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Nelson Cruz wants 2 years

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 08:12 AM
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MLB.com report on instructional league prospects

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 07:30 AM
In case you haven't seen it, mlb.com has published an article on the prospects at instructional league camp and their progress.   ht...
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MLB Sees Local TV And Streaming Viewership Up Over 4% For...

Other Baseball Yesterday, 09:08 PM
Twins local viewership up 9%.   Link to the article at Forbes:   https://www.forbes.c...0/#36bd03b33dac
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Re-Load vs. Re-Tool vs. Re-Build for 2021

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 08:14 AM
The Twins certainly have options this winter now that the core has been here long enough to make some tough calls. Which is the best rout...
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2020 MLB (non-Twins) Postseason Discussion Thread

Other Baseball Yesterday, 09:24 PM
Feel free to chime in here about any of the (non-Twins) 2020 MLB postseason games!
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3 Things the World Series Teams Have That the Twins Are Missing

Every MLB franchise wants to be in the positions occupied by the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Tampa Bay Rays. Getting to the World Series is no easy feat, but both these teams were at the top of their respective leagues for the majority of the regular season. So, what do the World Series teams have that the Twins are missing?


Minnesota Made: Kent Hrbek

The Land of 10,000 Lakes has a rich history of cultivating homegrown talent in the sport of baseball. Hear the authentic stories of those who grew in Minnesota and have had the chance to fulfill the childhood dream of wearing a Twins jersey.


Offseason Outlook: Hard Truths and Hamstrung Priorities

In running the first several episodes of Offseason Live, and tinkering with our Twins payroll tool, it's become evident to me that the Twins will face some real challenges and difficult decisions this offseason.

Here's what I've learned.


The Twins Should Try to Net A Marlin

Rumor has it the Twins engaged in trade talks with the Marlins during last year’s winter meetings during the famous Eddie Rosario talks. Almost a year later, the Marlins have shelled out several pieces of their young rotation but still have plenty of overflow. The Twins may very well look to engage in trade talks once again this winter.


Who could be the Twins' Randy Arozarena?

There has arguably been no better story in the 2020 MLB playoffs than the emergence of Tampa Bay Rays’ outfielder Randy Arozarena out of obscurity and into the collective baseball zeitgeist.


The Littell Dilemma

The Dodgers have a 2-1 series lead in the World Series as I type this. It’s possible that the World Series is over as early as Sunday. Even if the series goes seven games, the series will be over Wednesday and the offseason will begin. Teams will have decisions to make. The Twins will have to make one interesting decision pretty quickly.


Most Valuable Non-Prospect Pitching Trade Pieces

Last week, I wrote about the Most Valuable Non-Prospect Offensive Trade Pieces. This week I will focus on which non-prospect pitchers I think are most valuable on the trade market. These are players that I don’t necessarily think will, or should, get traded but provide the most valuable towards a hypothetical move.


Here's What a Postseason Start Looks Like in 2020

This is the new normal. Postseason pitching staff management has changed, as starting pitchers going deep into games becomes more and more rare. Here’s a look into a typical postseason start leading up to the World Series this season.


Play with the Twins' Payroll at TwinsPayroll.com

What do you think the Twins should do this winter to prepare for the 2021 season? Do you have all (or at least some) of the answers? Show us by creating your own 2021 Twins team at TwinsPayroll.com.


Twins Free Agent Targets: Catcher and Infield

While their flexibility on the open market will be largely dictated by their decisions with payroll, internal free agents, and arbitration, the Minnesota Twins will surely be active in addressing needs via free agency this winter.

Today we examine key targets at catcher and infield.


Re-Creating the Bullpen in the Aggregate

The film Moneyball was recently uploaded to Netflix. Naturally, I watched it the first day it was available because of how hard it slaps (and because it documents the last time the Twins won a playoff series). In it there’s a famous scene where Brad Pitt points out that the scouts were looking at their problem all wrong when it came to free agency. They were trying to replace Jason Giambi, the exiting MVP, instead of re-creating him.


Designated Hitter Gets New Wrench for Twins in 2021

If you’ve played around with the Twins Daily payroll tool at all, you’ve quickly understood one of the swing moves for the offseason relates to how much money is spent on the designated hitter. Specifically, is Nelson Cruz brought back, or is it time to move on? Now new developments make the question even more noteworthy.