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Blake Snell a trade target or not

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 08:38 PM
I would personally be happy to offer up Kirilloff and a few other prospects for him!!! What do you guys think he would cost and would you...
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Rosario Placed on Outright Waiver

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 08:22 PM
https://www.mlbtrade...ht-waivers.html So long, at least temporarily, old friend.
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Sherman: Thad Levine a "Player" in Phillies Baseb...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 06:01 PM
According to Joel Sherman of the NY Post, Twins GM Thad Levine may be a candidate in the Phillies search for a Director of Baseball Opera...
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Free Agency / Re-Signings 2020-21 Offseason

Other Baseball Today, 07:49 PM
Free agency is likely going to be a really slow burn this year, but I still think it's worth having a thread to discuss signings. ...
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Is Cruz a MUST signing? And what if he doesn't fit?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 04:46 PM
Let me state I love Cruz and want him back if possible. I not only believe he brings class, experience, knowledge and leadership to the t...
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Twins Spotlight Replay: Episode 6 (Cody Laweryson)

At noon (central time) today (Monday), Seth chatted with Minnesota Twins right-handed pitching prospect Cody Laweryson.

The discussion is available live on the Twins Daily social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube pages.
Image courtesy of Elizabethton Twins
Cody Laweryson was the Twins 14th round draft pick in 2019 out of the University of Maine. Upon signing, he spent most of the rest of that season at Elizabethton where he pitched in ten games. In 41 innings, he walked nine and struck out 59 batters. He posted a 1.76 ERA and a0.83 WHIP. He made one start in Cedar Rapids and threw five shutout innings. He gave up two hits, walked one and struck out four batters.

For the efforts, Twins Daily named him the 2019 Twins Short-Season Pitcher of the Year.

Recently, Laweryson participated in the Twins Instructional League in Ft. Myers. We'll talk to him about the draft, his pro debut, a strange 2020 season and what lies ahead for him.

Please watch LIVE at noon on the Twins Daily Twitter, Facebook or YouTube pages live. Also feel free to ask questions in the comments below or on those platforms during the show and we'll ask them.

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Here is the YouTube link:

More on Cody Laweryson: Previous episodes

Episode 1: Tom Hackimer
Episode 2: Matt Canterino
Episode 3: Aaron Whitefield
Episode 4: Spencer Steer
Episode 5: Travis Blankenhorn

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The link, Seth, takes you to the Nov. 4 interview with Blankenhorn.


Looking forward to listening to this interview, thought he had a fantastic year however long ago it was when he broke in at ETon.


Is it final, are the ETon Twins toast next year?


The link, Seth, takes you to the Nov. 4 interview with Blankenhorn.


Looking forward to listening to this interview, thought he had a fantastic year however long ago it was when he broke in at ETon.


Is it final, are the ETon Twins toast next year?


Thanks for pointing this out. Not sure what happened, but the video is now updated.


E-Twins (And the whole Appy League) will be part of a college wood bat league.


There are definitely going to be changes in the minors. 

Most recent rumors online have the Midwest League and Florida State League switching High-A to Low-A and vice versa.

Looks like Pensacola will be a Miami AA affiliate.

Probable that the Saints will be a Twins affiliate. AA? Maybe? Or AAA? But could the International League drop to AA? 


I'm just not sure what it will look like in the end. 

Cody is an exciting prospect. Hope he continues to improve and impress. Kind of an underdog, coming from a rural area, low profile college. Like his attitude to attack the batter.

    • LoveMyPug likes this

Very interesting news, Seth. Kind of makes sense to have the FSL with teams in many spring training ballparks be one step up from the rookie ball teams that are also located there.


Will love seeing Cedar Rapids as Hi-A. Have mixed emotions about losing P'Cola as their AA team. Liked everything about that team from the league to location of the ballpark. Will be interesting to see where they end up for AA.

Thanks, Seth, for another great interview. Really impressed with Cody, what a sharp young man.


Kept thinking while you were talking about the U of Maine that I had an old friend who went out there and was an assistant coach for the Black Bears hockey team for probably 20 years. Would have been gone before Cody got there, but was wondering if he ever crossed paths with Grant Standbrook.


With yesterday's Pfizer news and today's Eli Lily news, could we all be so fortunate to be one big step closer to having a normal spring summer of baseball? 


Thanks again, really enjoyed his discussion about what last summer was like for him and the extra 2 mph on his fastball. Do you know where that puts it at?

David Youngs
Nov 11 2020 01:46 PM

Wonderful interview! What a cool story- Go Black Bears!