brief Twins tenure. White had an All-Star career but his time in Minnesota was lacking. Klingenbeck showed some positive signs in the minor leagues before bottoming out at the big league level.

In all three of the previous posts in this series, I have asked for readers to chime in with their picks for the worst Twins of all-time. This week's featured player got plenty of votes over the last couple weeks and it made it tough to ignore his terrible time with the Twins.

Introducing, the latest installment in the "Worst Twins of All-Time Series"... Matt Walbeck


Twins To Deploy More Platoons In 2017?

The ever-shrinking bench of an American League team may seem limiting, but there are still a number of things a team can try to accomplish when building a bench. The only real requirement is to have a backup catcher and enough flexibility from the other guys to provide insurance elsewhere. Beyond that, a bench can be used to stash guys: one-dimensional players, Rule 5 picks, players who are out of options, veterans or good clubhouse guys.

Another option is to round out a bench with a platoon player or two. With platooning continuing to gain traction among managers, one thing that is going out of style is carrying players who are strictly bench guys. But even that can be done with success.


Don't Sleep On Phil Hughes

Can the Twins compete this year?

The general response to this question is going to be no, given that Minnesota finished as baseball's worst team in 2016.

However, one thing that would vastly improve their odds would be a return to form – of any sort – from Phil Hughes, who could join Ervin Santana to form a quality veteran tandem atop the rotation if his surgery proves to be smashing success.

That, of course, is an enormous "if."


Forecasting Mauer's Remaining Years

When the Twins signed Joe Mauer to the largest contract in team history, fans were excited to see what the future could hold. He was coming off an MVP season where he rewrote the record books when it comes to offense from the catching position. Minnesota was annually in the playoff hunt and optimism was running high.

Flash forward six seasons and that optimism has run out. Mauer is no longer behind the plate and Minnesota is in the midst of one of the franchise's worst stretches. So what can fans expect from Mauer with two years left on his monster deal?


How Does Keeping Dozier Fit With Long-Term View?

Ever since first stepping into their roles leading the Minnesota Twins baseball operations department, both Derek Falvey and Thad Levine have been talking about the big picture.

So how would keeping Brian Dozier, whose value is at a high point, align with the future-focused approach that this regime has espoused?


NOW AVAILABLE: 2017 Twins Prospect Handbook

Whether you knew it or not, this is the moment you've long been waiting for: You can now get your hands on the 2017 Twins Prospect Handbook.

Just shy of 170 minor leagues are profiled in the now-available book. But that's not all! Prospect rankings, a wide-variety of articles and more are also included.


Ready Or Not, Twins Have Turned To Prospects

Each offseason, baseball's front offices put forth a painstakingly detailed effort to build an organization of hundreds of players across a number of levels. Each element of the organization is agonized over. Every possible weakness is intimately inspected.

Like a painter expertly applying each brushstroke, front offices attempt to create their own masterpieces. Sometimes they'll make one broad stroke, then take a step back and measure up their next move. Other times, they'll make a series of smaller strokes with a fine brush all in one flurry of action, obsessing over some minute detail until it's just so.



Are the Twins and Dodgers moving on from Brian Dozier trade talks? It's beginning to look that way. Let's break down the latest developments and potential ramifications.


Four Twins Arbitration Decisions Looming Again

Back in November, the Twins had to decide whether or not to offer 2017 contracts to six players. They non-tendered Trevor Plouffe (who now has an agreement with the A’s). The Twins agreed to terms with Eduardo Escobar who will make $2.6 million in 2017. The Twins offered arbitration to four other players for 2017: Hector Santiago, Brandon Kintzler, Kyle Gibson and Ryan Pressly.

If those players do not have an agreement with the Twins by Friday (several players already have), the two sides will exchange numbers. Obviously the player and his agent will ask the team for a number. The Twins side will likely think that number is a bit high and will come in with their own number, likely lower. Most often, the two sides wind up meeting somewhere near the midpoint on a deal.


Pursuing Jose Bautista Seems Unconventional

While the Hot Stove has cooled down on any Brian Dozier rumblings, news out of the Twin Cities has the Twins interested in adding other depth to their roster. MLB.com's Rhett Bollinger is reporting the Twins have touched base with multiple agents for position players and this includes former Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista.

A conflicting report from the Star Tribune's LaVelle E. Neal III says the speculation surrounding Bautista needs to cool down. He's "hearing the Twins aren't interested in him."

So which report is correct and does signing a free agent slugger fit with the Twins' current direction?


Twins Make Their Mark At SportCon

The worlds of analytics and sport are increasingly merging, a fact celebrated by MinneAnalytics on Tuesday with its inaugural SportCon event at the University of St. Thomas.

Two members of the Minnesota Twins front office who perhaps best embody this dynamic – Derek Falvey and Jack Goin – were fittingly on hand as panelists.


Similarities Between The Twins And Wolves

Fans of the Minnesota Twins came into the 2016 season with some high hopes and expectations following their first winning season since 2010. The team went on to set a team record with 103 losses.

Fans of the Minnesota Timberwolves came into this 2016-17 season with some high hopes and expectations. They had a new head coach with plenty of experience to work with the Wolves young talent. Even with a win on Monday night against Dallas, the Wolves are still just 12-26 on their season.