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Twins Daily Draft Preview: Locals

There’s always plenty of interest in draft-eligible local players and this year is no different, with a couple of possibilities hoping to hear their names called on the first day.

Today we’ll look at eight prospects with local ties.
Logan Shore (RHP, Florida) - The Twins drafted Shore out of Coon Rapids High School in the 29th round of the 2013 draft. He didn’t sign and has starred at Florida now for three seasons. Shore lacks projectability - he is what he is - but features what might be the best change-up in the draft. He’s not overpowering; his fastball sits in the low-90s. He fits the profile of what the Twins used to draft perfectly. Recently, though, the Twins have focused more on power arms and Shore seems likely to come off of the board between the the club’s first and second picks.

Ryan Boldt (OF, Nebraska) - Boldt entered his senior season in 2013 looking like a possible Top 10 pick. He injured his knee, missed the season and dropped to the 22nd round. The Red Sox drafted him and made a late push to sign him, but he ultimately went to Nebraska. Boldt tore it up as a freshman and scouts drooled over what he could become. But part of that projection was the anticipation that Boldt would develop power. He hasn’t. Despite that, Boldt is still likely to be drafted in the second or third round.

Nick Hanson (RHP, Prior Lake HS; Savage MN) - A Kentucky commit, Hanson is a late-bloomer. He started throwing over 90 mph in the last year and also features a power-curve that is among the best any prep offers. Hanson is young - he’s still 17 - and the Twins have to have the most thorough scouting report since he hasn’t been doing too much pitching on the national circuit and he’s right in their backyard. Hanson should go on Day 1 and given the Twins multiple picks later in the day, there’s a decent chance the Twins could pop him.

Austin Athmann (C, Minnesota) - Athmann has battled injury issues but has managed to stay healthy last summer through this season and he’s done some serious damage with his bat. The junior backstop will lead the Gophers into the regionals batting .367/.438/.622 with 11 home runs. Athmann could hear his name called on the second day of the draft.

Zach Muckenhirn (LHP, North Dakota; Delano, MN prep) - Muckenhirn is in a unique position. A potential Day Two pick, Muckenhirn could leave the disbanded UND program and join any team he wants next season without sitting out. Muckenhirn started off the season with a bang but slowed as the season progressed, which may suggest that his smallish frame is built better for a bullpen role, where his low-90s fastball could see a jump as well.

Dalton Sawyer (LHP, Minnesota) - The Twins drafted Sawyer in the 27th round last year, but couldn’t agree on a bonus. This year, Sawyer will find himself drafted much higher and get a bonus for much less than the Twins offered last year… because he’s a senior. The big lefty who throws a low-to-mid-90s fastball could find himself drafted in the Top 10 rounds as teams look to get creative with their draft pools.

Alex Call (OF, Ball State; River Falls, WI prep) - Call played his prep ball about 40 miles from Target Field before heading to Ball State where he was named MAC Player of the Year this season. Call does a little bit of everything from hitting dingers (13) to stealing bases (17). Call is a similar prospect to current Twin farmhand Max Murphy.

Spencer Van Scoyoc (LHP/OF, Thomas Jefferson HS, Cedar Rapids, IA) - Not as local as the rest, but Van Scoyoc plays baseball just a few hours away in the same city as a lot of Twins prospects - where we have a lot of readers. Van Scoyoc is committed to Arizona State and is all about projection. Skinny and 6-4, Van Scoyoc throws in the high-80s but has more in the tank. He throws a good curveball for his current stage of development. He also offers a powerful left-handed swing. The likelihood is that MLB teams recognize Van Scoyoc needs the development of college ball, but he’ll make an interesting prospect to follow three years from now.

We’ll start profiling some players that might hear their named called at #15 tomorrow.

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Hey Jeremy-what about the kid from Duluth that had 30+ homers this year? Is he a descent prospect?
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Hey Jeremy-what about the kid from Duluth that had 30+ homers this year? Is he a descent prospect?


Alex Wojciechowski is his name... I'm guessing Jeremy just didn't want to have to spell that a couple of times, and I can't blame him. For UMD this year, he hit .442/.506/.973 (1.479) with 14 doubles, 3 triples, 33 homers and 101 RBI in 55 games. He is about 6-5 and at least 230 and a 1st baseman. I think he'd be hard to NOT take in a late round. He's a senior from Coon Rapids.


But he's not the only Bulldogs player worth being interested in, if only it was just based on stats.


Jimmy Heck is a 2B from St. Louis Park. This year, he hit .424/.498/.741 (1.239) with 12 doubles, 17 homers and 78 RBI. He's 6-5 and 225 pounds. A big second baseman.


Kyle Comer is a 6-1, 220 pound 3B from Rhinelander, Wisconsin. He hit .435/.510/.745 (1.255) with 20 doubles, four triples and 13 homers. 


The last two names are seniors too. Of course, at that level, the concern about level of competition comes into play for scouts, well beyond the stats themselves. 


Another name to consider... Bismarck Century (same high school Carson Wentz is from) has a RHP named Dalton Feeney. Again, competition matters, but he has something like a 0.24 ERA this year. He's thrown 2 perfect games. But, he's been on scouts' radars for more than 3 years already. He's committed to the University of Missouri. He sits right around 90, but has been clocked as high as 95. He's definitely one to watch though he said that it'll completely depend on where he's drafted and what he's offered. Like Shore and Boldt three years ago, he's a guy who could go on Day 2, but if he doesn't go pretty early, he'll fall (maybe out of the draft) because scouts know he likely won't sign. 

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Speaking of players from Cedar Rapids... isn't that where AJ Puk is from?


Also, Perfect Game ranks Dalton Feeney as the #1 prospect in ND, #200 overall. They have Muckenhirn at #330 overall. (Though Muckenhirn is much more likely to sign)

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Jeremy Nygaard
May 31 2016 08:47 AM
After all the Twitter angst I read about when the Twins celebrated whatever North Dakota team they celebrated, I decided against two nodakers. I included Muckenhirn mostly cause he has unique options.

I haven't gotten any Thursday/Friday vibes about the UMD guys, so I passed on them. Not to say it's impossible but I took the eight I wanted.

Thought about including some Twins relatives or former picks too, but no one wants to read THAT much.
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Good stuff, thanks everyone.

    • gunnarthor likes this

A few notes on players I have scouted this spring:



Trevor Moses is a d2 commit from Mahtomedi who IMO is the best prep hitter in the state. He probably won't be drafted this year, but keep an eye on him down the road.


Michael Busch from Simley is committed to North Carolina, and he is athletic enough to stick at short and was his high school quarterback, so his arm is strong enough to stay on the left side of the diamond.


Sam Bridges from South St. Paul has a good fastball/curveball mix, but I have noticed that he has a tendency to tip his pitches. Bridges is committed to Minnesota.

What about the pair of WI prep players? Twins in on those two?


 Not to say it's impossible but I took the eight I wanted.

Thought about including some Twins relatives or former picks too, but no one wants to read THAT much.


I bet I would... 

Jeremy Nygaard
May 31 2016 06:54 PM

What about the pair of WI prep players? Twins in on those two?

Lux will be gone before the Twins get back on the clock.

Ben Rortvedt will be taken later on Thursday. He could be in the mix if he's available. It will be interesting to see what his price tag is.
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