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Get To Know Twins Catching Prospect Trevor Casanova

Early on Day 3 of the 2018 MLB Draft, Trevor Casanova was at home with his family when he was selected by the Minnesota Twins. Their 13th-round draft pick out of Cal State-Northridge, Casanova quickly signed in Ft. Myers and make the trek north to Elizabethton. He has been given consistent playing time. He has caught about one-third of the E-Twins games and often been the DH when he isn’t behind the plate. Recently, Twins Daily was able to catch up with Trevor Casanova. Continue reading to get to know him a little bit.
Image courtesy of Mariana Guzman (photo of Trevor Casanova)
On Thursday night, Casanova went 1-for-3 with a home run. Through his first 24 games as a professional baseball player, he has hit .313/.383/.469 (.852) with nine doubles and two home runs.

We would like to thank Trevor for taking time to answer our questions. Please feel free to ask questions and congratulate Trevor in the Comments below.

Seth Stohs (SS): Growing up in southern California, who was your favorite team to follow? Who were some of your favorite players?

Trevor Casanova (TC): My favorite team growing up would be the Angels, my mom and my step dad are huge Angel fans so I decided to jump on board with them. Some of my favorite players growing up were Ken Griffey Jr, Pudge Rodriguez, Mike Piazza

SS: What were some of the better memories of your high school baseball career? Did you play other sports or were you involved in other activities?

TC: Honestly, I only played one year of high school baseball but I would have to say showing up every day with your close friends and the life long relationships I have because of it is the best memory to me. I did not play any other sports, only baseball.

SS: What was the recruitment process like for you out of high school, and what was it about El Camino College that made it the right choice for you??

TC: Out of high school I did not have high enough grades to get recruited anywhere so there was no recruiting process for me. I ended going to three different junior colleges before I found the right fit for me at El Camino. The coaches at El Camino believed in me and my abilities as a human being and gave me an opportunity to pursue my dreams even considering my background as a student. That’s how I knew it was right fit.

SS: And then the recruitment at El Camino. What was it about Cal State Northridge that made it stand out to you, especially considering you had been drafted by the Mariners in 2017?

TC: Again, The coaches at Cal State Northridge believed in me and wanted the best for me and my future even though they knew I had a rough past. They were the only Division 1 team to reach out to me prior to my season at El Camino and offered me a scholarship based on me as an individual and not because of me as a player. I knew after that, that was the best place for me.

SS: What were a couple of your highlights from your college years?

TC: At El Camino my favorite highlight is making to the state championship with some of my closest friends I still have today and the life-long relationships I made while being at that school. At Northridge I would also say just showing up everyday to be a better individual on and off the baseball field. And also the life- long relationships I made while being there.

SS: Did you have the chance to speak with many scouts before the draft? What was your interaction with the Twins scout?

TC: I spoke with a few scouts prior to the draft. Seth Moir which who was my area scout, invited me to a pre-draft workout prior to the draft where we got to meet in person.

SS: The Twins took you in the 13th round. Was that about where you were expecting to be selected? How did you find out that you had been drafted? How busy was your phone at that moment?

TC: I did not have any expectations coming into this draft. I was and am just blessed I got an opportunity to put on a Twins uniform. I was at home with my family while I got selected and celebrated with them all. My phone starting blowing up with friends and family congratulating me.

SS: What has the adjustment been like for you so far, from the college game to the professional game, both on and off the field?

TC: The adjustment for me has been very smooth and better than I had thought it was going to be. For me, going from college to professional it is just understanding you are going to go through good and bad times and keeping a positive attitude and outlook day in and day out is the most important thing for me right now.

SS: You have put up some very solid numbers in Elizabethton. Are you at all surprised to have experienced such success already, and what do you think has been the biggest reason for the success?

TC: I am blessed and grateful for the success I have had so far. The biggest reason for me is just keeping a positive attitude every day, showing up to the field every day the same and being myself while having fun at the same time.

SS: At this very early stage in your career, what would you say are your biggest strengths?

TC: My biggest strengths for me I would say is my mental toughness. Not letting negative things or bad days on the field affect me mentally. Showing up to the field everyday and being the same person every day.

SS: What are the areas of your game that you would like to spend time working to improve?

TC: : I would love to work on everything about my game. Every aspect of being a better hitter at the plate. Learn as much as I can at other positions while I can to keep myself versatile.

SS: What do you have planned for the offseason? What was your major in school?

TC: For the offseason, I don’t have anything planned yet. I don’t like to think to far ahead and just take it day by day. Right now I’m just focused on this season and doing anything and everything I can to help this team win.

SS: Who are some of the people who have helped you get to this point in your career?

TC: A lot of people have helped me get to this point in my career. From the coaches at El Camino, Cal State Northridge, and most importantly my family pushing me every day to pursue my dreams and believing in me.

SS: Favorite Baseball movie?

TC: All-time favorite baseball movie, I would have to go with Moneyball.

Again, a huge Thank You to Elizabethton catcher Trevor Casanova for taking time to answer our questions. We wish him well the remainder of the season. Feel free to ask questions in the comments below.

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TC: Again, The coaches at Cal State Northridge believed in me and wanted the best for me and my future even though they knew I had a rough past.


Just the bad grades he alluded to in the previous question, or more?

Aug 03 2018 08:43 AM

Seth this is a great interview. 


Welcome to the Twins organization, Trevor!

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