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Catching Up With Twins Infield Prospect Travis Blankenhorn

A year ago, we did a Get To Know Q&A with Travis Blankenhorn. It was just months after being the Twins third round draft pick, and he had just completed his first pro season in Elizabethton. Today, we catch up with the young infielder after he completed his first full season in pro ball.

It was an interesting season for him. He went to his first spring training and his first extended spring training. He switched positions, moving from third base to second base. He returned to Elizabethton and raked. In 34 games, he hit .297 (.900) with seven doubles, a triple and nine home runs. He finished in Cedar Rapids where he played 25 more regular season games and hit .286 (.774) with five doubles, two triples and a homer. He also played well for the Kernels in their playoff run. He went back to the Florida Instructional League. In my postseason preliminary Top 50 Twins Prospect Ranking, I placed Blankenhorn as the Twins #7 prospect. He is now home enjoying his offseason and working toward a strong 2017 season.
Image courtesy of Seth Stohs
Today we are happy to share the following Q&A with Twins infield prospect Travis Blankenhorn.


Seth Stohs (SS): Your season has been done for a couple of months. Have you had a chance to reflect on your season? In doing so, what are your thoughts on your first full season as a professional baseball player?

Travis Blankenhorn (TB): I would say that my first full season was pretty much what I thought it would be, a lot of hard work, but also a lot fun. I am really looking forward to getting back after it in spring training here soon.

SS: Do you follow other professional or college sports teams throughout the offseason?

TB: I like to root for Kentucky basketball this time of the year since that’s where I was committed to go. And I try to get to some Sixers games since they are my favorite NBA team.

SS: You made the transition to second base. How would you describe the move to the other side of the diamond for you?

TB: A lot of the time with the coaches, Ramon Borrego, Sam Perlozzo, and Jake Mauer all worked with me and helped me greatly and that made the transition for me go smoother.

SS: What was the transition from the Appalachian League to the Midwest League for you? Difference in pitching, ballparks, atmosphere, etc?

TB: The Appalachian League was great to me, but the Midwest League was an exciting experience. The pitchers were more experienced, the crowds were larger, and the ballparks provided an awesome atmosphere to play in.

SS: You got to play in the Midwest League playoffs… What was that experience like?

TB: It was a good feeling, and I was happy for the team that we were given the opportunity to play in the playoffs.

SS: Were there specific things you were working on in Instructs this year?

TB: I worked on my game at second base and third base too. Just trying to become the most versatile player I could be. Also, working with the coaches on putting together good at-bats.

SS: You’ve been home for a couple of months. What have you been able to do to get away from baseball?

TB: I went hunting and have been spending time with family and friends.

SS: At what point do you not only start thinking about the 2017 season, but when do your workouts and preparation begin? Do you think you’ll do anything new or different after going through a full season?

TB: I never stopped thinking about next season. I took about two weeks off to rest and have been working hard to have my body ready for a successful 2017 season.

SS: Did you learn anything about yourself, or did anything surprise you about working through a full season?

TB: I knew it was going to be a grind through a long season, but having good teammates, friends, my family and coaches made the season go by fast.

SS: There are probably some high school baseball players reading this. What would one piece of advice be that you would share with them, or share with a 14-year-old Travis?

TB: It is all about sacrifice and commitment, and you have to be willing be 100% dedicated.

Thank you so much to Travis Blankenhorn for taking time to answer these questions. Feel free to discuss below.

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Nov 22 2016 08:32 AM

I would like to know where he prefers to play - 3B, 2B or OF?

    • glunn likes this
Nov 22 2016 09:20 AM

Answer: I just go where they tell me. Third, second, center, catcher, pitcher. I just want to help the team win.

    • ashburyjohn and TRex like this

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