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Twins Daily Minor League Draft: Rounds 1-4

The Minnesota Twins have one of the highest rank farm systems in all the major leagues with multiple top-100 prospects and a strong pipeline to the big leagues. With all that talent, what would happen if all these players were thrown into a six-team draft? What kind of rosters could be created? What kind of strategy would be involved? Some of the Twins Daily writers set out to answer these questions.
Image courtesy of Pensacola Blue Wahoos (Trevor Larnach, Royce Lewis, Alex Kirilloff))
Here is some background on the draft rules before getting into the results. There were 16 rounds in the draft with the draft order being randomly selected prior to starting. Players had to be picked at their primary position but if a player had 15 or more games at a position, they could be selected for that position as well. All players must have “prospect” or “rookie” status to be draft eligible.

Positions on each team included: Catcher, first base, second base, third base, shortstop, three outfielders, a bench player/hitter, three starting pitchers, three relief pitchers, and an extra pitcher.

(Please note that comments under the picks were made by the person making the selection. After reading this, be sure to also click on some of the available links on each player for more on each.)

Round 1

Seth Stohs - Royce Lewis, SS
#1 spot, have to go with the #1 prospect, right? Teams want to be strong up the middle, and whether Lewis plays shortstop or center field, I feel good about having him on this roster. He’ll likely hit first, second or third for me too. (The Defensive Future of Royce Lewis) (Royce Lewis Is Putting It All On Display)

Steve Lein - Alex Kirilloff, 1B
I'll start with the best pure hitter in the organization, and also likely one of the best in the minor leagues. I'm going to play him at 1B for now because I think impact outfielders will be easier to come by. (Alex Kirilloff, Trevor Larnach, and Learning From Past Mistakes) (Alex Kirilloff Should Make his Twins Debut in 2020)

Ted Schwerzler - Jordan Balazovic, RHSP
Although I like that a clone of the second pick is available here, I think anchoring the rotation with a potential ace works out. (Have The Twins Fixed Their Velocity Problem?) (How MLB’s Delayed Start Could Impact Minnesota’s Rotation)

Cody Christie - Trevor Larnach, OF
I think I have the easiest pick in the draft. I’m happy with whomever Ted left for me. But please, let it be the player I want. Alex Kirilloff’s clone is available. I’ll take Trevor Larnach as the player that I think could have been the first pick in this draft and he could be the Twins best position player over the next 10 years. (Pending Prospects: Which Outfielder Will Be Called up First?) (Trevor Larnach Homers in First MLB Spring At-Bat)

Jeremy Nygaard - Jhoan Duran, RHSP
For me, there were five prospects in the top tier, and I was going to take whichever one fell. Getting arguably the top pitching prospect at this point is fine with me as I feel there is more position player depth than frontline pitching. (Get to Know Twins RHP Prospect Jhoan Duran) (Jhoan Duran Headlines Twins Roster Additions)

Matt Braun - Ryan Jeffers, C
A bit annoyed that I missed out on the guys who I believed to be truly elite, but Jeffers is no slouch. Not only will he be by far the best catching prospect available, his offense and defense both have trended upward since being drafted and he’ll look to potentially grow in the future. (Get to Know Ryan Jeffers)

Round 2

Matt Braun - Lewis Thorpe, LHSP
While there were a few other solid pitching options, Thorpe provides the immediate upside that few can match. His strikeout potential appears to be immense and the fact that he held his own at the major league level gives me great hope. (5 Questions with Twins Pitcher Lewis Thorpe) (What’s Next for Lewis Thorpe?)

Jeremy Nygaard - Gilberto Celestino, OF
I hoped that Jeffers would fall, and maybe that would have been the wiser pick at #5 considering Matt may not have taken two pitchers, but I stuck to my board. This pick was more difficult because there were a number of different trains of thought: Do I take the best prospect? Do I take the best player at a position of scarcity? At the end, though, I thought it would be smartest to take someone who could fill premium defensive (CF) and offensive (leadoff) positions. (Could Gilberto Celestino or Royce Lewis Cover Center if Byron Buxton Gets Injured?)

Cody Christie - Blayne Enlow, RHSP
I wanted a starting pitcher with this pick, and I’ve been high on Enlow for multiple years. I think he has the potential to be a top of the rotation starter. The Twins don’t have a ton of players that fit that mold and I wanted to make sure I had a player that could anchor my pitching rotation. (For Enlow and Other Minor Leaguers, “No One Is Safe” At Trade Deadline)

Ted Schwerzler - Matt Canterino, RHSP
Might as well stick with pitching here. Canterino was a 2nd round pick in 2019 and immediately made an impact on the pro mound. He’s got a quirky delivery, but there’s a bunch of strikeouts on the way and I think the ceiling is very high. (Matt Canterino: Pitcher and Problem Solver) (Q&A with Matt Canterino)

Steve Lein - Randy Dobnak, SP
This may be the first pick that surprises, but it shouldn't. Dobnak has been the most consistent starter in the Twins organization since May 16th...of 2018. In that time he has a near 2.00 ERA and hasn't given up more than 4 runs in ANY outing, from A-ball to the majors. (5 Questions with Twins Pitcher Randy Dobnak) (Randy Dobnak Is Better Than You Think)

Seth Stohs - Brent Rooker, OF
You love getting to draft first, but then it’s a long wait while a lot of great players and prospects are taken. I thought I would take some pitching here, but instead, I’m going to just mash. Rooker put up some great numbers for nearly two months in Rochester in 2019 (May/June) before his season came to an early end. He’s also nearly big-league ready. (5 Questions with Twins Prospect Brent Rooker) (Brent Rooker Is ‘Ready to Go’ For a ‘Big’ Year)

Round 3

Seth Stohs - Matt Wallner, OF
Continuing the theme, I’ll take a Minnesota kid who was the Twins Competitive Balance pick in 2019. Wallner was Mr. Minnesota, drafted by the Twins as a pitcher (2016), went to Southern Mississippi, became an All-American outfielder with great power. (Get to know Matt Wallner)

Steve Lein - Edwar Colina SP
I may regret not taking a position player at this point, but after taking a rock for the rotation I'll go upside here. I watched Colina hit 100 MPH on the gun at Spring Training before baseball got shut down, and he has a good slider as well. (Triple-Digit Shoes to Fill)

Ted Schwerzler - Keoni Cavaco SS
This feels like a steal at where we are in the draft. Cavaco didn’t debut well in his first pro season, but he’s both young and raw while having immense tools. I’ll gamble on the upside here. (Cali Connection Jumps Draft Boards: Q&A with Keoni Cavaco)

Cody Christie - Ben Rortvedt, C
Catcher is a tough position to fill and I thought it was a great time to get the second-best catcher in the system. His AFL experience from last year will help him in the years ahead. Some might think it was a reach at this point, but I wanted to fill an up the middle position with one of the team’s top prospects. (Prospect Spotlight Video: Ben Rortvedt)

Jeremy Nygaard - Devin Smeltzer LHSP
My target list for this spot was wiped out with the previous picks, with the exception of Smeltzer. So I'll stick with my theme of 2018 Deadline acquisitions and complete my 1-2 Righty/Lefty punch. (Get to know Devin Smeltzer and his story)

Matt Braun - Jose Miranda 3B
This is kind of a weird portion of the draft now where I have to go with my gut. I love Miranda’s offensive upside and the fact that there are a limited number of other great third baseman available in the Twins’ system. (Get to Know Jose Miranda)

Round 4

Matt Braun - Cole Sands RHSP
Much like Miranda, there are a number of other great choices for a pitcher with solid upside. Sands is still somewhat of an unknown but he was a strike-throwing machine when healthy and could move quicklybecause of his status as a college arm.

Jeremy Nygaard - LaMonte Wade Jr LF
Had a hard time deciding what direction I wanted to go here. With Celestino and Wade locked into two outfield spots, I know I'm going to be giving up a power position, but Wade's ability to get on base was too much to pass on. Not sure with one of my outfielders will lead off now, but really like both of their ability to impact the game from the top of the lineup. (Get to Know LaMonte Wade, Jr.)

Cody Christie - Misael Urbina, CF
Much like my catcher pick earlier in the draft, I’m going for an up-the-middle player with this pick. Adding him with Larnach in the outfield could be a fun pair to watch. Urbina might have some of the highest upside of any player in the organization and he has all the tools to be an impact player. (Twins Tied to Misael Urbina, Expected to be “Aggressive” Internationally)

Ted Schwerzler - Travis Blankenhorn 2B
Up the middle should now be covered on my team by adding a guy that could debut for the Twins in 2020. Blankenhorn has positional flexibility, good bat skills, and should hit for doubles power at worst. (Get to Know Travis Blankenhorn) (5 Questions with Travis Blankenhorn)

Steve Lein - Nick Gordon SS
I was focusing on Gordon or Blankenhorn here, happy to get the one that can play SS. When healthy, he's also been a good hitter I can have set the table from the top of the lineup.

Seth Stohs - Dakota Chalmers RH SP
Chalmers completed his Tommy John rehab after coming to the Twins in an August 2018 deal. He possesses a big arm with upper-90s velocity. He's also got the makings of a couple of plus secondary pitches. Needs innings and time, but he has a high ceiling. (Get to Know Dakota Chalmers)

We are hoping to do some fun things with the finalized rosters in the weeks ahead. After four rounds, who has the best roster so far? Leave a COMMENT and start the discussion.

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Gotta say, I'm liking that Matt kid and his selections. 

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IF you want to make the sleeper draft pick in the whole Twins org, it is Chris Vallimont.


I have seen lots of pitchers pitch for the Miracle.Jordan Balazovic was absolutely the best but Chris Vallimont Ft Myers home debut was not that far behind.He was virtually unhittable in his last 3 starts for the Miracle with 25 strikeouts in 19.2 innings giving up just 9 hits and 4 walks.  

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A little surprised Wade was selected. I think the kid still has a chance despite a poor 2019. A good eye and solid OB skills with solid defense just don't go away. But it feels like he is a tease at this point. He seems to have all the ability to be a perfect 4th OF who can fill in anywhere and who can do everything well, just not great. With that being said, he seems to posses enough overall ability to mature in to a potential starting corner OF...who could fill in at CF...and have the triple slash line to be productive and even dangerous as a #1 or #2 hitter along with good defense. (A better Cave). But I need to see a step forward we haven't seen yet.

Really interested/excited by Seth's selection of Chalmers. If I could pick ONE GUY in the entire system who gets potentially screwed with no milb season, it's Dakota. (Though he could/should be on any proposed taxi squad). How many times have we seen a big arm have issues early on and then find the right place and time where he is healthy, learned and grown, and then is ready to rock?

IF he is 100% and ready to go he has to work on control, duh, and find a 3rd pitch to keep him as a SP. Changeup, palmball, splitter, cutter, SOMEBODY find him a 3rd reliable pitch and you could have something solid to special. Who cares if injury set him back a full season or so. The wait could be worth it. I just think it's a mistake to speculate he's a RP waiting to happen. And he could be a great one! But I would be willing to give him at least another season, perhaps two considering where we are right now.

Stud RP or quality/potential SP? I'm OK with the RP idea. I just want to give him enough time to know for sure.
I was a bit jealous of Seth's selections right before me in the 2nd/3rd round, thought for sure he'd take at least 1 pitcher, as I wanted this guy on my squad:

I've been off the Nick Gordon bandwagon for a while now. Still, it's not impossible that he winds up being a very competent major league middle-infielder (probably 2B), and at fourth round he seems like less of a reach than if picked earlier. This in turn means that Steve Lein got a couple of pitchers and a very good bat, so at the moment I think I give the nod to him.

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